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Tulsa mother accused of punishing child with ‘extremely hot’ baths

Mikell Wortham

TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa mother was arrested after allegedly punishing her child with extremely hot baths.

On Thursday, police in Tulsa were called to a local hospital after an emaciated 4-year-old boy showed up with burns and bruises on his body.

According to KJRH, the child had second- and third-degree burns on his face.

The child mother, 24-year-old Mikell Wortham, had taken the boy to urgent care.

According to the police report, Wortham admitted to using hot water as a form of discipline on the child.

She reportedly said she would treat the burns with Vaseline and lotion.

When police asked the woman why the child was malnourished, Wortham allegedly said she did not have enough money to feed the young boy.

She was arrested and booked into jail for child abuse.

She is being held on a $200,000 bail.