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  • animals abandoned

    Left for dead: Officials find seven pets abandoned, trapped in crates

    YUKON, Okla. – Wet, cold and covered in fleas; that’s how workers say a group of animals were discovered in Canadian County last week. Authorities say seven animals were locked in cages and left to die in Yukon. Richard Barnett says it happens all the time in this area. Animals are abandoned and left to roam the rural country roads in Yukon. “They should do something else with them other than just drop them off in the middle of nowhere […]

  • liquor store

    Surveillance camera captures liquor store heist; Store owners give the alleged booze bandit a second chance

    DEL CITY, Okla. –  Police are asking for your help in a high dollar liquor heist, but the alleged thief may get a second chance to make it right. That’s because the owner of the liquor store in Del City, Okla. says the crook should have known she was being recorded on store surveillance. However, that didn’t stop the woman from allegedly shoving a bottle of Grey Goose into her purse. Now, caught red-handed by surveillance cameras, the suspect’s face […]

  • Local liquor store repeatedly hit by thieves gives them a second chance

    DEL CITY, Okla. –  A Del City store owner caught a woman picking up booze and then walking out of the store. What the woman may not know, it was all caught on camera. The heist took place at “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere Wine and Spirits”. The owners husband, Bryan Kerr, says the thief should have known she was being recorded. “We’re living in a society where cameras are everywhere.” said Kerr As soon as you walk in to the store, you […]

  • Muscular Dystrophy Association gets muddy to raise awareness

    MUSTANG, Okla. -  On Saturday Muscular Dystrophy Association took its fundraising campaign to the volleyball courts. The fund raising campaign brought in hundreds of people from across the state to compete in a mud volleyball tournament. The money raised at the annual event goes towards helping Oklahoma families who’s loved ones are suffering from muscular dystrophy. On top of the donations, an important part of the event is to raise awareness about the disease. The muscular dystrophy association supports over 2,000 families […]

  • amber alert new2

    Update: Oklahoma baby from Amber Alert found safe but investigation far from over

    UPDATE:  There is confusion over who actually has legal custody of 5-month-old Olivia, who was at the center of an Oklahoma Amber Alert. Initially, the child’s biological grandmother in Kingfisher County, Kelly Winningham, told authorities two women came into her home on Thursday and took the girl without her consent. While one woman was distracting her, the other sneaked out of the house with the child. Kingfisher County investigators call it a “well thought out” abduction. A short while later, […]

  • Capture

    New information prompts experts to warn Oklahoma parents

    OKLAHOMA -  Thursday 18-year old Brianna Carpenter was taken into custody. Carpenter is accused of being connected to human sex trafficking. Experts say sex trafficking is a growing problem in Oklahoma. Brian Bates, creator of John T.V., says he’s busted prostitutes for a number of years. Recently, he’s noticed a disturbing shift in the business. “In the last three to four years, dozens of girls from the age of eleven to eighteen involved in prostitution,” Bates said. And that’s just a […]

  • Resident’s tall grass attracting rats, opossums

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Residents in a southeast neighborhood are upset because one of their neighbors refuses to take care of their yard. Neighbors say the waist-high grass has attracted mosquitoes, rats, and opossums. William Couch who lives next-door to the home of these varmints says “they’re all over the place.” Couch says the home is a pest paradise and it’s funneling the nasty creatures into their yards. He says “it’s disrespectful to have a place like this, whenever everyone else […]

  • Update: ‘Suspicious van’ scared some Metro, Edmond residents

    UPDATE: Oklahoma Sheriff’s deputies report the found the ‘suspicious’ van and talked with the driver. Deputies confirm the driver was working for a door-to-door meat company. The sheriff’s department says the driver also told them he was leaving Oklahoma and headed to Colorado. The deputy did not find any arrest warrants for the driver and allowed him to go. Deputies say it is always a good idea to report anything suspicious to law enforcement authorities.   EDMOND, Okla. – Several […]

  • download_20140712_125931

    Staff, golfers taking precaution as the heat continues to rise at the U.S. Senior Open

    EDMOND, Okla. – It’s a hot one today out at the U.S. Senior Open at Oak Tree. As thousands of people walk the course alongside golfers, nearly all of them have waters in their hands and hats on their heads. EMSA has a full staff out today, including roaming technicians on the look out for heat related injuries. They say the number on thing you can do to prevent yourself from making a hospital visit is to drink plenty of fluids. […]

  • Oklahoma City tops national list of best places to start a small business

    OKLAHOMA CITY - CNN Money recently ranked Oklahoma City as the number one place to launch a start-up business – Even beating out Miami and Silicon Valley. Kay Fischer, from Oklahoma, is all about the business boom. She says up until about fifteen years ago you couldn’t find half of the small start-ups you see today. “I’ve seen explosive growth since I’ve been back to Oklahoma City. It’s amazing,” said Fischer. Roy Williams, with the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, […]


    Update: Woman arrested after boyfriend found dead along OKC street

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities say one woman was arrested following a deadly stabbing over the weekend. Authorities say a man was found with multiple stab wounds at northwest 10th and Klein. Witnesses say the victim was stabbed and beaten a block away inside his home. Emergency crews rushed the man to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Police say his girlfriend, 39-year-old Jamie Whiteeagle was arrested for the crime, but police are still searching for a second suspect. If you […]