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Oklahoma architect has $300,000 in valuables stolen by thieves

TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma architect says he is in shock after burglars stole more than $300,000 worth of valuables from his office.

Leon Ragsdale says it had been several days since he checked on his office, so he decided to stop by on Monday.

When the 81-year-old reached the door, he knew something was wrong.

“Look what they did,” he told KJRH. “They clipped the electrical off and took all of the electrical out of there and took the piping off and tore that out to get to a few dollars worth of pipe.”

In addition to valuables, Ragsdales says the thieves took sentimental items, like his mother’s paintings.

“To them, that’s not a valuable thing but to me it is,” he said.