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“I wasn’t forgotten about,” Veteran finds WKY Christmas card from war

JONES, Okla. - A local veteran says he was surprised to find a Christmas card from KFOR sent to him while he was actively serving during wartime.

Charles Richmond was drafted in May 1965 and later served in the Vietnam War for the U.S. Army. He ultimately retired as a supervisor at Tinker Air Force Base.

Richmond says he was recently going through old military papers when he found a Christmas card from KFOR, formerly WKY. According to Richmond, the card was shipped to his home in Oklahoma in 1966 before it made its way to Vietnam.

He says finding the card made him nostalgic.

"It let me know that hey, I wasn’t forgotten about, you know? Good old WKY. That was my favorite station," said Richmond. "It was very heartwarming to know that after being over there and in the jungle that I did get some mail. I guess that’s probably why I held on to it."

For families with loved ones overseas, Richmond says he encourages them to support them by sending any sort of letter or mail.