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    Hundreds of used syringes, vials of blood found in Arkansas river

    PAWNEE COUNTY, Okla. – Hundreds of used syringes and vials of blood were found in the Arkansas River on Saturday. Taylor Smyth says he takes his kids to the river almost every weekend, but after coming across the needles in the same spot that his kids build sand castles, that might change. He says he was out with some friends boating on the Arkansas River Saturday when he saw what he thought was a tackle box. It turns out it was […]

  • Recovering addicts take root in Quail Creek to get back on their feet

    OKLAHOMA CITY —  Oklahoma has one of the highest drug abuse rates in the nation. With so many Oklahomans struggling in the fight against drugs, ‘Hope Is Alive’ founded by recovering addict Lance Lang, is taking baby steps to help men overcome addiction. The organization is making a difference just a few lives at a time. When you drive by their home in the Quail Creek neighborhood, you may not notice anything different about it. But inside, nine men live in there while recovering from their respective […]

  • Charges filed against 3 suspects in Westmoore H.S. rape case

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Formal charges have been filed against three Westmoore high school students accused of raping an underage girl. Friday morning, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn filed second-degree rape charges against 18-year-old John Delmoral, 18-year-old Terrel Skinner and 19-year-old Boston Williams, according to court documents. “These three individuals had consensual intercourse with a fifteen year old girl,” Mashburn said. The victim originally said she was forced to have sex with the men, but Mashburn says that story changed. Click here for continuing […]

  • Durant, Novak reading to students at Parkview Elementary

    Still recovering from injury, Kevin Durant makes surprise visit to elementary school

    OKLAHOMA CITY —  An injury-plagued Kevin Durant is back on his feet,  but he’s not playing basketball yet. Durant and his new teammate, Steve Novak, surprised a group of second graders with a celebrity-style reading circle at Parkview Elementary Thursday. School educators say inspiration starts at home with parents, but they also say the assist from Thunder players definitely helps. Kevin Durant stood in front of the second grade class and recited the Read To Achieve pledge, “Reading is fun and books are cool […]

  • Beer in store

    Update: Cold high point beer could be coming to a liquor store near you

    UPDATE: Senate Bill 383 overwhelmingly passed the Oklahoma State Senate on Wednesday. The bill will now head to the Oklahoma House of Representatives for consideration. OKLAHOMA — If one Oklahoma lawmaker gets her way, liquor stores could be selling cold beer later this year. Senator Stephanie Bice’s Senate Bill 383, that gives liquor stores the option of refrigerating high percentage beer, passed Senate Committee Thursday. Dale Blackburn owns Grand Cru and says, with over 1,600 different varieties of beer, business […]

  • OU fraternities, sororities told not to wear Greek letters on campus

    NORMAN, Okla. – The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at the University of Oklahoma was kicked off campus for their racially fueled video, but students in the Greek community not associated with SAE say that isn’t stopping people from making threats towards them, even assaulting them, identifying  them by the Greek letters on their clothing. One student, who did not want his identity revealed, says people are terrified. The student, who we will call Bob, says he is the only African-American in an all […]

  • Priceless native american history lost in blazing fire

    OKLAHOMA CITY– A devastating Four Alarm fire at the Oklahoma City Stockyards took nearly everything from Yolanda White Antelope. The windows to her shop are now boarded up and all of the priceless Native American items inside turned to ash. “It’s a loss, a total loss,” Antelope said. She says years of Native American heritage was lost, along with her store, Oklahoma Native Art,  in the wild blaze that lasted over three hours on Thursday morning. “It broke my heart you know? I cried all day yesterday and […]

  • Tornado shelter take shelter Oklahoma

    Memories of May 3 tornado spark change in one Oklahoma community

    BRIDGE CREEK, Okla.- The devastation of the May 3, 1999 tornado changed the way the Bridge Creek community operated. It changed the way families in the area built their homes, and it heightened their awareness of the weather. Resident Gary Lavelle says the town is almost unrecognizable. “It pretty much changed the landscape of everything out here,” Lavelle said. For parents, the destruction made them painfully aware of the lack of structures that are available to shelter their children during severe […]

  • alarm

    Mailbox alarm saves elderly couple from thieves

    EDMOND, Okla. – A mailbox alarm appears to have saved an elderly couple from thieves. When the DePaties installed a mailbox alarm to let them know when the mailman came, they didn’t know it would help them shut down a thief making off with their bank account information. Saturday morning, Phyllis DePatie says she got up to look out of the window after her mailbox alarm went off. She expected to see the mailman, but instead, she saw a grey truck […]

  • ODOT talks about helping you escape Mother Nature’s icy clutches

    OKLAHOMA CITY -The snow storm has passed and the snow is melting, but that doesn’t mean roads will be completely cleared. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says if we have an overnight freeze, they’ll be out early helping you get to where you need to go. Snow plow driver Max Smith with ODOT summed up Oklahoma’s weather this week saying, “Mother Nature is that way as soon as you think she’s done, she’ll change things up on you.” Something unsuspecting drivers learned Saturday as crashes, rollovers […]

  • Reckless driver avoids police after hitting parked car, tearing through fence

    PURCELL, Okla. –  Police say a woman put lives in danger when she allegedly blew through a Purcell General Electric parking lot earlier this month. While on her wild ride, authorities say she also grazed a company car with an employee inside it. Sgt. Scott Stephens, with the Purcell Police Department, says he doesn’t know why she was speeding. However, when the officer turned on his lights and sirens, things really shifted gears. “It took off even faster, ran another stop sign,” Stephens […]