• Oklahoma pharmacist convicted of murder wants new trial, evidence brought to light

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  Nearly five years after shooting and killing an attempted robber, a former Oklahoma pharmacist is seeking a new trial. Jerome Ersland is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder for the death of 16-year-old Antwun Parker. Ersland claimed he was trying to protect his store and his employees after the teens attempted […]

  • ersland

    More prison time for former pharmacist convicted of murder

    CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – Two more years have been added on to the life sentence currently being served by former pharmacist Jerome Ersland. Prison guards accused Ersland of having contraband in jail. Prosecutors say he got the drugs from his own son. All the while, Jerome Ersland is in the midst of appealing his controversial […]

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    Convicted murderer in pharmacy shooting arrested after shot in head at Moore apartment overnight

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Police have arrested a teen involved in the Reliable Pharmacy shooting and attempted robbery after he was the victim of a shooting Tuesday night. According to officials, Jevontai Ingram is in police custody after being released from the hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the head. Authorities […]

  • Pharmacy shooting killer Mitchell

    UDPATE: Convicted killer wants new judge for retrial in pharmacy shooting

    OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man, once convicted of murder in one of the metro’s highest profile cases, is back in court. Emanuel Mitchell is accused of planning a robbery at the Reliable Pharmacy that ended when pharmacist Jerome Ersland shot and killed one of the teenage robbers. A jury convicted Mitchell of murder […]

  • OKC man convicted of high profile murder getting new trial

    OKLAHOMA CITY — A convicted killer is getting a second chance at freedom. One of two men accused of one of the metro’s highest profile murders found himself back in court. Emanuel Mitchell is accused of planning a robbery at the Reliable Pharmacy that ended when pharmacist Jerome Ersland shot and killed one of the […]

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    Appeals court upholds Ersland’s murder conviction, life sentence

    OKLAHOMA CITY – An appeals court denied Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland’s appeal and upheld his first-degree murder conviction and the life in prison sentence Thursday. Ersland always claimed he acted in self-defense when he shot a teen who was attempting to rob his pharmacy in 2009. Prosecutors said Ersland went too far when he […]

  • Bond denied for OKC pastor accused of murder

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A judge refused to grant bond to an Oklahoma City pastor accused of murder. The 53-year-old suspect, Michael Elder, is accused of shooting his son in law to death last month. That means the suspect will remain behind bars until trial. It all started over a domestic dispute involving pickup truck. Gary Davidson […]

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    Pharmacist convicted of murder files appeal

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma pharmacist convicted of murder officially appeals his verdict. Monday attorneys representing Jerome Ersland asked the court of criminal appeals to overturn Ersland’s life sentence. The appeal claims Ersland got ineffective counsel during his trial in May 2011 Ersland’s supporters now question the defense strategy not to call any expert witnesses […]

  • Teen accused of infamous pharmacy robbery back in jail

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City teen convicted of murder after a botched robbery is back behind bars Wednesday. The shooting resulted in a life sentence for pharmacist Jerome Ersland. One of the robbers, Jevontai Ingram, pleaded guilty to the crime only to be released earlier this year. Ingram has had two incidents in recent […]

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    Ersland gets new legal team

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Filled with passion, Doug Friesen said he is ready to vigorously defend his new client, Jerome Ersland. The pharmacist was convicted of murdering a suspected teen robber who invaded his pharmacy back in May of 2009. With the appeal, Friesen plans to list about 20 areas where he believes the previous legal […]

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    Ersland case goes to court of appeals

    OKLAHOMA CITY—There are new developments in the Jerome Ersland case as his new attorney has filed a motion for another briefing. That briefing would start the case over and try to include issues he believes were brought out the first time around. He claims Ersland’s former attorney was emotionally attached to the case and that […]