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    We are looking for an enthusiastic Photographer to add to our award-winning team. You should be a creative storyteller and a motivated team player, a minimum of two years’ news gathering experience is preferred. This is not a one-man-band position. You will develop stories with a reporter and give input throughout the development of your […]

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    Tornado touches down northwest of Enid

    OKLAHOMA – A dangerous nighttime tornado touched down Wednesday night northwest of Enid, Oklahoma. The tornado could only be seen during brief flashes during lightning in the tornadic storm. It touched down near the town of Hillsdale. The tornado hit a train, causing it to topple over.

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    Former CIA spy teaches you how to escape an abduction

    Former CIA spy Jason Hanson is the author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. Crime Watch Daily visited Hanson’s spy school in a top secret location where he trains people in evasive driving techniques, personal protection and how to get out of sticky situations. Could being tied up with duct tape really happen […]

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    Time running out to pass state budget

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The clock is ticking on lawmakers who are trying to fill a budget deficit before the session ends next week. “Up until the last week and a half it’s been a do-nothing session,” said a visibly frustrated Minority Leader Scott Inman (D-Del City). “We’ve got a $1.3 billion budget hole and only in […]

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    Test Ride: Dallas streetcar provides preview for OKC project

    DALLAS — Lights flash and a bell rings. The doors begin to close. And before long, passengers are traveling at 35 mph, gliding over the Trinity River. It’s only the first, short stretch of the city’s free streetcar system, but Oklahoma City leaders are sold on the potential of their own, yet-to-be-built route. Dallas officials […]

  • This photo of Officer Tim Purdy consoling a teen was shared more than 250,000 times

Full credit: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept.

    Photo of Charlotte police officer consoling teen goes viral

    There’s little doubt a scene like this is repeated multiple times a day all across America. But, it’s rarely captured on film. That’s probably the reason why a photo of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Tim Purdy talking things out with a potentially suicidal teen with autism has wracked up thousands of shares online. The incident happened […]

  • Dakota and Jordan

    Adorable brothers ready to live together again after being separated for years

    OKLAHOMA CITY – These adorable brothers are ready to live together again after being separated for years. Dakota, 7, and Jordan, 8, were only 3 and 4 years old when they went under DHS custody. Since then, the brothers haven’t been able to spend much time together. “Dakota gets to come and stay with us […]

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    Youth summer camps focus on speed, agility & how to train like an athlete

    Edmond, Okla.-Summer is just around the corner and there are camps out there to keep you active and learning. For kids and college students, Edge Sports Fitness offers summer speed and agility camps. Edge Sports Fitness is located at 13816 Santa Fe Crossing Dr. For more information visit Summer 2016 Speed & Agility camps

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    WATCH: Train driver’s quick-thinking credited with saving lives

    POZNAN, Poland – A train engineer’s quick reaction is being credited with saving hundreds of lives when seconds counted. On April 19, a train was headed to Poznan, Poland when the engineer spotted a truck stuck along the path. Immediately, he pulled the emergency brake, but the train wasn’t slowing fast enough. As the train […]

  • AmericanNinjaWarriorOKCapitol

    Competitor getting ready to challenge American Ninja Warrior course in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma State Capitol is the back drop to one of the most nail-biting reality shows on National TV – American Ninja Warrior. “It’s people mentally and physically battling a course and just being the best that they can, because we have people who train year round to compete on this course,” […]

  • Man offering 'free hugs' arrested for punching woman

    Man advertising ‘free hugs’ arrested after allegedly punching woman for not tipping him

    NEW YORK CITY – Authorities arrested a man in Times Square who allegedly punched a woman for not tipping him when he gave her a ‘free hug.’ According to WPIX, a 22-year-old Canadian tourist took a picture with a man who was holding up a “free hugs” sign on Thursday morning. Police say the man, […]