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  • “It’s beyond infuriating,” Oklahoma mother furious about legalization lawsuit

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  State leaders in Oklahoma are battling to ban the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Amy Hilterbran’s son Austin has Dravet Syndrome, a catastrophic form of epilepsy that causes him to have up to 15 grand mal seizures a day even while on medication that is available here in Oklahoma. “Every seizure, he would quit breathing. He would go into respiratory distress,” said Hilterbran. Since Colorado has alternative medicines like medical marijuana that aren`t available here in Oklahoma, Hilterbran decided […]

  • hacking

    How to protect yourself from hackers this holiday season

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Internet security expert Kayvon Taghizadeh says hackers are out there and they are looking to take you for all you have this holiday season. “The worst thing that could happen is someone could steal your identity. The phishing scams are becoming a lot more complicated and are looking more and more authentic,” Taghizadeh said. We`ve all seen the pop-ups but now their game has changed. Scammers have refreshed their plan and are using new ways to infiltrate your […]

  • CrescentPolice

    Local dispatcher says she was fired after being pulled over

    CRESCENT, Okla. – A police dispatcher from Crescent is looking for a new job after she says she was fired after being pulled over while driving home. Ex-Crescent dispatcher Kayla Kinney admits she had a few beers earlier in the evening and was later heading home, when a police officer, who is her friend, pulled her over and jokingly asked her to take a sobriety test. A test she says she passed. “I got out and did it and he […]

  • OBI  mobile Unit

    Blood institute declares ‘blood emergency’ for Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Blood Institute has declared a ‘blood emergency’ across the state as its supply has reached a less than one-day supply. As of Monday, the OBI says that they are in dire need of blood donations. “The need for blood is constant, since blood has a limited time for use,” President and CEO of the company, John Armitage, M.D. says. Last week, they say they saw almost 140 fewer donors a day than usual. Officials say they […]

  • Update: City responds to claims of dangerous chemicals in the water

    UPDATE: The Office of the City Manager for Midwest City released more information on Monday evening about the level of contamination. On social media, the office says the Trihalomethane level found in the drinking water was 0.084 for no longer than 60 days, from August to September. The normal level is 0.080 or lower. “Once the city learned of the high level, on or around Oct. 1, it immediately took measures to correct the situation. As a result, on or […]

  • ‘Shop with a Cop’ brings happiness during the holidays for Oklahoma families

    Oklahoma City.–  As Christmas gets closer, parents are checking off items on their kids’ wish lists. For some however, those wishes never come true. The Midwest City Police Department has been working to change that for 18 years, offering low-income families a day to ‘Shop with a Cop’ for Christmas presents. Every time Assistant Chief Sid Porter’s money bag unzips a kid gets their wish. From bikes, to board games, even model cars. If it`s $100 or less, Midwest City […]

  • Capture

    Officers lending a hand to grandparents raising grandchildren

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Grandparents raising their grandchildren filled the First Presbyterian Church Saturday, not because they want gifts, but because they need them. “They need the help,” Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said. One pair of grandparents is tasked with raising thirteen children. “If we’re not there for them, then they’re not able to provide Christmas for their grandchildren.” Whetsel said. Thirteen years ago Sunbeam Family Services, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, OKC and Midwest City Police all teamed up to give nearly 50 children […]

  • Terrifying: Car plows into pregnant woman, store clerk at local convenience store

    OKLAHOMA CITY  – Two people were rushed to the hospital after a suspected drunk driver plowed into a metro 7-Eleven Thursday night. The driver, Paul Wiafe, told police his brakes failed, but they noticed something else that could have been the cause of the accident. “Our officers made contact with this man, they immediately noticed that he was very unsteady on his feet, exhibited signs of being under the influence of some sort of intoxicant.” Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the […]

  • Courtesy: Derrick Ott

    Vandals target Oklahoma church near OU campus

    NORMAN, Okla. – An Oklahoma church is cleaning up after someone vandalized the house of worship. “Whatever drove them to do that, we believe that the church has an answer to that and that answer happens to be the love of God,” said Pastor Linda Harker. Graffiti covered signs, doors and the pillars leading up to the McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church in Norman. Also, 666 was spray painted onto the wall of the church. Harker believes the person behind the […]

  • If the holidays weren’t stressful enough, wait until you hear what police say about shopping

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Parking lot prowlers are looking to steal your gifts. The Black Friday craze sent shoppers into a frenzy, in some cases turning the act of giving, into taking from other shoppers. “It ruins my Christmas spirit to see people act that way,” shopper Lorrie Gates said. But police say who you really need to look out for are thieves in the parking lot. “The quick and easy. They see something, the cars unlocked, they open the door and they […]

  • thankful

    Oklahomans who had to “clock in” on Thanksgiving still say they are thankful

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Even though most folks had the day off for Thanksgiving, there are some Oklahomans who had no choice but to “clock in.” When you sit around the table with family for Thanksgiving, maybe what you’re really grateful for is just a day away from the office. “The liberty to spend time with my family today,” is what Joyel Oneal said she is thankful for. But some don`t get that liberty. Instead, they are here looking out for you. […]