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  • Vegas killer described his unusual habits in 2013 testimony

    He was a nocturnal creature who gambled all night and slept all day. He took Valium at times for anxiousness, and had the doctor who prescribed it to him on retainer. He wagered up to a million dollars a night, but wandered around glitzy Las Vegas casinos in sweatpants and flip-flops, and carried his own drink into the high rollers’ area because he didn’t want to tip the waitresses too much. This was Stephen Paddock as he saw himself four […]

  • Killers meant to ‘send a message,’ sheriff says of 1983 slaying

    Timothy Coggins was stabbed multiple times, likely in the field where hunters found his body in Sunny Side, Georgia, on October 9, 1983, investigators at the time told the local newspaper. The state crime lab determined that both of Coggins’ lungs were punctured, investigator Larry Campbell said, and there were blood stains and tire tracks at the scene. Planes approaching the grass landing strip at Beaverbrook Aerodrome would have flown over his body for about 36 hours before it was […]

  • 3-month-old and 5-year-old girls rescued in sex trafficking crackdown

    Two sisters, one 5 years old and the other 3 months old, were rescued in Denver by undercover agents during this year’s FBI-led sting operation against sex traffickers, officials said. The alleged trafficker, a friend of the children’s family, made a deal to sell them for sex for $600, the FBI said. The friend communicated with an undercover agent, the FBI said in announcing details of Operation Cross Country XI. While this alleged crime alone is disturbing, 82 other juveniles […]

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus updates fans on cancer battle

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants everyone to know she’s a fighter. The “Veep” star posted a photo of herself Thursday sporting a hoodie and a drawn-on mustache on Instagram to update her fans on her fight against cancer. “Chemo #2: finito,” the caption read. “We are NOT f***ing around here.” Chemo #2: finito. We are NOT fucking around here. “I’ve got the eye of the tiger. The Fighter dancing through the fire cuz I am a champion and your’re going to hear […]

  • Winter 2017-2018: NOAA says the weather outside might not be so frightful

    La Niña is expected to be back and it may wreck your winter. But that depends on where you live and if you do or don’t like the cold. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has released its winter outlook. This forecast is not a guide for deciding your detailed ski vacation or New Year’s Eve plans, but it may give you an idea of which winter coat you should buy for the season and if you need to stock up on […]

  • A Philando Castile campaign is wiping off a year’s worth of lunch debts at St. Paul schools

    During his time with St. Paul Public Schools, Philando Castile was known as someone who fed countless kids with money from his own pocket. The gesture became his legacy. And it’s a legacy that a college professor wants to keep alive. So, she and her students at Inver Hills Community College south of St. Paul launched a YouCaring campaign, “Philando Feeds The Children.” The original goal, said professor Pam Fergus, was to raise $5,000 to help cover the student lunch […]

  • Expert: Water from a polluted Puerto Rico site ‘safe to drink’

    Water from three wells at a hazardous-waste site in Dorado, Puerto Rico, is safe for human consumption, according to tests conducted for CNN by a university lab. The Santa Rosa well on the Superfund site, from which water has been distributed by the Puerto Rican water utility, contained only trace amounts of PCE, an industrial chemical, according to the tests run by the Virginia Tech Water Quality Lab. The other two wells at the Dorado Superfund site, called Maguayo 2 […]

  • Tommy Hilfiger is making clothes easier to wear for people with disabilities

    Tommy Hilfiger has a new line of clothes for an often overlooked set of customers – people with disabilities. The collection, which goes on sale Wednesday, uses magnets and Velcro to make it easier for people to get dressed. The line has 37 styles for men and 34 for women – shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and dresses. The button-down shirts have buttons and cuffs that fasten with magnets to help people with disabilities take them off over their heads or […]

  • Take a knee protests go from the sidelines to City Council chambers

    Four of the 11 Ann Arbor, Michigan City Council members were inspired by NFL players and took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in a council meeting to protest inequality. Sumi Kailasapathy, a third-term council member, came to the idea after following the NFL protests, in which players have taken a knee during the National Anthem to protest social injustice throughout the nation. To the councilwoman, this is a subject that hits close to home; she came to this […]

  • Ohio police officer fired; video showed officer beating driver after traffic stop

    A police officer in a Cleveland suburb seen on video repeatedly punching a black motorist during a traffic stop in August has been fired. City of Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail announced Officer Michael Amiott’s termination, citing police department rules violations and “additional complaints.” “After a review, I found Amiott to have violated additional departmental rules, including Conduct Unbecoming and Courtesy, calling into serious question his suitability as a Euclid police officer,” Gail said in a statement. Euclid Police Chief […]

  • 10 hours on the run: How the suspect in the Maryland shooting got caught

    A massive manhunt that started with a man allegedly killing three people in Maryland ended with the suspect’s arrest hours later as he smoked a cigar near a high school in Delaware. Police arrested Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, Wednesday evening, hours after he allegedly opened fire at his workplace in Edgewood, Maryland. In addition to the three people killed in the shooting rampage in Maryland, an additional two others were wounded, authorities said. But that was just the first incident in a […]