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Home repair company accused of pulling disappearing act

OKLAHOMA CITY - Etti Biton and her son, Nisim, left out in the cold and allegedly hoodwinked to the tune of about $2,500 by Jimmy and Christina Hinson of Sooner Repair and Renovations

Etti posted several "help wanted" ads online.

“I was my own self contractor, just looking for another help with people to guide me and help me,” she said.

The agreement was Etti would purchase all of the materials and the Hinsons would pony up the expertise and labor.

What Etti says she got in return was shoddy work and the cold shoulder. 

“She was trying to tell me, ‘Do not listen to people who want to scam you,'” Etti said. “She even warned me and did that.”

Etti's in the process of suing the Hinsons, except she can't find them to serve the court papers. 

We spent weeks trying to track them down.

Their phones appear to be turned off and we know the couple keeps getting evicted, most recently from Moore Santa Fe Estates Mobile Home RV Park in Oklahoma City.  

We’re not sure where they're living now and their work address traces back to a PO box.

Etti's hired more help to keep the project moving along, but the cash is running out, fast.   

“That's all I had,” she said. “Just gone, down the drain and I have to come back again and ask my father to send me money to help me to try to finish this.”

It appears the Biton’s weren't the only family on the block with a gripe.

Neighbor Oliver Murray, says Jimmy Hinson approached him about borrowing one of his tools and then never returned it.  

“He did not appear to be a thief, but again I haven't got my leveler either,” Oliver said. “They say there is a special place for those types of people.”

Christina Hinson sent Etti a text message apologizing.

“I will make it right,” she said. “You have my word."

Apologies, though, don't mean anything without the follow through.

Etti says she even made tee shirts for the Hinsons and gifted them her Hebrew English bible.

“I hand it to her,” she said. “[Christina] was in tears and crying and says, ‘Thank you so much.’”

We repeatedly called and emailed Christina Hinson.

We know of at least one more home repair complaint locally against Sooner Repair and Renovations, plus we're checking out several more leads.

We’ll keep you posted on things.