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  • A publicity photograph of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.
Credit:	From Apple via CNN

    Apple unveils new iPads

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The iPad is getting a facelift. Apple unveiled new editions of the iPad and iPad Mini at an event in California on Thursday, where it also announced that its new Apple Pay system will launch on Monday, Oct. 20. The new tablets — the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini — both come with TouchID fingerprint sensors, which previously were only available on the iPhone. You can use the TouchID to make purchases online with Apple […]

  • Joan Rivers

    Joan Rivers’ official cause of death released

    NEW YORK – The New York medical examiner has released the cause of death of comedian Joan Rivers. The report says she died of “therapeutic complications” during a procedure to evaluate voice charges and acid reflux. Specifically, those complications were “anoxic encephalopathy due to hypoxic arrest.” That’s brain damage caused by lack of oxygen. The 81-year-old entertainer died on September 4, one week after procedure at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic in Manhattan.  

  • McDonalds

    No ‘pink slime’ here – McDonald’s defends its food

    CNNMoney – McDonald’s is getting the word out: There is no “pink slime” in its McNuggets or hamburgers. And yes, its food does rot – and that’s a good thing. As part of a new campaign, McDonald’s is asking, and answering, the challenging questions posted by its detractors. McDonald’s has launched a campaign called “Our food. Your questions.” With the help of social media, the company wants to put to rest the “myth” about its food and convince customers that […]

  • Capture

    Meet America’s youngest female billionaire

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — America’s youngest self-made female billionaire is 30 years old and a college dropout. The company she founded has the potential to change health care for millions of Americans. Elizabeth Holmes left Stanford University at 19 with a plan to start her own company. For money, she cashed out the funds her parents had saved for tuition. Now, she counts billionaire Larry Ellison as an investor and has former secretaries of state on her board. “I think […]

  • marine

    U.S. Marine charged with murder in death of transgender woman

    MANILA, Philippines (CNN) – A U.S. Marine has been charged with murder in the death of a transgender woman in a Philippines hotel room over the weekend. Pfc. Scott Pemberton is currently in U.S. military custody but prosecutors are expected to ask for him to be turned over to Filipino authorities. Pemberton is accused of strangling 26-year-old Jeffrey Laude, who also went by the name Jennifer. Laude’s naked body was found with her head inside a toilet on Sunday. Witnesses […]

  • wrongfully convicted

    Man exonerated after spending 30 years in prison for murder

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. – After 30 years, an inmate wrongly convicted of murder is now free with a clean record. As a Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice announced his decision about David McCallum’s fate, the inmate put his head on the defense table and sobbed. His body shook as he found out he was finally free. McCallum and another man, Willie Stuckey, were 16-years-old when they were charged with the kidnapping and murder of another man in 1985. The teens were arrested and […]

  • phoenix

    Police: Witness shoots, kills alleged bank robber

    PHOENIX, Ariz. – A suspected bank robber is dead and another is in police custody after a witness decided to take action. Authorities say two gunman targeted the Desert Schools Federal Credit Union earlier this week, filling a trash can full of money. As they left the building, a man confronted them and eventually shot one of them. “I went back to my car because I didn’t want to get hit by a stray bullet and called 911,” a witness […]

  • amazon packing hiring

    Looking for a seasonal job? Amazon is hiring

    A popular company that a lot of Americans turn to during the holidays is hiring. Amazon announced Thursday that it would hire 80,000 seasonal employees this year, which is 10,000 more than it hired in 2013. The company says the extra employees will work in packing and shipping centers. Experts are predicting a significant uptick in online shopping this holiday season. The National Retail Federation expects online sales in November and December to be between eight percent to 11 percent […]

  • Courtesy: CNN

    ‘Modern Family’ actress dies after brief illness

    (CNN) – An actress who is best known for her role in the hit sitcom ‘Modern Family’ has died. Actress Elizabeth Pena died of natural causes after a brief illness, her manager told CNN. Pena passed away on Tuesday at the age of 55. Pena is known for appearing as the mother of ‘Gloria,’ a character played by Sofia Vergara on ‘Modern Family.’ She has also appeared on the big and small screens during her three-decade long career. Other notable […]

  • An exterior photograph of Texas Healthcare Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, where Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died. Duncan passed on October 8, 2014. Two nurses working at the hospital also contracted the disease.
Credit:	William Walker/CNN

    Official: Nurse diagnosed with Ebola called CDC before flight to report slightly-elevated temperature

    (CNN) — The day before she went to the hospital with Ebola symptoms, Amber Vinson was flying halfway across the country on a commercial jet with 132 other people. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said she never should have stepped foot on the flight, but another federal official told CNN that no one at the agency stopped her. Before flying from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday, Vinson called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to report an elevated temperature […]

  • Ebola virus imagery

    Loads of questions after woman being monitored for Ebola flies commercially

    (CNN) — How did this happen? That is what many people were asking Wednesday, after news broke that a health care worker had flown commercially at a time she was supposedly monitoring herself for a possible Ebola infection. Amber Vinson, 29, is the third person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States — after Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who fell ill after coming to Texas, and Nina Pham, who like Vinson had cared for Duncan at […]