• Mother says she is ready for her son’s execution, state still lacking two lethal injection drugs

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The mother of a death row inmate wants answers after learning the Department of Corrections isn’t ready to execute him. Holding an old photo of her stepson, LaDonna Hollins’ mind takes a dark turn. She pictures him in prison and pictures the woman he killed, Stephanie Neiman. Hollins said, “I do ask myself why. I’ve asked Clayton why, and he just hangs his head and cries.” Nearly 15 years ago, Clayton Lockett admitted to shooting Neiman several […]

  • UPDATE: Oklahoma court rules lethal injection drug secrecy law unconstitutional

    OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma judge has ruled the state’s execution law is unconstitutional because it denies death row inmates the ability to know the source of the drugs used in executions. Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish said “I do not think this is even a close call.” Attorneys for death row inmates Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner argued without having access to information regarding the source and quality of execution drugs, there is the potential for a violation […]

  • Five new ways to die in Oklahoma during execution drug shortage

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Department of Corrections can now use five different methods to carry out lethal injections. The new protocol comes after the state announced last week it could not get two of the three drugs it needs to kill Clayton Lockett, a convicted murderer. Adopting the new methods allows the ODOC  to use wider array of drugs during a nationwide shortage of execution drugs. Officials said the shortage is because many drug manufacturers are based in European countries and do not support […]

  • Death row inmates raise concerns; gets execution date pushed back

    OKLAHOMA – A new article raises ethical concerns about Oklahoma’s search for execution drugs, as well as the state’s law that conceals the source and reliability of the drugs – pentobarbital and vecuronium bromide. The Colorado Independent claims state officials once bought 20 rounds of pentobarbital for $40,000, with a check from a petty cash account that shields the identity of the seller. The investigation claims in response to a Texas request on how to deal with the drugs’ scarcity, […]

  • Death row inmates’ execution dates pushed back because state lacks execution drug

    OKLAHOMA CITY: Two men suing the state to learn more about the drug that will be used to kill them have another month to live while the state decides how it will execute them. Clayton Lockett is now scheduled to be put to death April 22 and Charles Warner’s execution is slated for April 29. Lockett was originally scheduled to die Thursday and Warner was scheduled to be executed on March 27. Attorneys for the men originally asked the Oklahoma Court of Criminal […]

  • Death row inmates suing the state still denied stays of execution

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Two men on Oklahoma’s death row continue their fight to move their execution dates until more is known about the drug that will be used to kill them. Clayton Lockett, 38, and Charles Warner, 46, are challenging a state law allowing the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to keep its supplier of lethal injection drugs secret. After a dispute on which court is the proper venue to hear the case, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ruling Thursday […]

  • Judge denies stay of execution for inmates questioning lethal injection drug

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Execution preparations will continue for two convicted murderers currently suing the state over its lethal injection process. Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish did not grant a restraining order to halt executions for Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner during a hearing today. Attorneys for the inmates filed the restraining order in an attempt to keep the two alive while their lawsuit makes its way through the state court system. Both are scheduled to be put to death […]