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    4 things you need to know for today

    (CNN) — The Senate votes today on funding and training for Syrian rebels. Scotland decides on independence from the United Kingdom. And Atlanta’s airport flies high again.  Here are the 4 things you need to know for your Thursday. ISIS Now the Senate votes: While ISIS militants keep trying to spread their radical Islamist rule […]

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    Take your kids on a day out with Thomas The Train

    OKLAHOMA CITY- GO GO Thomas tour is pulling into the Oklahoma Railway Museum, presented by HIT Entertainment, a world wide leader in children’s entertainment, and sponsored by MEGA Brands, a leading toy company. This fun-filled tour offers little imaginative engineers and their families the opportunity to take a ride with a 15-ton replica of Those the Train, star […]

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    Travelers possibly exposed to measles at Seattle airport

    (CNN) — Travelers who passed through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport earlier this month may have been exposed to the highly contagious measles virus, local health officials say. The King County Department of Public Health in Washington state is investigating “a confirmed case of measles infection” in a traveler who was at the airport while he […]

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    U.S. airstrike hits ISIS target near Baghdad, first in ‘expanded efforts’

    (CNN) — A U.S. airstrike near Baghdad on Monday marked a new phase in the fight against ISIS. The airstrike southwest of the city appears to be the closest the U.S. airstrikes have come to the capital of Iraq since the start of the campaign against ISIS, a senior U.S. military official told CNN. And […]

  • Great State: Oklahoma’s Best ‘At Home’ Chefs Bring Their Best to the State Fair

    OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — State Fair visitors so often see the finished products entered to win ribbons in canning, or baking. The cooks and artists don’t stand by their creations so you can’t see them. But late Thursday morning, on the fair’s first day, chefs and dishes were together lined up with their creations freshly […]

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    Obama outlines strategy to fight ISIS: Airstrikes in Syria, more U.S. troops

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — It’s time to go after ISIS in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama said Wednesday night in a nationally televised address intended to sell stepped-up military efforts to a war-weary public. Announcing a broad campaign against the Sunni jihadists who have rampaged from Syria across northern Iraq, Obama announced an escalated U.S. […]

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    Obama is open to airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, wants to arm rebels

    (CNN) — President Barack Obama is open to conducting airstrikes in Syria to combat the ISIS terror group, U.S. officials say. But it’s unclear whether he will announce any such plan when he addresses the nation in a televised speech Wednesday night. The President has already asked Congress for the authority to arm and train […]

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    Gruesome machete attack caught on camera

    CHICAGO (WGN) – Seven people have been charged in a brutal attack on the city’s train line, where one person was cut in the head with a machete. According to WGN, a 26-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were waiting for the train when a group of seven people surrounded them on the platform. Someone in […]

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    Oklahoma man hit by train

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  A man is recovering after being hit by a train late Monday night in Oklahoma City. Police say the man was walking close to the tracks near Southwest 29th and Shields just before 11 p.m. Monday, when he was struck. It’s not clear what led to the accident. Responding officers told NewsChannel […]

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    Enter Now for your chance to win a $200 Gift Card from Learning Tree, located in Wilshire Village, one block south of Wilshire on North Western. Learning Tree seeks out those toys, games and activities that best match the development milestones of each child’s age from birth to fourteen – and they even have games […]

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    Train your brain to crave healthy food

    (CNN) — It may be possible to rewire your brain so that it wants — craves, even — healthier foods. How? By following a healthy diet. We know, that wasn’t the quick fix to afternoon ice cream binges you were hoping for. But this research could lead to a more sci-fi solution to the obesity […]