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  • Village residents surprised by thief in the night

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Homeowners in The Village were shocked to learn that a thief has been combing the neighborhood at night, stealing yard ornaments. Even though there are neighborhood watch signs posted all over The Village neighborhood, residents say they aren’t stopping any crime and you can’t always depend on your neighbors to keep an eye out for you. Randy Mize knows that better than anyone. Mize says his neighbor recently stole from him. “They have absolutely no respect for […]

  • tailgates

    Report: Thieves targeting truck tailgates to make big bucks

    OKLAHOMA CITY – In just one year, insured tailgate thefts have increased 31 percent, according to The National Insurance Crime Bureau. In 2012, authorities say 831 tailgates were reported stolen. That number jumped to 1,090 in 2013. Now, a national list has put the spotlight on this problem in the Sooner State. Bob Moore Ford says it has lost a dozen tailgates to theft in the last year, forcing company officials to hire security to monitor the sale lot. Dealership employees […]

  • eddie adamson apology

    Former Oklahoma police chief makes video public apology for Facebook post

     CHICKASHA –  Former Chickasha, Okla. Police Chief Eddie Adamson is apologizing publicly for sharing a Facebook post that contained a racial slur. According to the Chickasha Express Star,  Adamson is accused of posting on his personal Facebook profile an item that contained the caption “How a real n***a order Starbucks”. The post  was accompanied by a video clip of the film ‘Role Models’ where actor Paul Rudd attempts to order a beverage. Officers called for Adamson’s resignation shortly after that […]

  • Oklahoma family praying for a miracle for their baby girl

    OKLAHOMA CITY- A family in Perry, Okla.  is holding on to hope, as their infant daughter fights for her life. Little Kaylee was diagnosed with an extremely rare muscle disease, preventing her from breathing on her own and limiting her motor skills. Her parents Erik and Tarah Edgar say they can’t wait to get her home but it’s going to be difficult. When she was born Kaylee couldn’t take a breath on her own, doctors say they don’t know exactly […]

  • A heartstopping rollover has a mother praying for an infant

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A rollover accident sent three people to the hospital early Saturday. According to OHP the driver wasn’t even old enough to drive. OHP says the car was flipped over, blocking two of the right hand lanes while crews moved the baby and the male passenger into the ambulance. Officials say the driver of the vehicle was only 14-years-old. “The baby wasn’t real responsive,” OHP said. Vanessa Hines, a mother of two, watched as crews treated the infant. “I was terrified […]

  • thief

    Business owner turns to social media to find alleged thief

    TUTTLE, Okla. – An alleged thief was caught on camera, stealing a $1,000 generator out of an Allegiance Electric company car . Luckily, a Good Samaritan snapped pictures of the alleged suspect in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Tuttle during the crime. In the pictures, you can see the man taking the generator out of a work vehicle and putting it into his mini-van. The woman who took the pictures says she saw the number on the work vehicle and called […]

  • Courtesy: Mandy Moehlman

    Photo: Oklahomans find God in cloud while saying goodbye to landmark

    PONCA CITY, Okla. – Residents in one Oklahoma town were able to say goodbye to a landmark earlier this month in grand fashion and were treated to a spectacular sight in the sky. The Airline Drive-In in Ponca City has been closed since 2007 and is scheduled to be demolished. A developer has already purchased the land and is set to build a housing development in place of the old drive-in theater. Earlier this month, some residents and Praise FM […]

  • winter outlook

    What kind of weather Oklahomans can expect this winter

    OKLAHOMA – After a mild summer, many Oklahomans are preparing for a brutal winter. However, an old-fashioned resource used for weather says this year’s winter weather may be better than you think. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Oklahoma’s winter will be calmer than normal. “Winter temperatures, precipitation, and snowfall all will be below normal. The coldest periods will be in mid- and late December, early January, and mid- to late January, while the snowiest periods across the north will occur in […]

  • Oklahoma nurse saves a life on vacation, but it’s not what you would expect

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  Video captured an incredible rescue by a local nurse, and her son, while vacationing in California. Anna Priest said, “I felt helpless as a nurse. I felt useless. I felt like I can save one species but I can`t save another.” For Anna saving anything was the last thing on her mind as she rounded out her summer, vacationing in California with her son. She says nearly half way through the trip, friends they were visiting, took […]

  • A night of terror ends peacefully for Norman residents

    NORMAN Okla. – A gun shot rang out around 4:00 a.m. in a duplex near Lindsey and southeast 24th St. Saturday. Two hours before that, police responded to a domestic hostage situation at the same residence. Suporah Busby said her now ex-boyfriend, Kelly turner, forced her daughter and her son’s girlfriend to stay in her home. Busby said the ordeal started when they got home from having a few drinks. After witnessing Turner loading a handgun, Busby said she got scared and […]

  • Company gives students new shoes to kick off the school year

    OKLAHOMA CITY  – As many students filed back to class this week, several kids were likely wearing new clothes to go with their new surroundings. However, a company decided to help students at one elementary school who may have not been treated to those new clothes. On Friday, MetroShoe Warehouse delivered new shoes to more than 500 students at Wheeler Elementary School. Officials say many of the students live below the poverty line and will go years without new shoes. […]