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    4-year-old boy losing battle with cancer celebrates an early Halloween

    UTAH – A Utah family knows they only have a limited amount of time with their son and they are determined to make the best of that time. Four-year-old Ethan van Leuven is fighting for each day on this Earth. At 22 months old, little Ethan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After years of treatment, his family learned last week that his fight is coming to an end. “His Leukemia has gone out of control and is no longer treatable, […]

  • Baby is ultimate World Series souveni

    Baby is ultimate World Series souvenir after mom’s water breaks at game

    LIBERTY, Missouri (KCTV) — Stephanie and Jason Hetherington showed up early to soak up the atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium before Game 1. They persuaded a friend who is a St. Louis Cardinals fan to sell his tickets to them. So with great anticipation, they headed to the K to watch the Royals take on the Giants. They enjoyed watching batting practice and the crews getting the field ready for first pitch. “Hopefully she stays in there long enough for us […]

  • avengers

    ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer leaks early

    (CNN) — The new trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is, in a word, “Hulktastic.” Marvel and Disney unleashed the first official look at the next Avengers movie on Wednesday night, not long after a leaked version made its way online, and now May can’t come fast enough. The two-minute clip features everything Marvel fans could’ve asked for, between James Spader’s chilling narration as Ultron, the introduction of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver, and the glimpse of […]

  • Moana

    Disney to introduce new heroine, ‘Moana’

    (CNN) — Get ready for another addition to the line of Disney heroines: Moana, an ocean adventurer. “Moana,” a film about a teenage girl in “ancient Oceania,” according to the plot description, is scheduled to make its debut in late 2016. Moana, who is described as a “born navigator,” sets out on a voyage to seek a mysterious island. Her primary companion is Maui, a demigod, and together they “traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea […]

  • A Canadian soldier was shot and killed as he and another soldier stood guard at Canada's Parliament war memorial Wednesday. Details are emerging as authorities try to secure the government building in Ottawa.
Credit:	Kelly Hobson/For CNN

    ‘Terrorist’ murdered soldier ‘in cold blood,’ Canada’s Prime Minister says

    (CNN) — First a soldier guarding a hallowed war memorial was gunned down in Canada’s capital. Then shots erupted in the halls of the country’s Parliament minutes later. The two shootings in Ottawa Wednesday left lawmakers barricaded inside offices and parts of the city on lockdown for hours as police searched for suspects. Ottawa Police lifted the lockdown Wednesday night and said there was no longer a danger to the public. But many questions remain about the shootings: Who was […]

  • The first fence jumper at the White House since Omar Gonzalez barely made it over before being detained by Secret Service.
Credit:	David Catrett/CNN

    White House fence jumper quickly detained by Secret Service

    (CNN) — A man jumped over the White House fence on Wednesday night, but this time, the man barely made it onto the lawn before being taken down by two police dogs and quickly detained by Secret Service agents. “Dog got him,” a Secret Service spokesman said. The Secret Service identified the man as 23-year-old Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Maryland, and said charges against him are pending. The two dogs with the K-9 unit were taken to a vet […]

  • Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in AMC's Breaking Bad.
Credit:	Frank Ockenfels/AMC via CNN

    Toys R Us puts ‘Breaking Bad’ figures on ‘sabbatical’

    New: “Breaking Bad’s” drug-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White will have to stop making the sale at Toys R Us. The toy store chain won’t be selling “Breaking Bad” action figures anymore thanks in part to an online petition that urged the store to pull them from their stores and online site. The petition, issued by Susan Schrivjer of Fort Myers, Florida, received more than 9,000 signatures. Let’s just say, the action figures have taken an ‘indefinite sabbatical,’ ” Toys R Us said […]

  • 50 states, 50 jobs, one honeymoon

    50 states, 50 jobs, one honeymoon; you won’t believe what this couple has planned

    (CNN) — “Why did you turn off the RV?” Alyssa Padgett recalls asking her husband, Heath, as their 29-foot RV careened off an exit toward the small town of Williams, Arizona. “I didn’t,” he replied. Just 10 days into their cross-country honeymoon, the fuel pump in their camper, lovingly known as “Franklin,” malfunctioned. Then, came the propane leak, the broken refrigerator, the leaking roof and the fender bender in an Oregon parking lot, to name just a few of the […]

  • Marijuana

    Woman claims she was kicked out of church for supporting use of medical marijuana

    BEAUMONT (KBMT) – A Beaumont woman claims she has been cast out of her church for her use of medicinal marijuana. Faith Bodle said she uses cannabis extract, an oil derived from marijuana, to treat illnesses like degenerative spine disease, congestive heart failure and arthritis. Bodle said fellow church members at Beaumont Seventh Day Adventist Church grew concerned after seeing her support the use of marijuana on a report on 12News. 12News first spoke to Bodle at the arraignment of […]

  • CNN photo

    New math app a student’s dream or teacher’s nightmare?

    CNN – Say it with us: Kids today have it sooooo easy. A new smartphone app will do their math homework for them, provided it’s not too complicated. PhotoMath by microblink uses a phone’s camera to solve equations and then teaches you step by step method for solving it yourself. The app can do arithmetic: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It can handle fractions. It knows what 23 is and can calculate the root of 246. It can even do simple […]

  • Members of Doctors Without Borders work to treat an Ebola outbreak. Doctors, wearing yellow protective suits, treat a child in this image.

    CDC announces travelers returning from Ebola-affected nations to be monitored for 21 days

    The CDC made an announcement regarding those returning from Ebola-affected areas. All travelers returning from Ebola-affected areas will be actively monitored for 21 days starting Monday, CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden announced in a telebriefing on Wednesday. Contact information including email, two phone numbers and a physical U.S. address will be gathered from all people coming to the U.S. from Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone, Frieden said.