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    UPDATE: Mother allegedly injected feces into sick son’s IV after surgery

    UPDATE: Authorities say a West Virginia mother injected feces into her son’s IV line following surgery. Candida Fluty is facing two counts of felonious assault and two counts of endangering children. Following the surgery, Fluty wrote on Facebook that her son “has a fever and feels yucky.” Doctors say the boy has a rare condition, but believe Fluty’s actions have intensified the illness. Authorities say nurses and doctors became suspicious of Fluty and put security cameras in the boy’s room […]

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    Woman slashes her children’s throats to quiet them, police say

    (CNN) — A young mother in Washington state has been charged with attempted murder after authorities say she cut her children’s throats in an attempt to keep them quiet. Over the weekend, Christina Booth called 911 to report that her three children were crying nonstop and “needed medical attention,” according to a recent probable cause filing. The 28-year-old and her husband, Thomas Booth, have three children, a 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins. When officers arrived at the Olympia, Washington, home Saturday […]

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    Astronomical discovery: ‘Super Saturn’ with rings 200 times as large

    (CNN) — In 1610, after he built his telescope, Galileo Galilei first spotted enormous Saturn’s gigantic rings. More than 400 years later, astronomers have in a sense dwarfed that discovery with a similar first. Using powerful optics, they have found a much larger planet-like body, J1407b, with rings 200 times the size of Saturn’s, U.S. and Dutch astronomers said. It lies some 400 light-years away from Earth. For decades, scientists have believed that many moons around large planets formed out […]

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    Plus-size model Tess Munster’s #EffYourBeautyStandards inspires

    (CNN) — Tess Munster didn’t just snag headlines and a new gig in the wake of becoming the first model of her size to sign with a major agency; she also inspired the Internet. Munster, who wants to be known professionally as Tess Holliday (she is engaged to photographer Nick Holliday), is 5 feet 5 inches tall and a size 22. The recent announcement that she had been signed to the London-based MiLK Model Management drew attention to effyourbeautystandards, an […]

  • Bud and June Runion went missing after going to check out a classic car on Craigslist. A warrant has been issued for Ronnie "Jay" Towns in connection to their disappearance.
Credit:	Runion Family/WGCL

    Georgia man charged with murder in death of couple seeking car on Craigslist

    (CNN) — A south Georgia man was charged Tuesday with murder in the death of a couple who went missing last week after contacting a car seller on Craigslist, police said. Ronnie “Jay” Adrian Towns, 28, also was charged with armed robbery, the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office said on its website. A judge denied bail for Towns, who also waived his right to a preliminary hearing. After Towns’ initial appearance, reporters shouted questions as he was led from the courthouse, […]

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    ‘Everybody get down!’ Video captures moment city councilman pulls gun, urges colleagues to take cover

    NEW HOPE, Minn. (CNN) — A man opened fire on police attending a swearing-in ceremony for new officers in New Hope, Minnesota, on Monday night. Two officers were shot before police returned fire, killing the man. The officers are expected to survive. The shooting happened right after two newly-sworn in officers left the chambers. As a city council member began a discussion of a resolution, a man with a handgun began firing, said Hennepin County Chief Deputy Mike Carlson. Officials […]

  • Snow falls as New Yorkers navigate slippery sidewalks ahead of a potentially historic snow storm Monday, Jan. 16, 2015.
Credit:	Jeremy Tanner/WPIX

    With storm coming, New Yorkers place online ads seeking “blizzard buddies”

    (CNN) — Forget the bread and milk. Some snowbound New Yorkers are seeking a more, er, intimate kind of nourishment. With the Northeast U.S. bracing for a massive storm that’s expected to drop up to 3 feet of snow before it ends Tuesday, a flurry of New Yorkers are placing online ads seeking “blizzard buddies” for companionship, snuggling and, in so many words, sex. A search of Craiglist’s recent personal ads for “snow” or “blizzard” turns up scores of New […]

  • Credit:	KTVK

    Looking for answers: Mom hopeful after baby boy born without eyes

    MESA, Ariz. (KTVK) — A baby boy was born without eyes to a family in Arizona. Richie Lopez is 3 months old, and his mother, Kelly Lopez, says she had a completely normal pregnancy. Her ultrasounds never hinted her son would be born without eyes. Hours after Richie’s birth, Lopez became concerned because her son still had not opened his eyes. The staff, at first, thought his face was simply swollen from birth. Thirteen days later, his mother says an […]

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    4-year old calls 911, saves pregnant mother and becomes a big sister

    (CNN) — Calise Manning is being called a hero for helping her pregnant mother and calling 911 operators in Kalamazoo, Michigan. “She’s shaking and she’s having a baby,” Calise tells a dispatcher in 911 audio obtained by CNN affiliate WWMT. “My mom is really pregnant and she’s having a boy and she really needs help.” Her mother Centerria Manning, who was 9-months pregnant and epileptic, had apparently fallen to the floor in the midst of a seizure on Wednesday. She […]

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    Father fights back after teacher sends letter to parents criticizing girl’s lunch

    KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (KCTV) – A Missouri school district is apologizing for a letter sent home to a couple, questioning the lunch their young daughter brought to school. A substitute teacher sent the letter home, which said the cafeteria staff thought the lunch wasn’t suitable. The letter reads that the student’s “lunch today included four chocolate bars, a bag of marshmallows, Ritz crackers and a pickle. Please see that she packs a proper lunch tomorrow.” But the little girl’s father says […]

  • Bud and June Runion went missing after going to check out a classic car on Craigslist. A warrant has been issued for Ronnie "Jay" Towns in connection to their disappearance.
Credit:	Runion Family/WGCL

    Vehicle, bodies recovered in Craigslist disappearance

    ATLANTA (CNN) — Two bodies, one male and one female, were recovered Monday in the case of a Marietta, Georgia, couple, who went missing after contacting a car seller on Craigslist. The bodies have not yet been identified, said Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson. He said the couple’s car was also found submerged in a nearby lake. “It’s not the outcome we had hoped for but, obviously, it’s the one we have to deal with,” Steverson said. “We’ll analyze the […]