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  • Sean Murphy Mugshot

    Teen raped on lawn at Keith Urban show, police say

    MANSFIELD, Mass. (CNN)– A teenage girl was raped at the same Keith Urban show where 20 people got so drunk they were hospitalized, police said. The attack happened in front of a large crowd of other concertgoers on the lawn of the Xfinity Center, an outdoor amphitheater in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on Saturday night, a police statement said. The rape ended when a woman in the crowd pushed the alleged attacker off the victim and he fled, police said. Sean Murphy, […]

  • blood vials

    Could a blood test predict suicides?

    (CNN) — Approximately 36,000 deaths are caused by suicide each year in the United States. What if a simple blood test could one day help prevent that from happening? In a new small study, researchers were able to predict who had experienced suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide just by looking at their blood. The experimental test was over 80% accurate. “With a test like ours, we may be able to stem suicide rates by identifying those people and intervening early […]

  • Airplane in flight

    What’s the risk of catching Ebola on a plane?

    ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) — Deadly diseases like Ebola are only a plane ride away. In today’s interconnected world, linked by transoceanic flights, one infected person can trigger a domino effect that pays no attention to borders. “The concern that people are going to get on these flights and fly from West Africa, where these cases are, to anywhere in the world is … a real possibility,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent. “I think for a long time […]

  • Former sex slave: I was chained in basement and sold

    Former sex slave: ‘I was chained in a basement and sold’

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CNN/WSMV)– Law enforcement and rescuers of sex slaves report that because of a saturation of human trafficking in the deep South, more human traffickers are bringing young girls to Middle Tennessee, according to WSMV. “The trafficker said to them (slaves) on the way here, I’m taking you to Nashville because I can make more money off you there,” said Derri Smith, executive director of End Slavery. Sex crimes detectives said that Nashville is part of a four-city human trafficking […]

  • genericpolice

    Man killed, planned to eat girlfriend’s dog, police say

    (CNN) — Onyx was 9 months old, black and white, part dachshund and part chihuahua. She was a family dog, one that Mandy Malone kept in part to play with her grandchildren. Until Onyx ended up in Malone’s freezer. How did she get there? According to a criminal complaint filed in a Torrance County, New Mexico, court, the dog was stabbed in the heart and skinned. Parts of the animal were then buried in the backyard, while others were stashed […]

  • Netflix tv

    Netflix and AT&T strike deal to boost streaming speeds

    Netflix customers rejoice! Your streaming speeds may soon be faster thanks to a deal between the online movie subscription provider and AT&T. Netflix decided to pick-up some of the bill for faster streaming by connecting directly to AT&T, rather than using a third-party to deliver its service. “We’re now beginning to turn up the connections, a process that should be complete in the coming days,” AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said. Netflix confirmed that the two companies struck a deal in […]

  • Matt Ross

    ‘Brutally honest’ cover letter lands graduate a Wall Street job

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Standing out from the crowd is never easy, especially when it comes to the job market. In January of 2013, Matthew Ross penned a cover letter to a managing director at Wall Street firm Duff and Phelps, asking for an internship. “I was reading through some cover letters, and they were all fluff to me, everyone was embellishing and lying,” Ross said. “I wanted to take a fresh approach, tell the truth, and be brutally honest.” […]

  • CNN photo

    ‘Die Hard’ actor dies James Shigeta dies at 81-years-old

    James Shigeta, a prolific and pioneering Asian-American actor whose 50-year-career includes the movies “Die Hard” and “Flower Drum Song,” died in his sleep in Los Angeles on Monday, his agent said. He was 81-years-old. While he’s well-known for co-starring with Bruce Willis in 1988’s “Die Hard,” in which Shigeta played the executive Joseph Takagi, his work stretches across TV and film, and he is considered one of the first Asian-American actors to rise to prominence. According to Variety, Shigeta was […]

  • Capture

    McDonald’s unveils new McNuggets, bet you can’t guess what’s inside

    JAPAN – If you’re wary of chicken and beef products after a major meat supply scandal in Asia, the McDonald’s in Japan could have an alternative for you — tofu and fish nuggets. On Wednesday, McDonald’s in Japan rolled out Tofu Shinjo McNuggets, a doppelganger of the Chicken McNugget made from a mishmash of minced white fish, tofu and vegetables including edamame, soy beans and carrots. Deep-fried to a golden-brown and shaped just like the original chicken version, the Tofu […]

  • Capture

    McDonald’s ruling sparks business-labor firestorm

    Under pressure from a barrage of lawsuits seeking fair treatment and wages. McDonald’s could be on the verge of losing one of its main protections. The National Labor Relations Board decided on Tuesday that McDonald’s is a “joint employer” with its franchise owners. McDonald’s has always shielded itself from liability by claiming its franchises operate as independent businesses. Now, McDonald’s could be held responsible for labor violations at it’s 12,000 franchise-owned restaurants. That includes claims that employees have been disciplined […]

  • CNN's Chris Cuomo interviews George Zimmerman

    George Zimmerman back on ‘patrol’ in Florida?

    DELAND, Fla. — Former neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman was spotted back on patrol this weekend in Central Florida, this time outside a store in DeLand that sells motorcycles, guns and ammunition. The owner of Pompano Pat’s sent a statement to CNN denying that Zimmerman, who was acquitted last year in the shooting death of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, was an employee. “George is a personal friend,” Pat Johnson said in the statement. “My store was robbed recently and […]