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  • Kausar Sacranie, the founder of burkini maker Modestly Active, says a French ban on the swimwear is "ridiculous."

    French court suspends burkini ban

    Mayors do not have the right to ban burkinis, France’s highest administrative court ruled Friday. The Council of State’s ruling suspends a ban in the town of Villeneuve-Loubet, near Nice, and could affect cities around the country that have prohibited the full-length swimsuit. More than 30 French towns have banned burkinis, which cover the whole body except for the face, hands and feet. Officials said banning the burkini – worn mostly by Muslim women – is a response to growing […]

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    Unable to afford a car, grieving Indian man carries wife’s body for miles

    NEW DELHI, India – A grieving man in India carried his wife’s body for miles after the hospital where she died allegedly failed to provide a way to transport her body back to their village. Without the money to hire a vehicle, Dana Manjhi walked for 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) by foot Wednesday. In the humid and sweltering summer temperatures, he hoisted his wife’s body, wrapped in a blue sheet, over his shoulder. He was accompanied by his weeping 12-year-old […]

  • In Las Vegas, a Nevada State Trooper was conducting a traffic stop when the suspect began to flee the vehicle. During a foot pursuit, gunfire broke out and the trooper was struck in the chest. His badge saved him. The suspect died in the gunfire exchange.

Full credit: Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command

    Badges save officers struck by bullets

    Officers take an oath to protect and serve, but sometimes they are the ones that need protecting. This became apparent early Friday when two officers in separate states narrowly escaped being killed – thanks to their badges. “We sacrifice time with friends to earn this badge and received the privilege to wear it,” said Officer Steve Carapia of the California Highway Patrol. “We never imagine that one day it will save our lives.” Both officers were shot at while on […]

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    Suspects charged in death of teen who protected friends from bullets

    A 15-year-old jumped on top of his friends to shield them from a spray of gunfire. Zaevion William Dobson’s selfless act was his last. In December, Dobson, who was a sophomore high school football player in Knoxville, Tennessee, had been with his friends when two men approached the group and began firing. Dobson protected three girls who were not injured. His final act caught the attention of President Barack Obama, who tweeted shortly after his death Dobson was “a hero […]

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    “We came to rid this area of ISIS,” Turkey flexes muscle in northern Syria

    GAZIANTEP, Turkey (CNN) — Turkey flexed its military muscle across the border in war-torn Syria this week by helping rebels retake the border town of Jarablus from ISIS, marking a decisive win for the Free Syrian Army. On Saturday, the air force pounded more targets in the region. But in the bloody five-year-old conflict, replete with many power players and varying loyalties, it was unclear whether the latest airstrikes targeted ISIS or its other foes — Syrian Kurdish fighters. “The […]

  • Silver medalist Piotr Malachowski of Poland celebrates on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Men's Discus Throw Final on Day 8 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on August 13, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

    Olympian sells medal to fund child’s cancer treatment

    For an athlete, an Olympic medal is a priceless possession. But for Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski, his winning medal may be an opportunity for something bigger. Malachowski took home a silver medal during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but he didn’t hold on to it for long. The athlete auctioned off his award this week to help a cancer-stricken boy. The money raised from the auction will go toward funding treatment for 3-year-old Olek’s eye cancer. “For an athlete, […]

  • Yellowstone National Park

    Worker at Yellowstone National Park falls to death

    WYOMING– A worker at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is dead after falling off a cliff, park rangers said. Estefania Liset Mosquera Alcivar, 21, of Quito, Ecuador, was killed early Friday morning, according to the National Park Service. She was a park concession employee. The woman was socializing with a group of co-workers at the park’s Grandview Point trail when she fell over the cliff edge into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, the NPS said. Rangers say her […]

  • (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

    ‘Dark twin’ of the Milky Way galaxy discovered

    Welcome to the dark side of the universe. In a direct contrast with the beautifully bright Milky Way galaxy, a “dark twin” called Dragonfly 44 has been discovered 300 million light-years away in the Coma constellation, according to a new study. But don’t cue “Star Wars’ ” Imperial March theme music or Darth Vader breathing just yet (even if the closeup image looks like a slightly creepy emoji). Although it’s massive and mysterious, Dragonfly 44 is really just misunderstood. Dragonfly […]

  • Photo of Rodney Earl Sanders, 46. Sanders has been charged with two counts of capital murder in connection with the killing of two nuns in Mississippi.

    Man arrested in fatal stabbing of 2 nuns in Mississippi

    DURANT, Miss.– A man has been arrested in the stabbing deaths of two nuns whose bodies were found in their home in rural Mississippi, authorities said. Margaret Held and Paula Merrill, both nurse practitioners, failed to show up for work Thursday at a clinic in Lexington, where they served one of the state’s poorest counties. Authorities believe the killer took the victims’ car, a blue Toyota Corolla, which was later found on an abandoned road less than a mile from […]


    Man breaches Omaha airport security, hits plane

    OMAHA– A man who breached a security gate at a Nebraska airport, stole a truck near the taxiways and rammed it into a parked Southwest Airlines plane was detained and taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation, police said Friday. The plane was loading for takeoff at Eppley Airfield outside Omaha Thursday night when a truck driven by Dealario Koonce, 35, struck the plane’s nose gear, police said. Several crew members suffered minor injuries; no one among the 18 […]

  • Domino's demonstrated its ability to deliver food via a drone August 25, 2016 in New Zealand and plans to test actual deliveries to customers next month.

    Domino’s delivers pizza by drone in New Zealand

    NEW ZEALAND– In New Zealand, pizzas will soon be dropping from the heavens. Domino’s demonstrated its ability to deliver food via a drone Thursday in New Zealand and plans to test actual deliveries to customers next month. “It doesn’t add up to deliver a two kilogram package in a two-ton vehicle,” said Scott Bush, a general manager for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, which is independent of the U.S. chain and operates in seven countries. “In Auckland, we have such massive traffic […]