• UPDATE: Lockett’s body sent to Dallas for independent autopsy after botched execution

    UPDATE 8:15 a.m. – The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office has confirmed Clayton Lockett’s body has been sent to Dallas for an independent autopsy. UPDATE 2:03 p.m. – Gov. Mary Fallin has ordered an independent review of Oklahoma’s lethal injection procedures after Clayton Lockett’s botched execution Tuesday night. UPDATE 1:07 p.m. – CNN is reporting White House press secretary Jay Carney said, “there is a standard that the death penalty, when it is justified, must be carried out humanely, and in this case it fell […]

  • Did officials fail in their responsibility to carry out the controversial execution in a humane manner?

    McALESTER, Okla. – There is new fallout from Tuesday night’s botched execution in Mcalester. From our state capitol to the White House and beyond, questions are being asked. Did Oklahoma officials fail in their responsibility to carry out Clayton Lockett’s execution in a humane manner? Wednesday Governor Mary Fallin said she still believes in the death penalty. “However, I also believe the state needs to be certain of its protocols and procedures for executions and that they work,” Fallin said. Fallin has […]

  • Gov Fallin presser execution review

    RAW VIDEO: Gov. Fallin orders independent review of botched execution, refuses to answer questions

    ACLU of Oklahoma Says Governor’s Proposed Investigation is Not Independent UPDATE 7:38 p.m. – Shortly after the execution of Clay Lockett, the American Civil Union of Oklahoma called for a moratorium on all executions in Oklahoma pending a complete and independent investigation into the botched execution and the events leading up to the fundamental breakdown in the state’s execution process. The ACLU of Oklahoma issued a statement in response to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin call for an investigation to be conducted by a […]

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    How we got here: The events leading up to Oklahoma’s botched execution

    So what led up to the botched execution? How did Oklahoma get to this point? It began in Oklahoma’s Kay County 14 years ago. Kay County 2000 – It started in 2000 when Clayton Lockett was sentenced to death for the murder of Stephanie Neiman in Kay County. Lockett and two other men also kidnapped two of Neiman’s friends during a robbery. Lockett confessed to raping one of the women, shooting Neiman twice with a shotgun and ordered his two co-defendants […]

  • Clayton Lockett, left, and Charles Warner, right, are suing the state over its lethal injection process.

    Remembering murder victims during execution controversy

    OKLAHOMA CITY – While news of Oklahoma’s botched execution is circulating all over the world, many believe it is important to remember the victims that suffered from the crimes of these convicted murderers. Tuesday night’s execution of Clayton Lockett went wrong when a doctor in the room decided to stop the execution after a “vein line had blown” in Lockett. Authorities say 43 minutes after his first injection, Lockett suffered a heart attack and died inside the execution room. Many took […]

  • Friends of murder victim say justice was served during botched execution

    PERRY, Okla. – After the fallout from Clayton Lockett’s botched execution, his victim’s hometown wants the focus to stay on his violent crime. Downtown Perry, Oklahoma is probably the last place you will find sympathy for Lockett. Marilee Macias says, “What that guy got he deserved.” Tiajuana Hammock says, “I have no sympathy at all. None whatsoever.” But after what happened to him Tuesday night the focus has been on Lockett’s cruel and unusual punishment. Macias is the owner of […]

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    Oklahoma botches lethal injection, KFOR-TV reporter witnesses execution gone wrong

    NewsChannel 4′s Courtney Francisco was a witness to the scheduled execution, she provided the following time line: 6:23 PM – Prison officials raise the blinds. Execution begins. 6:28 PM – Inmate shivering, sheet shaking.  Breathing deep. 6:29 PM – Inmate blinking and gritting his teeth.  Adjusts his head. 6:30 PM – Prison officials check to see if inmate is unconscious.  Doctor says “He’s not unconscious”.  Inmate says “I’m not.”  Female prison official says, “Mr. Lockett is not unconscious.” 6:32 PM […]

  • Clayton Lockett, left, and Charles Warner, right, are suing the state over its lethal injection process.

    UPDATE: Executions scheduled for two convicted murderers

    UPDATE 4/25 – Two convicted murders are scheduled to be executed on the same day. Today the Oklahoma Department of Corrections announced they would execute Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner on April 29. Warner’s execution will take place at 6:00 p.m. and Lockett’s will be at 8:00 p.m. This announcement comes after the state Supreme Court dissolved the inmates stay of execution Wednesday night. Warner’s attorney, Madeline Cohen, is not pleased with the court’s decision. “Oklahoma intends to carry out the […]

  • Clayton Lockett, left, and Charles Warner, right, are suing the state over its lethal injection process.

    Governor issues stay in scheduled execution

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Today Governor Mary Fallin issued a stay in this evening’s scheduled execution of Clayton Lockett. According to a release from the Office of Governor Mary Fallin, Fallin issued the stay in an executive order to clear up possible confusion arising from an earlier stay issued by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, which typically has jurisdiction in execution matters, previously denied the stay. In her statement Fallin said, “While I have great respect […]

  • Crime victim, family upset over stay of execution for Oklahoma murderers

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The lives of two death row inmates have been spared for now after the Oklahoma supreme court issued an emergency stay of execution, just a day before one of them was scheduled to die. Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner have argued that the state’s secrecy over the combination of lethal drugs violate their rights and could result in a cruel and unusual death. Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt, issued a statement Monday night saying “The Oklahoma supreme court […]

  • Clayton Lockett, left, and Charles Warner, right, are suing the state over its lethal injection process.

    UPDATE: Stay of execution granted for convicted murderers

    UPDATE 4/21: A stay of execution for Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner has been issued until final determination of all issues can be settled. Earlier today Lockett and Warner’s attorneys filed a renewed application for an emergency stay of execution with the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Lockett was scheduled to be executed Tuesday, using a drug cocktail that has never been used by the state. Lockett and Warner’s attorneys say they are glad the Oklahoma Supreme Court has issued the stay of […]