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  • Crooked Oak students learn life skills at the gun range

    OKLAHOMA CITY– Crooked Oak students have been learning life skills at the gun range. They put those skills to the test against dozens of students from across the state in the first ever Sooner State Games Junior ROTC rifle competition Sunday. Retired Air Force Colonel and Crooked Oak marksmanship coach Tom Huizenga said his junior ROTC team has their eye on a target. “Our marksmanship program really teaches personal responsibility, and a good dose of safety,” Huizenga said. The high-powered air rifles donated by the NRA,  shoot pellets […]

  • ‘Our home has been shaking violently for the past year,’ Residents say they feel earthquake almost everyday

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – Monday morning was rough for Logan County residents. On top of the sleet, thunder and icy roads, a 3.9 magnitude earthquake hit residents around 3:50 AM, shaking some of them out of their sleep. Liqour store owner Mark Uselton says he slept through it, but was able to relive it through his store’s surveillance video that recorded the entire store shaking. Uselton says quakes are becoming an everyday thing in his neck of the woods. “You’re […]

  • Alleged auto burglar steals Edmond woman’s identity

    EDMOND , Okla. – Edmond residents say they caught an alleged auto burglar on their surveillance cameras as he walked down their street, checking for unlocked cars. Allison Chastain says she was one of the victims of the crook, but what he took from her was far more valuable than any material item. She says she left her car unlocked with important personal documents in her center console. “They were able to steal my identity. They took out about six credit […]

  • Nichols Hills Plaza is getting a new soda fountain restaurant

    OKLAHOMA CITY — It’s been a few years now since the beloved Nichols Hills Drug Soda Fountain closed. But Marty Doepke with ‘Pops’ says there’s good news for those of you who just can’t shake the nostalgia of the mom and pop soda shop. “We’re getting to open our second location in Nichols Hills Plaza in 2015,” Doepke said. And they’re bringing all of your favorite soda flavors with them, even a few you might avoid, like ‘bloody nose’ and […]

  • Copper thief gets put in headlock in one of employee’s ‘best take downs’

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An alleged thief tried to make off with nearly 60 pounds of copper wire and was taken down by a Boardman employee early Friday morning. Danny Kilgore works for the Southwest OKC company, and says he noticed alleged thief, Jeremy Johnson, hiding in a dark corner of a storage building during a routine check. Kilgore says just seconds after Jeremy Johnson realized he’d been caught, he took off. But Kilgore wasn’t far behind. “I threw a flashlight at him, hit him, made him stumble a little bit. […]

  • Could repeat sex offenders in Oklahoma face chemical castration?

    OKLAHOMA — Representative John Bennett says it’s worked in places like Texas and California; he says the bill they’re proposing would give violent offenders early release from prison, if they volunteered to chemically castrate themselves. “If it was left up to me and John Bennett was President, I would cut them, I would completely physically castrate them,” Bennett said. Infuriated by the number of violent sex offenders being released from prison, Bennett proposed Senate Bill 671, authorizing “certain chemical treatment for certain […]

  • Local father allegedly drops baby in middle of street while running from police

    MOORE, Okla. –  A Moore father allegedly dropped his baby in the middle of the street while he was running from police. Monday afternoon police received a tip that a man was trying to sell stolen merchandise to local pawn shops. When they arrived at the Cash Now Pawn Shop, they found Christopher McDonald trying to sell a brand new weed eater. Police say McDonald was carrying his baby in a carrier when they asked him to step outside to answer […]

  • Alleged thieves caught on camera stealing from OKC resident

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Alleged thieves are caught on camera stealing from an Oklahoma City resident. Residents at Raintree Villas say people have been coming into their neighborhood and stealing their dogs and packages. They say they haven’t had much luck catching these criminals in the act until a few days ago.  The alleged criminals unknowingly got themselves caught on camera. One resident says his surveillance camera caught a silver car pulling up to his home.  However, he says once the […]

  • Oklahoma family says local con man took everything from them

    MOORE, Okla. – The devastation following the 2013 Moore tornado left many families with no one to turn to. A handful of businesses popped up out of nowhere, claiming to provide homeowners with great deals to rebuild their home, then skipped town after getting paid. For the past year Scott Hines and our In Your Corner team have been keeping close tabs on contractor Glenn McCoy, exposing him for his shady dealings with tornado victims. While many families in Moore are getting back […]

  • ‘The dope man is out of business,’ Oklahoma PD posts unique message to visitors of metro home

    WARR ACRES, Okla. – Warr Acres Police say they want citizens to know that they are cracking down on drug use in their town. Officers arrested a Warr Acres resident Friday for allegedly running a drug house. Even though the alleged drug dealer was already off the streets, police said they wanted their presence to be felt by his customers. So they decided to use a different technique to get their point across. The department’s message came in the form of a […]

  • pollen

    Oklahomans feeling the effects of strange weather

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  Dramatic weather changes are making Oklahomans sick. Doctors say it’s common for patients to think they are suffering from allergies when they are really dealing with more serious issues. They say the cold temperatures can cause symptoms like sinus pressure and drainage. When there is a rapid shift from cold temperatures to warm weather, patients may experience symptoms related to heavy pollen, which can lead to sinus infections and upper respiratory infections. Fortunately, there are ways to battle Mother Nature. A […]