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  • alarm

    Mailbox alarm saves elderly couple from thieves

    EDMOND, Okla. – A mailbox alarm appears to have saved an elderly couple from thieves. When the DePaties installed a mailbox alarm to let them know when the mailman came, they didn’t know it would help them shut down a thief making off with their bank account information. Saturday morning, Phyllis DePatie says she got up to look out of the window after her mailbox alarm went off. She expected to see the mailman, but instead, she saw a grey truck […]

  • ODOT talks about helping you escape Mother Nature’s icy clutches

    OKLAHOMA CITY -The snow storm has passed and the snow is melting, but that doesn’t mean roads will be completely cleared. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says if we have an overnight freeze, they’ll be out early helping you get to where you need to go. Snow plow driver Max Smith with ODOT summed up Oklahoma’s weather this week saying, “Mother Nature is that way as soon as you think she’s done, she’ll change things up on you.” Something unsuspecting drivers learned Saturday as crashes, rollovers […]

  • Beer in store

    Cold high point beer could be coming to a liquor store near you

    OKLAHOMA — If one Oklahoma lawmaker gets her way, liquor stores could be selling cold beer later this year. Senator Stephanie Bice’s Senate Bill 383, that gives liquor stores the option of refrigerating high percentage beer, passed Senate Committee Thursday. Dale Blackburn owns Grand Cru and says, with over 1,600 different varieties of beer, business is good. He says if coolers were allowed in liquor stores, business would get even better. “It helps convenience. If you’re on your way to the lake […]

  • Reckless driver avoids police after hitting parked car, tearing through fence

    PURCELL, Okla. –  Police say a woman put lives in danger when she allegedly blew through a Purcell General Electric parking lot earlier this month. While on her wild ride, authorities say she also grazed a company car with an employee inside it. Sgt. Scott Stephens, with the Purcell Police Department, says he doesn’t know why she was speeding. However, when the officer turned on his lights and sirens, things really shifted gears. “It took off even faster, ran another stop sign,” Stephens […]

  • body cam

    UPDATE: Bill that would “gut” the Open Records Act will not be heard

    UPDATE:  House Bill 1361 will not be heard on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. “The bill in its current form is not my bill that I originally authored. Rep. Mike Christian amended my bill in committee and completely warped the original intent of the legislation,” said Rep. Claudia Griffith. “In no way will I let it be heard on the House floor this way.” Griffith says the bill was originally written to protect the privacy of victims […]

  • snowtruck

    ODOT says pre-treating highways would waste your tax dollars

    OKLAHOMA – As winter weather moves into the state, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation says they’re trying to keep the roads safe. “We already have crews monitoring conditions in the area,” ODOT spokesperson Mills Gotcher said. Many drivers have been wondering about how officials prepare for these types of weather events. “We generally don’t pre-treat,” Gotcher said. Gotcher says pre-treating the highways is a guessing game that could waste your tax dollars. “It really just depends on what’s happening and what […]

  • Crooked Oak students learn life skills at the gun range

    OKLAHOMA CITY– Crooked Oak students have been learning life skills at the gun range. They put those skills to the test against dozens of students from across the state in the first ever Sooner State Games Junior ROTC rifle competition Sunday. Retired Air Force Colonel and Crooked Oak marksmanship coach Tom Huizenga said his junior ROTC team has their eye on a target. “Our marksmanship program really teaches personal responsibility, and a good dose of safety,” Huizenga said. The high-powered air rifles donated by the NRA,  shoot pellets […]

  • ‘Our home has been shaking violently for the past year,’ Residents say they feel earthquake almost everyday

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – Monday morning was rough for Logan County residents. On top of the sleet, thunder and icy roads, a 3.9 magnitude earthquake hit residents around 3:50 AM, shaking some of them out of their sleep. Liqour store owner Mark Uselton says he slept through it, but was able to relive it through his store’s surveillance video that recorded the entire store shaking. Uselton says quakes are becoming an everyday thing in his neck of the woods. “You’re […]

  • Alleged auto burglar steals Edmond woman’s identity

    EDMOND , Okla. – Edmond residents say they caught an alleged auto burglar on their surveillance cameras as he walked down their street, checking for unlocked cars. Allison Chastain says she was one of the victims of the crook, but what he took from her was far more valuable than any material item. She says she left her car unlocked with important personal documents in her center console. “They were able to steal my identity. They took out about six credit […]

  • Nichols Hills Plaza is getting a new soda fountain restaurant

    OKLAHOMA CITY — It’s been a few years now since the beloved Nichols Hills Drug Soda Fountain closed. But Marty Doepke with ‘Pops’ says there’s good news for those of you who just can’t shake the nostalgia of the mom and pop soda shop. “We’re getting to open our second location in Nichols Hills Plaza in 2015,” Doepke said. And they’re bringing all of your favorite soda flavors with them, even a few you might avoid, like ‘bloody nose’ and […]

  • Copper thief gets put in headlock in one of employee’s ‘best take downs’

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An alleged thief tried to make off with nearly 60 pounds of copper wire and was taken down by a Boardman employee early Friday morning. Danny Kilgore works for the Southwest OKC company, and says he noticed alleged thief, Jeremy Johnson, hiding in a dark corner of a storage building during a routine check. Kilgore says just seconds after Jeremy Johnson realized he’d been caught, he took off. But Kilgore wasn’t far behind. “I threw a flashlight at him, hit him, made him stumble a little bit. […]