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    Young Oklahoma children orphaned as tragic accident claims two lives

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – A late afternoon car crash in Logan County killed two Oklahoma parents who were traveling northbound on State Highway 74 with their two children. According to the officials, Melissa Haworth and her husband Eric were riding in a Dodge Ram on the highway. Another vehicle, a Peterbuilt tractor-trailer, crashed into a Ford F550 traveling northbound. After the collision, the Ford F550 crossed into the northbound lane, striking the Haworth’s vehicle head-on. When emergency crews arrived on scene, […]

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    Watch: Remarkable dog travels dangerous route each night to feed her friends

    BRAZIL – A selfless pooch has become an internet sensation and a hero to a poor community. A video captures what many are calling the “junkyard dog,” risking her life every night to feed her furry friends. Lilica lives in a junkyard in Brazil with several other animals including cats, chickens, and a mule. According to DailyMail, Lilica has spent the last few years traveling an eight miles each night to the home of an animal lover named Lucia. When the […]

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    Shocking: Mom dies after children ignored rotting legs

    Memphis, TN (WREG) – An elderly woman’s daughter faces charges, after the woman was found abused and neglected, to the point her legs were rotting away. Rose Fayne is charged with elder abuse and neglect after her 77-year-old mother, Betty Cleveland, was found with horrible injuries. We have learned Betty Cleveland has died, though it is not clear if it is related to her injuries. Wade Jackson lives just two doors down from Fayne in the 3700 block of Joslyn […]

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    After nine decades, woman finally finds family, sees father’s face

    A 93-year-old is getting used to the idea of having siblings thanks to the work of a team of volunteers. For years, the woman had no clue what her father looked like, or that he had other children, until now. Margie O’Meara searched for her father for years. “My mother never said much about him; I don’t think it was a very friendly divorce,” Margie said. He left O’Meara, her mom and older sister, when she was only 6-months-old. So, she asked her […]

  • Jason Biggs Apology Tweet 1/4

    GRAPHIC: ‘American Pie’ actor, Jason Biggs responds to major backlash following his controversial Twitter joke

    WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. For most of the day, Jason Biggs wasn’t letting the Twitterverse judge whether his sarcastic quip about the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash was funny. The “Orange is the New Black” actor stirred a Twitter storm after news reports confirmed that a Boeing 777 crashed in Ukraine with almost 300 people on board. Biggs joked, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” The backlash came quickly with some […]

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    Teacher allegedly threatened to fail student who wanted to end their sexual relationship

    CONNECTICUT – A Connecticut high school teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students. Police arrested 32-year-old Danielle Watkins on Thursday. She is charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault. Police say she exchanged thousands of text messages with the alleged victim. Investigators say Watkins also provided marijuana to the alleged victim and another student. The alleged victim is 18-years-old. Police say the young man claims Watkins assaulted him when he tried to end […]

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    Woman seen on video beaten by U.S. highway patrolman files civil rights lawsuit

    LOS ANGELES - The family of a 51-year-old woman shown in a video being repeatedly punched by a California Highway Patrol officer says they plan to sue the agency. “How do I know he’s not going to hurt me or anyone else?” the woman’s daughter, Maisha Allums, told reporters Sunday. “So I am just here with a voice for my mom and everyone else.” The beating took place Tuesday along the Santa Monica freeway and was caught on tape by passing […]

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    Unique performance facility offering one of a kind treatment to Oklahoma athletes

    EDMOND, Okla. - If you blow out your knee or tangle up your shoulder, there’s a new place in town you may want to check out. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or make your living from sports – injuries can sideline you for months or for a lifetime. But now there’s a new place in Edmond that is approaching recovery in an entirely new light. On top of that, it’s one of the only couple in the nation. Professional motocross is […]

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    Head over heels: Doctors issue warning over popular accessory

    When most women put on a pair of high heels they’re thinking about fashion and not their feet. But women’s shoes can cause health problems. Women seem to love their high heels. Heels may look good, but what they’re doing to our feet is anything but pretty. “High heels can cause stress fractures, tendonitis, all types of bone spurs, and encourage bunion and hammertoe formation.” “It happens everyday that patients come in to my office with these problems,” said Dr. […]

  • Oklahoma students in education limbo? Superintendent of Oklahoma breaks it down

    Today on 4 Your Child, call it education limbo. For at least the next two years, Oklahoma students will be side-lined with an uncertain academic future. Lawmakers repealed common core standards, and the Oklahoma supreme court affirmed that decision. That means students will follow old pass standards, which no one thinks were rigorous enough for today’s college and work environment. A two year back to the drawing board effort will begin to develop new Oklahoma standards. Today, Superintendent of Oklahoma Janet […]

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    Watch: Police officer’s camera captures 2-year-old boy’s dramatic rescue from near-drowning

    OHIO – A life-saving rescue by an officer, caught on video. The policeman’s department-issued body camera was rolling when he responded to a call for help after a two-year-old fell into a swimming pool. You wouldn’t know it by the way he runs around, but two-year-old Drances is a survivor. The little boy from Cleveland plays like any kid his age, but he’s also curious, and on June 17th, he wound up getting too close to the back yard swimming […]