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  • snakes

    Family finds more than 100 snakes inside their home

    REGINA, Saskatchewan — It’s a home Indiana Jones wouldn’t want to live in, and it might give most of us an anxiety attack. More than a 100 snakes were found inside a home, and they’re all being rescued. “We were finding them basically anywhere – in the cracks of the stone foundation, under the floor, under some boxes and other things – and we just were picking them up in pillow cases and putting them into a bucket just to […]

  • social security

    Good news for your wallet: Social Security checks getting bigger

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Social Security checks will rise by 1.7% — which translates into $22 more each month for the average retired worker. In 2015, the average worker will receive $1,328 a month, or $15,936 a year, according to the Social Security Administration. Next year’s annual cost of living increase is up from 1.5% this year, but still less than 2012’s increase of 3.6%. Seniors received no increases to their benefits for two years prior as prices fell due […]

  • Sen. Tom Coburn

    Oklahoma Senator names ‘Wastebook’ offenses: Gambling monkeys, dancing zombies, mountain lions on treadmills

    OKLAHOMA (CNN) — Monkeys taught how to gamble and play video games. People paid to watch grass grow. Swedish massages given to rabbits. Half of $1 million spent on a video game that is now helping terrorists train for missions. And $1 billion spent to destroy $16 billion worth of ammunition. These are just a few examples from the 100 entry-long list in a book detailing government waste, compiled by retiring GOP Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. In the 2014 […]

  • 141021195751-erin-pkg-moos-nun-sings-like-a-virgin-00003003-tablet-large

    Watch: Famous singing nun covers ‘Like a Virgin’

    Remember this sister?  A nun is now a world-wide phenomenon after winning Italy’s version of  ‘The Voice’. However, don’t expect to see Sister Cristina Scuccia  praying to the Madonna. That’s because she’s too busy covering one. Take a look at the video above to see more of this sister act! Click here to watch the nun’s performance on Italy’s ‘The Voice’  

  • michael brown

    Autopsy reveals details about Michael Brown’s gunshot wounds

    FERGUSON, Mo.  (CNN) — Michael Brown’s gunshot wounds included a shot in the hand at close range, his official autopsy shows, according to an analysis reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The detail could lend credence to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s account that he and the unarmed black teenager scuffled at his patrol car before Brown was shot and killed. Wilson told investigators that in a struggle for his pistol inside a police SUV, Brown pressed the barrel of […]

  • NC_cashreturned0715_test_mezzn

    Housekeeper finds, returns $8,600 to newlyweds

    BIRCH RUN, Mich. (WNEM) — It’s not too often you hear of happy endings in the news, but that’s exactly what happened for a local newlywed couple. They were staying in a hotel room after their wedding and they left something very important behind. “I would be scared, afraid someone would take it,” Tequita Mays said. When you stay in a hotel room sometimes you forget something and often you’ll never see that item again. One newly-wed couple left behind […]

  • CNN Money/Twitter

    Yum or Yuck? Nurse wins $1 million for wacky chip flavor idea

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Wasabi ginger chips were a New Jersey nurse’s $1 million idea. Lay’s announced Tuesday that Meneko Spigner McBeth won its social-media driven “Do Us a Flavor” contest and its million-dollar prize. She might get more if her flavor sells $100 million worth by July, in which case she gets a 1% cut. She found out her good fortune Monday night at a dinner the company held for finalists. This nurse won $1 million from @LAYS for […]

  • Airplane take off

    Denver teens set out for Syria to join extremists; parents, FBI bring them back

    (CNN) — Three teenage girls who set out from a Denver suburb apparently bound for Syria to join extremists fighting there are back home after their parents alerted authorities and the trio was stopped in Germany, U.S. officials said. The teens — two sisters of Somali descent and a friend whose family is Sudanese, according to a Denver community leader — were detained when their flight landed in Frankfurt on Friday after the FBI flagged their passports. They were flown […]

  • Credit:	Benjamin Ramirez/KDAF via CNN

    ‘We fell short’ with Ebola patient, Texas hospital exec says

    (CNN) — Texas Presbyterian Hospital “fell short” several times in treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, starting by not asking the right questions in the emergency room, the hospital’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Daniel Varga, said in an interview with CNN. On September 25, Duncan came into the ER with a fever and was interviewed by a nurse who wrote down that he “came from Africa 9-20-14,” Varga said. The nurse didn’t specify which nation, he said. Around the same […]

  • CNN and several other Turner-owned cable channels have disappeared from Dish Network homes due to a contractual dispute between the two companies.
Credit:	Rob Kirkpatrick/CNN

    Why Dish subscribers can’t see CNN today

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — CNN and several other Turner-owned cable channels have disappeared from Dish Network homes due to a contractual dispute between the two companies. Dish provides satellite television service to about 14 million households, roughly 1 out of 7 homes that subscribe to some form of TV package in the United States. Turner, a unit of Time Warner, urged customers affected by the blackout to contact Dish and “demand that they bring back your favorite channels.” The channels […]

  • Matija Kopic, cofounder of Farmeron.

    Robot farmers in our future?

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — On most lettuce farms, workers weave between rows to cull extra heads of lettuce crowding out the healthiest plants. The practice, called thinning, is labor-intensive and a labor shortage has made it difficult to find workers for the task. In 2011, Jorge Heraud and Lee Redden came up with the idea to use robotics to mechanize lettuce thinning as part of their coursework in Stanford’s executive MBA program. “Mention robotics in agriculture and people think it’s […]