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    Ashley Sawyer, from MTV’s hit reality show ‘Catfish,’ dies at 23

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. — Ashley Sawyer, who appeared on MTV’s hit reality show “Catfish” in 2013, died Saturday in Hoover, Alabama, according to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. She was 23. Authorities told CNN members of the Hoover Police Department responded to a 911 call shortly after midnight on April 30 at the Wood Garden Apartments where Sawyer was found not breathing. Capt. Greg Rector said officers attempted CPR, but Sawyer was pronounced dead at the scene. Rector said several […]

  • An American service member was killed in Iraq as a result of enemy fire about thirty kilometers north of Mosul, Pentagon officials confirmed Tuesday. The person was an adviser to Kurdish Peshmerga forces that are fighting ISIS. The U.S. responded with an F15s and drones.

    American Navy SEAL killed in Iraq during ISIS assault

    An American service member was killed in Iraq as a result of enemy fire about thirty kilometers north of Mosul, Pentagon officials confirmed Tuesday. The service member was a Navy SEAL, a U.S. defense official told CNN, though the SEAL’s rank is still unclear. The person was an adviser to Kurdish Peshmerga forces that are fighting ISIS and was killed during an ISIS assault “on a Peshmerga position approximately three to five kilometers behind the forward line of troops,” Pentagon […]

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    U.S. servicemembers save woman, children from fourth-story apartment fire

    SEOUL, South Korea – A mother and her children are safe after a fire ripped through their apartment last Saturday. With flames and thick smoke blocking the door, the only way out was through the fourth-story apartment’s window. Fortunately, a handful of U.S. servicemembers were passing by and saw the woman at the window. U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Daniel Raimondo told CNN he was walking to dinner Saturday when he saw clouds of smoke and set off in that […]

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    81-year-old’s murder conviction overturned more than 50 years after being sentenced

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Paul Gatling leaned on his cane and looked Brooklyn’s chief prosecutor right in the eye. The prosecutor, grasping Gatling’s arm and speaking softly, offered him an apology. “I want to apologize to you for what happened to you. I’m sorry,” Ken Thompson, the district attorney for Kings County, New York, told the 81-year-old man. Gatling bowed his head and held back tears. He accepted the apology he’d awaited for more than 50 years. In 1963, the same […]

  • Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay another settlement to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer. Both plaintiffs used the company's talcum body powder for decades.

    Johnson & Johnson just lost another talcum powder cancer lawsuit

    NEW YORK — Johnson & Johnson has suffered its second costly court defeat in less than three months over claims its talcum powder caused cancer. And many more cases are looming. A jury in St. Louis awarded $55 million in damages to Gloria Ristesund, who used Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder for more than 35 years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011. Ristesund’s lawyers argued that Johnson & Johnson knew of possible health risks associated with talc, but […]

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    Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur Davis, dies at 69

    Afeni Shakur Davis, the mother of one of hip-hop’s most seminal and iconic figures, died at age 69, the Marin County, California, sheriff’s office said Tuesday. Though she is best known as Tupac Shakur’s mom, she was also a Black Panther as a young adult and an activist in later years. Deputies responded to a call reporting “a possible cardiac arrest” at her Sausalito home around 9:34 p.m. Monday, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said. Shakur Davis was taken to […]

  • The Indiana Primary will take place on May 3, 2016.

    Here are five things to watch in Indiana’s primary

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Donald Trump has defeated his Republican rivals in six straight contests. In Indiana, he could demoralize them. Trump will try to win a primary Tuesday that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has set up as do-or-die for his own campaign. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, will attempt to reclaim the momentum that Hillary Clinton has firmly seized. Here are five things to watch in Indiana’s primary: Trump goes for the knockout blow Cruz began his campaign in Indiana at the […]

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    Indian teen dies after accidentally shooting himself while taking selfie

    A teenage boy in India has died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while taking a selfie. Fifteen-year-old Ramandeep Singh was posing with his father’s .32 caliber pistol on Friday evening when he accidentally pulled the trigger, according Manoj Kumar, Deputy Superintendent of Police in Pathankot, Punjab state. The safety catch wasn’t on, police said. Singh was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery but died of his injuries on Sunday afternoon. Statistics released earlier this year put India […]

  • Former San Francisco police officer Jason Lai is accused of sending numerous racist and homophobic text messages, which where discovered as part of a probe into a sexual assault allegation.

    “Wild animals:” Racist texts sent by San Francisco police officer, documents show

    “I hate that beaner,” read one text. “But, I think the nig is worse.” “Indian ppl are disgusting,” another proclaimed. “Burn down walgreens and kill the bums,” a third message stated. These and numerous other racist and homophobic text messages were allegedly sent by a San Francisco police officer at the center of an ongoing scandal that is the most recent disturbing revelation for the beleaguered SFPD. CNN has exclusively obtained a list of dozens of offensive texts sent to and […]

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    Three Earth-like planets discovered orbiting dwarf star

    For the first time, researchers have discovered three potentially habitable, Earth-like worlds orbiting an ultracool dwarf star 40 light-years away in another star system, according to a study published in the journal Nature. The ultracool dwarf star, known as TRAPPIST-1, isn’t the kind of star scientists expected to be a hub for planets. It’s at the end of the range for what classifies as a star: half the temperature and a tenth the mass of the sun. TRAPPIST-1 is red, […]

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    Starbucks sued over too much ice in its drinks

    NEW YORK — A Starbucks customer from Chicago has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the coffee chain, accusing it of using too much ice in its cold drinks. The suit, filed by Stacy Pincus, claims that while Starbucks advertises its cold drinks by fluid ounce, the numbers are only accurate when ice is added to a drink. “Starbucks is advertising the size of its Cold Drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will […]