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  • Capture

    9-year-old boy’s courage saves him and 4 other children’s lives

    HOUSTON, Tx. – A Houston boy is happy to be home after a frightening ride inside a carjacked vehicle. His actions helped police rescue him and other children who were in the car. “He said, ‘Hang on’ and I was like, ‘Wait, you’re in the wrong car’ and he was like, ‘I know, I’m stealing this car,” said Alex Veasley, inside the carjacked vehicle. With those words 9-year-old Alex Veasley and four other children were off on the most dangerous […]

  • Malaysia airplane

    Malaysia Airlines slashes 6,000 jobs in major restructuring

    CNN Money – Malaysia Airlines has cut 6,000 jobs as part of a wide-ranging overhaul that follows the loss of two aircraft earlier this year. State investor Khazanah, which owns nearly 70% of the carrier, revealed the 30% workforce reduction on Friday. Khazanah also announced the creation of a new corporation that will absorb the majority of the carrier’s assets. Khazanah plans to buy out minority shareholders and de-list the current Malaysia Airlines. Assets will then be shifted to the […]

  • Patty Wetterling holds photo of son

    Mother’s emotional plea to person who abducted her son will bring tears to your eyes

    Editor’s note: Patty Wetterling is a tireless advocate for families of missing children, including her son Jacob Wetterling, who was abducted in 1989 when he was 11.  (CNN) – October 22 will mark 25 years since my son Jacob was taken from his family as he rode his bike home with his brother and a friend on a rural Minnesota road. Jacob was a fun, active, athletic, kind, 11-year-old boy who loved peanut butter and football. He was most known […]

  • Capture

    Popular clothing chain ditches its logo in hopes of recapturing teens’ money

    For years, it was a key selling point. Now, Abercrombie & Fitch is dumping its trademark label. The retailer says it’s part of a move to appeal to young shoppers with trendier clothes. Shares of Abercrombie & Fitch fell Thursday after the retailer reported weak sales as more teen shop elsewhere.

  • School Classroom / Education

    Oklahoma loses ‘No Child Left Behind’ waiver after scrapping Common Core standards

    UPDATED:  Janet Barresi, State Superintendent of schools, announced that the state of Oklahoma will not be losing any federal dollars. Instead, the state will have adjust the way the funds are spent. Barresi confirmed that the total amount coming to Oklahoma from USDE is $372,841,126. Total funds coming to Oklahoma from USDE- $372,841,126 http://t.co/yZ3QasfiPT— Ok State Dept of Ed (@oksde) August 28, 2014 .@JanetBarresi supported CC, but says after engaging with Oklahomans about issues w/standards she believed in writing Oklahoma […]

  • school bus

    School bus driver accused of forcing kids to sit on hot bus as punishment

    OHIO – A school bus in Lebanon, Ohio may have went too far in trying to teach kids a lesson. The driver resigned after a student said they were forced to sit in a hot bus with the windows up as punishment for being rowdy. The father of a student wanted to remain anonymous but said she fell ill after her bus ride home on Monday. “She gets headaches but she’s not usually lethargic. She just came home and wanted […]

  • gas

    Gas prices expected to be at their lowest since 2010 this Labor Day Weekend

    OKLAHOMA – Motorists have something to celebrate this Labor Day weekend. Gasoline prices will be at their lowest levels since 2010. Regular gas will average $3.41 per gallon – that’s 18 cents less than last year. South Carolina has the lowest average price at $3.15 per gallon and Hawaii has the most expensive with $4.31. According to Gas Buddy, prices at the pump should continue to drop through early November.

  • PC026710

    Cue the nightmares: City living makes spiders bigger

    Bigger cities means bigger spiders, according to research out of Australia. Researchers at the University of Sydney say the heat from concrete is part of the reason. Creepy crawlers in Urban areas also have more to eat and less to eat them. Researchers in Texas are tested that theory and have some similar findings. “Spiders that were in urban environments where there was a lot more concrete and a lot more surface area that heats up leading to a little […]

  • Stunning shoot

    Stunning: You won’t believe what these models volunteered for…

    Photographer Patrick Hall gives shocking a whole new meaning with his recent work. Hill captures the facial reactions of models as they are voluntarily tased with a stun-gun. Their reactions are oddly satisfying.

  • dog food recall

    Attention dog owners: Pedigree issues recall over possible foreign material

    Dog owners, listen up. A major dog food brand is issuing a recall. According to the FDA and Pedigree’s website, 22 bags of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food are being recalled “due to the possible presence of a foreign material.” The affected bags were sold in Dollar General stores in four states. Predigree says the small metal fragments are not embedded in the food itself, but it may present a risk of injury if consumed. According to the […]

  • Capture

    Yikes: Bizarre donation to Goodwill grabs authorities’ attention

    AUSTIN, Tx. – An unusual discovery by an employee at a north Austin Goodwill grabbed the Austin police department’s attention. Recycling takes on a whole new meaning at Goodwill Industries. There are 31-stores and 40-donation centers in Austin making it easier for anyone wanting to donate anything and everything, and we do mean everything. “We have gotten prosthetic limbs. We have gotten Rolex watches. We have gotten Krugerrands. Our donations run the gamut,” said Traci Berry with Goodwill Industries. But […]