• train blown over

    Incredible video captures train being blown off elevated bridge during storm in New Orleans

    NEW ORLEANS — Several train cars were blown off the Huey P. Long Bridge on Monday as strong storms hit the New Orleans area. WGNO captured video of the incident. At least 11 cars were tossed from the bridge. Chris Roberts, Council Chairman at Jefferson Parish Council, posted several photos of the train cars on […]

  • train

    Reports: One person killed after being hit by train

    NORMAN, Okla. – Emergency crews rushed to an accident involving a train on Friday afternoon. Shortly before 1:30 p.m. on Friday, authorities were called to the train tracks near Acres St. Initial reports indicate one pedestrian was killed in the crash. Authorities with the Norman Police Department say a 35-year-old Paul L. Thompson was hit by a […]

  • Robert Bates

    How easy is it to confuse a gun for a Taser?

    (CNN) — On the surface, the mix-up seems incomprehensible: How can a volunteer sheriff’s deputy accidentally fire a handgun instead of a Taser, killing a man? That’s apparently what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a 73-year-old reserve deputy, Robert Bates, killed Eric Harris. Bates said he meant to use his stun gun but ended up […]

  • Kidnapping thwarted by quick acting sisters

    CANADIAN COUNTY – A man’s been arrested, accused of trying to kidnap two little girls waiting for the school bus. In a flash, the sisters jumped into action, and made sure this threat was taken care of. For Stacey and Cheyenne Gallion, it was just another Friday morning. “We were sitting out here waiting for the […]

  • acceptance speech

    KD is OKC: Fans recreate Durant’s emotional MVP acceptance speech

    OKLAHOMA CITY – While this season has been a mixture of ups and downs for the Oklahoma City Thunder, many fans are remembering where our star player was just one year ago. This season, Kevin Durant has spent much of his time on the bench after suffering several injuries to his foot. One year ago, […]

  • image2

    Two people rushed to hospital after car accident in Spencer

    SPENCER, Okla. – Two people were rushed to the hospital after a single car accident in Spencer. Initial reports indicate the car crashed late Thursday night. Officials say the car knocked down an OG&E pole and a train crossing sign. Two people had to be cut out of the car, according to scanner traffic.  They were […]

  • shark bite

    ‘It’s not the shark’s fault,’ Man survives shark bite to the head

    Warning: This video contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers.  FLORIDA — Recovering with 200 stitches, Rick Neumann says he is lucky to be alive after a shark tore into him miles off the coast of Florida’s Jupiter Inlet Friday. “I’m just thankful I didn’t lose any parts and I’m here to tell […]

  • medical generic

    Child drowns in creek at Anadarko park

    ANADARKO, Okla. — Anadarko Police are investigating the death of a child who drowned in the creek at Randlett Park. Police dispatch received a call at 7:18 p.m., on April 6, of a child who had reportedly fallen into the creek at Randell Park . Reports say officers arrived at the scene within two minutes of […]

  • Capture

    Incredible: Video shows dozens of subway riders shoving train to save trapped woman

    MOSCOW – Dozens of passengers at a Moscow metro station teamed up to save a 70-year-old woman. “Passengers literally rocked the train car to rescue a 70-year-old pensioner, whose leg was stuck between the car and platform,” Lifenews reported. It took the passengers about 15 seconds to free the woman. She was taken to the […]

  • Capture

    Some say terrifying zombie prank is taking it too far

    Many are wondering if this terrifying zombie prank took things too far. The Brazilian program Silvio Santos set up hidden cameras in a subway train and then unleashed the zombies. The passengers scream and try to get away. One woman even appears to have passed out from the fright. The terror was all caught on camera and […]

  • Train collides with truck in Union City

    Train rips off truck bed in collision

    UNION CITY, Okla. — A pickup truck was hit by a train in Union City Thursday. Police say a white Chevy pickup crossed the tracks just as a Union Pacific train was pulling a 107 car load across the tracks at the intersection of S.W. 44th and U.S. 181 around 8: 25 a.m. That’s when reports […]