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Police searching for suspect who allegedly punched Oklahoma City teen in the face at local convenience store

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are searching for a man who allegedly punched an Oklahoma City teen in the face at a local convenience store.

On November 11th, a 17-year-old boy told police he was driving in the southbound lanes of Western near S.W. 59th when he started to turn into a local OnCue gas station.

The teenager told police that while he was turning, another man was also turning into the gas station.

He said the two vehicles almost crashed into each other; however, neither car was hit.

The teen said when he pulled up to the gas pump, the man in the other vehicle approached him and punched him in the face.

The reporting officer noted the teen had a swollen left eye and a chipped tooth.

Police are now searching for the man who assaulted the teen.

On Tuesday, officials released a surveillance image of the suspect.

Man accused of punching a juvenile in the face. Photo via OKCPD

If you can identify the man, please call (405)235-7300.