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  • Julia Mancuso tries one of South Korea’s most popular sports

    PYEONGCHANG, South Korea– The popularity of eSports is at an all-time high and it’s taking South Korea by storm. Julia Mancuso visits with a professional gamer to see what all the hype is about. Enjoy the video!

  • Julia Mancuso learns how to make rice wine while covering the Winter Games 2018

    PYEONGCHANG, South Korea–Julia Mancuso visits a rice wine expert in South Korea to experience what goes into the process of making it. She also has the opportunity to taste the finished product. Enjoy the video!

  • Photos: Winter weather conditions across Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA- Send us your pictures of the wintry weather conditions where you live. You can upload them using the 4WarnMe app OR email us as well as posting or tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.  Stay safe out there and make sure to keep checking the 4WarnMe forecast.   

  • Julia Mancuso hits the slopes with former Olympians

    PYEONGCHANG, South Korea– Julia Mancuso finally makes her way over to the mountains of PyeongChang to enjoy some skiing. She recruits some former Olympians to join her and compete in what they call the “Old Person Olympics.” Enjoy the video above!

  • Julia Mancuso gives us a tour of Team USA house in PyeongChang

    PYEONGCHANG, South Korea– Julia Mancuso tours one of the toughest places to get into in PyeongChang – the Team USA house. The tour concludes with Julia giving us an all-access look of the gear that Team USA wore during the Opening Ceremony.

  • Julia Mancuso surfs the frigid waters of South Korea

    PYEONGCHANGE, South Korea–With the help of two local guides, Julia Mancuso and Gadi Schwartz surf the chilly waters of South Korea. This marks the second time that Julia has surfed at a Winter Olympics. Check out the video.

  • Flash Point- Step Up Oklahoma Plan explained with guest David Rainbolt

    OKLAHOMA CITY- President Trump goes to Switzerland but keeps an eye on Robert Muller, plus can prominent Oklahoma business leaders help solve the state’s budget crisis? Those topics are tackled in this edition of Flash Point with special guest, David Rainbolt with the Step Up Oklahoma Plan. Read more about the plan here. 

  • Julia Mancuso and Shaun White talk Olympics over air hockey

    Julia Mancuso sits down with Shaun White to discuss what motivated him to return to snowboarding after an underwhelming performance in Sochi. The two also battle it out in an intense game of air hockey.

  • Oklahoma Decides: Election Results


  • Pics: PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening ceremonies

    PyeongChang, South Korea– Let the Games Begin! The 2018 Winter Olympics are officially underway after the opening ceremonies! With the lighting of the Olympic cauldron 🔥, the #WinterOlympics have OFFICIALLY begun! 🙌 #GoTeamUSA pic.twitter.com/OlfSXzfrPM — U.S. Olympic Team (@TeamUSA) February 9, 2018 The competition began a day earlier, but it isn’t official until you see the parade of nations and the Olympic flame finally making its way into the host city’s areana and lights the official cauldron that burns the […]

  • How to turn off Facebook’s Microphone

    How to turn off the Facebook Microphone On iPhone (iOS 9) Go to the Settings app. Scroll down to Facebook, tap it. Tap “Settings” Turn off the slider for Microphone (slider should be grey instead of green) Android (Marshmallow) Go to Settings. Swipe over to “Personal” Tap “Privacy and safety” Tap “App permissions” Tap “Microphone” Find Facebook, and turn the slider to OFF. Older Verison iOS Device Go to Settings. Select Privacy. Then select Microphone. Make sure SWRemote is set […]