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  • Gas pump

    Gas prices at their lowest rate since 2011, here’s what you can expect at the pump

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Gas prices are continuing to please Oklahomans. The average retail gasoline prices in OKC have fallen 3.0 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.89 per gallon, according to GasBuddy’s daily survey. This compares to the national average that has fallen 6.1 cents per gallon in the last week to $3.12 per gallon. Including the change in gas prices in Oklahoma City during the past week, prices yesterday were 26.8 cents per gallon lower than the […]

  • Capture

    Bizarre: Fisherman reels in ‘alien’ sea creature

    SINGAPORE – A fisherman in Singapore is getting a lot of attention after his recent catch. People are calling it alien-like. According to Straitstimes, Ramlan Saim reeled in what he originally thought was a bunch of seaweed but when he took a closure look, he was shocked. As soon as Saim realized the strange creature wasn’t seaweed, he took a video and posted it to Facebook. Now, that video has received over 8 million views. The sea creature turned out […]

  • Ebola virus imagery

    4 factors that may contribute to surviving Ebola virus

    (CNN) — There’s no cure for Ebola. So why have some patients walked away healthy while others in the West died? Dr. Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol and Dr. Rick Sacra all contracted the disease while working in Liberia — and all survived. Spanish nurse’s aide Teresa Romero Ramos got the virus while tending to stricken patients. She too lived. But like the patients above, Thomas Eric Duncan and Spanish priest Miguel Pajares also received treatment in the West. Yet, they […]

  • Starbucks

    New Starbucks app will have your latte waiting

    CNNMoney – For those of you who just can’t wait to spend $4 for your Venti latte, Starbucks is about to allow customers to pre-order and prepay for their daily coffee hit using a mobile app. The service, aimed at attracting customers who are put off by the lines during the morning rush, will debut in the Portland market later this year and be rolled out to stores nationally in 2015, the company announced Thursday. The announcement comes about a […]

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    Act of forgiveness: Parents give home, job to man who killed their son

    NEW HAMPSHIRE – A New Hampshire man in prison for manslaughter has had his sentence reduced, thanks to help from the victim’s parents. Christopher Bazar pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 2011 shooting death of his roommate and best friend, Donald St. Laurent. He admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana at the time of the incident, and has served three years in prison. The victim’s parents have asked for lenience, and offered him shelter and a job. Bazar was granted […]

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    Unmanned X-37B space plane lands, its exact mission a mystery

    CNN – Whatever it was doing up in space, we may never know, but the U.S. Air Force’s unmanned X-37B space plane returned to Earth this week, with still no details from the military on the nearly two-year mission. “The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle mission 3 (OTV-3),” as the military calls it, touched down at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Friday morning after conducting experiments in orbit for 674 days, the military said. Conspiracy theorists endlessly conjecture on […]

  • Ebola virus imagery

    Military preps quick-strike team for Ebola response in United States

    CNN – The U.S. military is forming a 30-person “quick-strike team” equipped to provide direct treatment to Ebola patients inside the United States, a Defense Department official told CNN’s Barbara Starr on Sunday. A Pentagon spokesman later confirmed portions of the official’s information. The team will be under orders to deploy within 72 hours at any time over the next month, the official said. The Department of Health and Human Services requested the military team, and the Pentagon has given […]

  • An exciting race is nigh, do you know who you are voting for? Kevin Ogle talks politics

    Today on Flash Point, Kevin Ogle has guest star,Cathy Cummings, the Democratic candidate running for Lieutenant governor in November. In the show, Ogle asks Cummings questions to help you decide who you will vote for. Later in the show, Kevin Ogle addresses the Ebola scare. Is the CDC taking the right precautions? Will the U.S. be able to get Ebola under control? Find out on Flash Point.  

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    Water main break forces local rehabilitation facility to evacuate patients

    OKLAHOMA CITY – According to officials, patients were evacuated from a local rehabilitation facility early Sunday morning after a water main broke inside the main office of the building. Airport Express, who is the parent company of MedRide, Corp., received a call from ManorCare Health Services, asking for help with the emergency evacuation. Brent Gosnell, Director of Operations, was the first to receive the call. “We arrived to the scene at 12:30 am with four MedRide buses and four Oklahoma Critical Care […]

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    WOW: This 11-year-old girl’s insane dance moves will blow your mind

    An 11-year-old girl’s dance moves are blowing the minds of thousands. Taylor Hatala partners up with Matt Steffanina and kills it!  

  • Capture

    Authorities on the lookout for two connected to a local lottery ticket theft

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials say they looking for two men who are connected to a recent theft. On October 13, two men walked into Jim’s Stop and Save located on the 7000 block of S. Shields and stole an entire display case full of lottery tickets, according to authorities. The two were last seen getting into a 90’s model green Chevy Camaro. Shortly after leaving the Jim’s Stop and Save, the two quickly went to another convenience store on the 5000 […]