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    Conflicting reports create confusion about final moments of EgyptAir Flight 804

    The search for EgyptAir Flight 804 continues, amid contradicting reports about the final moments of the aircraft’s flight. Five days after disappearing en route from Paris to Cairo, some debris from the plane — including life vests, personal belongings and parts of wreckage — has been recovered. Small fragments of human remains have also been found, and morgue officials in the Egyptian capital are trying to identify and match them to victims. Families in Cairo have been arriving at the […]

  • Matt Harmon went from being overweight and not caring about his health to becoming completely committed to lifestyle changes that helped him drop nearly 100 pounds.

    100-pound weight loss helps “broken” man rebuild

    For most of his life, Matt Harmon couldn’t find a reason powerful enough to make him care about his health. It wasn’t until his life fell apart that he realized he was “broken” and needed to rebuild from the ground up. Even as a child, nothing could overwhelm his obsession with food. His mother, who had lost her father as a teenager because he didn’t take care of himself, tried to help Harmon eat less and be active. But, neither […]

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    Ex-drug dealer graduates at age 67 from Columbia

    David Norman is proving, if you keep chasing your dreams, you will succeed. The Harlem native, who served multiple prison sentences and battled an addiction to heroin, graduated from Columbia University School of General Studies last week. At 67, Norman is the oldest graduate of his class of 547 to receive his bachelor’s degree. The average age of the graduation class this year was 29. “Columbia University School of General Studies is dedicated to serving nontraditional students who want to […]

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    Dying Vietnam veteran says goodbye to his beloved horses

    Vietnam veteran Roberto Gonzales may not have much time left, so he chose to spend some of his precious final moments with two of his beloved friends: His horses Ringo and Sugar. The three shared an emotional reunion outside a Texas VA hospital over the weekend. Despite his paralysis, Gonzales has made a living out of his passion for horses and is one of the only registered horse trainers in Texas who is disabled, his wife said. “Horses are his […]

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    One officer charged in Freddie Gray case found not guilty

    BALTIMORE, Maryland – Baltimore police Officer Edward Nero was found not guilty of all charges Monday in connection with the death of Freddie Gray, Judge Barry Williams ruled Monday after a bench trial. Williams took 20 minutes to read the decision to a packed courtroom and near-capacity overflow room. Nero nodded as Williams said there was no evidence to support each individual charge, then tilted his head back in relief after the judge read the verdict. He then put his […]

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    Chewbacca’s mask and the power of viral joy

    Special to CNN By Dacher Keltner Candace Payne is this moment’s powerful purveyor of joy. There, sitting in her car after shopping at a Kohl’s department store, Payne is transported by four minutes of pure joy in donning a Chewbacca mask. And now, more than 100 million people have likely smiled, chuckled and laughed with her. Our chests warmed, our spirits lifted. We may have even felt the receding — if just for a moment — of life’s many worries. We’ve […]

  • Tornado damage in Joplin, Missouri.
Credit:	Bob Crowley/CNN

    Joplin, Missouri, tornado: 5 years later

    JOPLIN, Mo. – Five years ago, a tornado ripped through the Missouri city of Joplin, tearing apart buildings and neighborhoods, and killing about 160 people. As it marks the fifth anniversary Sunday, Joplin has worked to rebuild, both its spirits and buildings. Here are five things to know about the deadly storm — facts and memories of that day: It was the deadliest in the U.S. in decades The Joplin tornado was the deadliest in the United States since 1950 […]

  • Officer replaces boy's stolen cards with awesome Pokemon haul

    Officer replaces boy’s stolen cards with Pokemon haul

    A young Pokemon enthusiast endured a roller coaster of emotions when his collection of trading cards was stolen by another boy, retrieved and, then, magically multiplied by a generous Cleveland police officer. Yes, the biggest trading card craze of the 90’s is still going strong, and it still contains all of the high drama and friendship-ruining potential you remember. Take 9-year-old Bryce, who had his Pokemon collection snatched right out of his hands. “I was stunned,” Bryce told CNN. “I […]

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    Dog tests positive for meth, heroin

    A dog picked up during an arrest in California has tested positive for methamphetamine and heroin, authorities said. Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright tells CNN the dog named Bubba was found in a hotel room after officers served an arrest warrant for Joshua West, 40, on March 22 in Orange County. Dog tests positive for meth, heroin.https://t.co/kRdYbzdUVI pic.twitter.com/dt54llVvlj — CNN (@CNN) May 21, 2016 West was on parole for drug violations, said Wright. Police reported illegal drugs were found in […]

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    Perfect! Missouri high school graduate never missed day of school in 13 years

    Maybe Philip Dauma’s grandmother should fix us all breakfast. Dauma graduated Thursday night from Hannibal High School in Hannibal, Missouri with perfect attendance. That’s right, he never missed a day of school in 13 YEARS! Perfect! This Missouri high school graduate never missed a day of school in 13 years https://t.co/wWM5zt2rIw pic.twitter.com/Rw3hPkSXdw — CNN (@CNN) May 21, 2016 And, he credits his grandmother’s breakfast as his secret weapon. “She came out to the house every morning to make sure I was […]

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    Taliban leader likely killed in airstrike, U.S. official says

    WASHINGTON – A U.S. official said Saturday that Taliban leader Mullah Mansour was likely killed in an airstrike. The official said the strike occurred Saturday morning in a remote area of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, southwest of the town of Ahmad Wal. The official said Mansour was the target of the strike, adding that a second adult male combatant traveling with him in a vehicle was also likely killed. U.S. officials are still assessing the results, the official said. The strike […]