Weather-related Closings and Delays
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  • What is Los Angeles' Skid Row

    Take a stroll through one of America’s most populated homeless areas

    LOS ANGELES (CNN) — America’s Skid Row sits in downtown Los Angeles. This pocket of 2,000 men and women constitutes the nation’s biggest concentration of homeless people living and sleeping on public sidewalks, in scattered camps under tarps. Not surprisingly, sanitary conditions are appalling. This quarter of despair is now at the center of national attention for another reason: This week, Los Angeles police and a homeless man in a tent engaged in a confrontation, ending with officers fatally shooting […]

  • A photo of a weasel hitching a surprise lift on the back of a flying woodpecker near London has gone viral on Twitter, with more than 7,000 users retweeting the original post of the image.
Credit:	Courtesy Martin Le-May via CNN

    #WeaselPecker image goes viral on Twitter

    LONDON (CNN) — A photo of a weasel hitching a surprise lift on the back of a flying woodpecker near London has gone viral on Twitter, with more than 7,000 users retweeting the original post of the image. It was first posted by photographer Jason Ward on Monday and credited to Martin Le-May. ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE photo by Martin Le-May. Green Woodpecker and Weasel. Apparently the Woodpecker escaped. — Jason Ward (@Jayward7) March 2, 2015 After #WeaselPecker gained momentum, British […]

  • Capture

    Kidnapped at birth, found 17 years later

    (CNN) — She is being called Zephany Nurse, though it is not the name with which the 17-year-old South African girl grew up. Zephany means “hidden by the Lord,” a fitting name for a girl who was allegedly kidnapped at birth and found thanks to an improbable coincidence. South African Police have been mostly quiet about the case. A police spokesman, Andre Traut, confirmed that a woman was arrested last week and charged with kidnapping and falsely pretending that she […]

  • principal

    Principal subject of one of the ‘coolest senior pranks ever’

    (CNN) – Think back to your high school’s senior prank. Maybe you and your pals slipped a pig into the building or greased all the door handles or turned all the chairs upside-down. So it’s no surprise that Wichita high school Principal Sherman Padgett was reluctant to play along last week when a student showed up and told him to stand in the hallway holding a bucket. “She didn’t say anything about why. She just said ‘hold the bucket,’ ” […]

  • sex offender

    Unconstitutional: California Supreme Court rules against sex offenders’ residency restrictions

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A recent ruling by the California Supreme Court is causing a bit of controversy among voters. The California Supreme Court overturned a law that restricted where sex offenders may live. According to the Los Angeles Times, the court ruled that the limits had raised the risk of homelessness and hampered the ability of law enforcement officers to monitor parolees. “Blanket enforcement of the residency restrictions against these parolees has severely restricted their ability to find housing … […]

  • woman burned

    “She was defenseless,” Elderly woman burns to death on facility’s front porch

    DEVINE, Texas – A Texas sheriff’s office is looking into the death of a woman who died while in the care of health care professionals. “It saddens me so bad that I don’t think I’ll ever get over it,” said John Nolan, Luanna’s son. “I don’t even know what to do.” Over the weekend, he was notified by the Medina County Sheriff’s Office that his mother died in a fire on Thursday afternoon. “They’re investigating it. My mother was left on […]

  • archaeologists

    Archaeologists uncover mystery coffin at king’s grave site, shocked by what’s inside

    LEICESTER, England (CNN) – When you think about a medieval English king’s burial site, you probably wouldn’t think about it being uncovered in a parking lot. However, archaeologists discovered a mysterious coffin from medieval times under a parking lot in England. The coffin was discovered near the final resting place of a king, in what was originally Grey Friars Friary. Archaeologists theorized it contained the remains of an prominent man, possibly a knight or a Catholic Church official. When the […]

  • Jim Bridenstine, Source: Congressman Jim Bridenstine's Facebook page

    Republican group’s ads target conservatives, including Representative from Oklahoma

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Republican-aligned group is spending $400,000 on ads accusing conservatives who opposed a bill to keep the Department of Homeland Security up and running last week of putting national security at risk. The American Action Network’s move counters a push by House conservatives to reject anything that doesn’t also unravel President Barack Obama’s immigration executive actions — further elevating an internal squabble that has so far played out on Capitol Hill, and giving House Speaker John Boehner […]

  • Gold, Credit: Wiki Commons/MGN

    Armored truck robbed of millions in gold along N.C. interstate

    (CNN) — An armored truck carrying several million dollars worth of gold was robbed while it was stranded on Interstate 95 in Wilson County, North Carolina. According to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to an armed robbery of more than $4 million in gold, just before 7 p.m. ET Sunday. The armored truck was paused after experiencing mechanical issues during a trip from Miami to Massachusetts. The two guards, employed by Transvalue Inc., were forced to the ground […]

  • charging

    Store creating furniture that wirelessly charges your phone

    Do you ever have a problem finding your charger when your phone’s battery is almost dead? Ikea says that will soon be a problem of the past. The Swedish furniture giant’s new “home smart” line will wirelessly charge your smartphone and tablet. The furniture would be compatible with most newer Android and Windows phones. Ikea says it will also offer a special charging cover for iPhones and older Galaxy “S” phones. The products go on sale in mid-April. See a […]

  • This tiny card will give your smartphone 200 GB of storage

    Device of the future? SanDisk to release 200 GB storage card for smartphones

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – It seems like a problem a lot of smartphone users have on a monthly basis. Customers often have to delete apps and photos from their phones to free up storage space. SanDisk recently unveiled the world’s most spacious storage card for smartphones. The “SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-Icard, Premium Edition,” comes with 200 gigabytes of storage. In other words, it is 72 GB more storage than the next-largest option on the market. The company also says that […]