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  • Bobbie Steeley is this week’s Pay it 4ward Recipient

    LITTLE AXE, OK — Tonight as we pay it forward we’re focusing on one of the thousands of Oklahomans who’ve gone above and beyond to help others after the recent tornado outbreak. In this segment we meet a woman who stepped into action to help organize her community so that the victims could get what they desperately needed. Bobbie Steeley is this week’s Pay it 4ward Recipient. When tornadoes came through our state on May 19th it was the first […]

  • Christina Santos changing lives one word at a time

    OKLAHOMA CITY — If you look back on your life, does one person stand out? Someone who has had a profound effect on you? We want to introduce you to a young woman who has given over and above what her job requires and she has made such a difference in the lives of those she serves. She was nominated for this week’s Pay it 4ward. She gives a voice to Parkinson’s patients and I mean that literally. Troyce Warren […]

  • 91-year-old, Lou Revels is the ‘glue’ keeping church together

    OKLAHOMA CITY — In this Pay it 4ward segment we focus on a woman who seldom says no to anyone or anything. Her name is Lou Revels. She is one of ten children; Valedictorian of her class. She is a feisty 91-year-old with more energy than folks half her age. Every Friday, ladies from her church come to her house to enjoy one of Lou’s many talents. Her pastor, Richard Ehlers, nominated her and said what she does on Fridays […]

  • Pay it 4Ward: Volunteerism in Harrah

    HARRAH, Okla. — Tonight’s pay it forward is the story of a woman consumed by grief. Sharon Cargill lost her mother and was still grieving five years later. Her sorrow ended the day she turned into a building in Harrah and filled the void in her heart with newfound love for the folks who live there. It’s a quiet summer morning, but one can listen for the joyful sounds inside. Music orchestrated by volunteer Sharon Cargill. Marlea Bond says, “She […]

  • Pay it 4Ward: Dressmakers and pilots

    EDMOND, Okla. — Tonight’s Pay it 4Ward recipient is a pilot who delivers handmade “pillowcase” dresses and dolls to beautiful children all over. The organization is called “Dress a Girl Around the World.” But, as you will see, they are giving much more than clothing. Measuring, cutting and sewing; an Edmond living room doubles as a dress factory. Volunteers create 100’s of garments and dolls. “We dress them like we dress the little girls,” Sharie Wilkins with “Dress a Girl […]

  • Pay it Forward: Veteran’s Memorial a special place in one man’s heart

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. — In this Pay it Forward segment is the story of a man who saw a need and filled it. In fact, what he helped build will be there for generations yet to come. It will be a reminder of the debt we all owe to very special group of people. Metal bars; concrete; stone work; all part of a structure meant for one purpose; to honor. For all who have donned uniforms, no matter the conflict […]

  • Pay it 4ward: Lady helps cancer patients with bracelets and love

    BLANCHARD, Okla. — With more than 500,000 beads and thousands of bracelets one Oklahoma woman is making a big difference for those with cancer. NewsChannel 4’s Meg Alexander takes us to a metro chemo ward where this week’s “Pay it 4ward” recipient is always very busy. It’s a treasure chest of sparkles and so much more. 16:14:35 “She was telling us what the good things were on the menu for lunch bringing the cart around with treats,” patient, Don Dunnington […]

  • Pay It 4Ward: Man gives much of his time to help others

    A special volunteer is featured in this Jan 16, 2013 segment of Pay It 4Ward. Pay It 4Ward is a program through which KFOR-TV viewers can help someone they know who could use extra cash immediately. Each week someone will receive $400 cash because one of their friends or co-workers wants to “Pay It 4Ward.” Just send us your name and daytime telephone number below and you could be selected from our weekly Pay It 4Ward segment on KFOR-TV News […]

  • Pay it 4Ward: Wheelchair ramp donated by EMSA paramedic

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Tonight’s nominee is someone who was featured on a recent news story here on NewsChannel 4. A viewer was so moved by what he saw during the report that he had to contact us. Harrison Walter is an EMSA paramedic in Oklahoma City. On this day a couple of weeks ago he was reaching out to save a life again but in a different way. On a recent call he arrived at the home of Shariss Alexander […]

  • Pay it 4ward: Animal lover has string of bad luck

    POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. — In tonight’s “Pay it 4ward” segment we honor an Oklahoman who has a huge heart for animals. She rescues mistreated and unwanted horses and dogs. Despite losing a portion of her ranch to the May tornadoes, she hasn’t surrendered to Mother Nature. In fact, the setback has only inspired her to do more. It’s a beautiful, 17-acre sanctuary in rural Pottawatomie County. 1 Day Ranch, in Bethel Acres, cares for abused, neglected, and unwanted animals from […]

  • Pay it 4ward: ‘Creatures and Kids’ use animals to help those read

    EDMOND, Okla. — If you have a pet, I suspect you know our four-legged family members can sense emotions. They’re often on hand to calm or comfort us. There’s a program in Edmond that utilizes this “Animal ESP” to help kids. It was started by a woman who realized the animals can often reach children where humans have failed. Even in something as simple as reading. There is a very special place where children read to a most unusual audience; […]