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Oklahoma National Guard soldiers return home just in time for Thanksgiving

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Soldiers from the 279th Infantry Regiment of the Oklahoma National Guard returned home just in time for Thanksgiving!

107 soldiers returned home after spending six months in the Ukraine, training armed forces there.

Fox 23 spoke with families who say, they’re happy to have their loved ones back home.

“The holidays are a big deal in both of our families and we were really bummed to think he wasn’t going to be home,” said Amanda Brackeen, wife of Lt. Austin Brackeen.

“I’ve been waiting for this feeling. I’m proud of everything we did over there but I’m happy to be home,” said Lt. Brackeen.

250 soldiers are part of the 279th Infantry Regiment of the Oklahoma National Guard.

143 soldiers are expected to return home in a couple of weeks.