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  • Jesus House residents give back to the community in the name of Easter

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Jesus House residents spent Saturday afternoon giving back to the community. They hopped on the Easter bus a day early to spread the message of Easter and to surprise children who may not get a visit from the Easter Bunny tomorrow. Jesus House Executive Director Michael Bateman told a group of kids the reason for their visit. “We just want to let you guys know what the meaning of Easter really is,” Bateman said. The group walked the streets […]

  • “They are sick people,” After four-alarm fire, Native American jewelry store hit by looters

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  A store owner, who lost everything when a fire ripped through the Stockyards in March, claims she’s been hit once again. The store owner, Yolanda White Antelope, says looters have targeted her Native American jewelry store. She says her possessions have been stolen from her not once, but twice. Irreplaceable Native American artwork was burned to ash in a four-alarm fire in March. Now, White Antelope is trying to work things out with a new shop just around the […]

  • Oklahoma father says daughter was locked inside daycare van for 20 minutes

    CHOCTAW, Okla. – An Oklahoma man says his 6-year-old daughter was left in a daycare van for over 20 minutes after he says employees forgot about her. Josh, who didn’t want his last name used, says his daughter was picked up from school by workers at ‘Just Us Kids’ daycare. On the way to daycare, he says she fell asleep in the back of the van and was left behind. “They didn’t even know she was missing,” Josh said. When […]

  • Moore residents say a tree thief kicked them while they were down

    MOORE, Okla. — One thousand trees were donated to help with the rebuilding in Moore. Officials say 400 of those were stolen over the weekend. The plan was to hand the trees out to Moore residents at the Moore Community Center over the weekend. Six hundred residents showed up to receive one tree each. But Assistant City Manager Stan Drake says that plan was cut short when someone stole 400 of the trees that were meant to inspire hope and growth in the community. 1999, […]

  • Victims of one of the deadliest tornadoes in history lend a helping hand in Moore

    MOORE, Okla.– Victims from the deadly 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri visited Moore on Sunday to help with relief efforts. They brought new supplies for students who lost their school in Wednesday’s tornado,  as they start classes in their new building. Teresa Adams is a teacher in Joplin and says she remembers just how far a little support can go when it comes to rebuilding. “…We’ve been through it, and we saw the outpouring of support and help that we […]

  • Moore families receive a helping hand

    MOORE, Okla. — Destruction returns to Moore, nearly two years after the devastating tornado in 2013. As families try to get their lives back together, they are receiving a helping hand from the Red Cross. The Red Cross is stationed at the Moore Community Center, where they say they are prepared to help victims, no matter how small the damage Ken Garcia says they’re giving hope to families with nowhere to turn. “Assistance, clothing, food, baby supplies,baby clothing, medications that need to be […]

  • Pickles the drug dog, deputies undeterred by ‘distracting’ driver

    CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – Pickles, intrepid drug dog of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, has done it again. A bust on I-40 early Friday morning marks the latest in a string of cases where Canadian County deputies have sniffed out trouble on the highway with Pickles’ help. Deputies pulled over Leslie Shevon Ray, a 30-year-old woman from South Carolina, early Friday morning, after she ran over a traffic cone. “This was just a simple traffic stop,” Undersheriff Chris West, with the […]

  • Oklahoma city residents feel lucky after tornado barely skips over their homes

    OKLAHOMA CITY – On Wednesday night, a destructive tornado tore through Oklahoma City and Moore, leaving behind downed power lines and damage to homes. David Seymour says most residents living near S.W. 119th St. near Western were lucky. Most residents lost fences and sheet metal, but experienced very little damage to their homes. He says it’s the businesses down the street that took the brunt of the storm. “Oh, that’s terrible down there,” Seymour said. The area was so heavily damaged that […]

  • ‘We’re putting people in prison based on expired technology,’ Oklahoma attorney on expired blood tests

    OKLAHOMA CITY — A local attorney is concerned over countless expired blood test kits allegedly still being used by police. It’s a bold statement, but DUI Attorney John Hunsucker compared police using expired blood collection kits, to riding in a jet filled with expired jet fuel… he says both could mean the end of an innocent life. “We’re putting people in prison based on expired technology or expired equipment,” Hunsucker said. Police are allegedly using expired blood specimen collection kits, dating back to […]

  • Caught on Camera: Odd behavior by a postal sevice employee

    OKLAHOMA CITY —  An Oklahoma City man says his home surveillance system recorded a U.S. Postal Service employee recklessly handling his mail packages. Pedro Gonzales says he installed security cameras on his home to keep thieves from stealing his packages. He hasn’t caught any thieves yet, but on Sunday morning, Gonzales says his security system delivered a message to him that had him going postal. “Oh I was livid, I was mad, a few expletives were spoken. It was like I cant believe this,” Gonzales said. The […]

  • Thunder superstars show fans love at local grocery store

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — He’s not the cashier you would expect to see bagging your groceries. K.D. and Dion Waters went from buzzer to beeper today at the Homeland off Britton and May. The Thunder super stars were out doing random acts of kindness… a way to give back to the community that supports them so much year round. Seeing them was a slam dunk while they rang up some Thunder spirit. “It’s kind of neat to actually be close […]