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  • Harry Volkman, former WKY (KFOR) meteorologist

    Oklahoma weather pioneer, Harry Volkman dies

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Former WKY meteorologist Harry Volkman, 89, who had been ill, has passed away. Volkman is credited with being the first person to broadcast a public tornado alert on in 1952. Although it was against the rules of the government, Volkman issued the first official televised tornado warning right here at NewsChannel 4 when it was known as WKY-TV. He stayed in Oklahoma City for a decade before he moved to Chicago where he dominated television ratings for […]

  • Steven Clark Courtesy: Seminole County Sheriff's Department

    Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in crash that killed an Oklahoma Highway Trooper

    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. – In a move that surprised prosecutors, a man accused of hitting and killing an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. On Thursday, Steven Clark entered the plea in Seminole County Court. Trooper Nicholas Dees was killed in a crash earlier this year while responding to an overturned semi-truck along I-40. According to court documents, Clark admitted to OHP investigators that he saw the troopers’ flashing emergency lights but didn’t slow down. Instead of merging […]

  • Ashley Madison Logo

    Experts: Cheating website ‘Ashley Madison’ massive data hack is the real deal

    Tech experts say hackers who targeted cheaters’ dating site Ashley Madison have published stolen data from more than 1 million users. At first it was thought the reported leak might be fake but independent security experts say it is real. However, the chief technology officer of Ashley Madison says his team has found no evidence that the breach is authentic.    

  • Andrew Macias, 4

    4-year-old tries to be brave, tears up when reporter asks about first day of school

    LOS ANGELES — A reporter at KTLA made a 4-year-old boy cry when she asked him about his first day of pre-kindergarten. Andrew Macias, 4, answered a few questions as he made his way into school on Tuesday. When Courtney Friel asked Andrew if he would miss his mom during his first day at City Terrace Elementary School, the young man firmly said “No,” then paused a second and began to tear up. A few seconds later, Andrew’s mom gave him a […]

  • Court documents: Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle engaged in sex with minors, distributed child pornography

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman, entered a federal courtroom on Wednesday in Indianapolis. It was first reported he would plead guilty to charges in connection with a plea agreement, according to WXIN. It is expected that Fogle will plead guilty to charges of possessing and distributing child pornography, and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors, a defense attorney said, following Fogle’s initial court appearance in federal court. Fogle “has notified the court that […]

  • smartphone

    Apps to help with back-to-school

    Here are links to the back to school apps Quizlet  iOS     Android Kahn Academy  iOS    Android  EasyBib   iOS    Android Fast Scanner Pro    iOS     Android  StudyCal  iOS iHomework  iOS  

  • Gina and Bob Barry, Jr.

    Beloved sports director Bob Barry, Jr.’s wife sends her thanks to you

    EDMOND, Okla.- The recent passing of beloved Sports Director Bob Barry, Jr., caused so many of you to write-in with your stories and heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and those of us in his KFOR family. His immediate family appreciates all the  thoughts, prayers, and memories. Thank you for all the cards, the emails, and the outpouring of support that I have received.  I have loved hearing the numerous stories and recollections that so many people have shared with […]

  • Wild West Heritage Foundation Cattle drive

    History comes to life in Dodge City

    DODGE CITY, Kan.- The second annual Wild West Heritage Foundation Cattle drive occurred today with over 100 longhorn steers being driven down the famous Wyatt Earp Blvd. Presented by Boot Hill Casino and the Kansas Lottery, this cattle drive was the largest cattle drive in Dodge City since the 1800’s!  Over 26,000 spectators lined the street this year, to watch the second annual event, which featured over 40 more cattle than the previous year’s event. Celebrity Marshals for the event included […]

  • NewsChannel 4 KFOR

    Sports Anchor/Reporter

    Position/Title: Sports Anchor/Reporter NewsChannel 4 is seeking an experienced sports anchor/reporter to join our team.  A winning candidate will have a fun personality and an understanding of how to engage our audience on multiple platforms.  Storytelling is the key – not play-by-play.  Big 12 College football and NBA basketball are popular here, but you must also be able to enterprise people stories that go beyond the wins and losses of traditional sports and reach all viewers.  You will participate in […]

  • NewsChannel 4 KFOR

    Technical difficulties on KFOR

    OKLAHOMA CITY- Currently we are experiencing technical difficulties with our audio and in some cases our signal. If you can see a picture but are not hearing the audio you should re-boot your cable or satellite box. This should solve the problem. There is another known issue: If you plug your television directly into Cox Cable, not the box, you will need to re-scan your TV sets. We apologize for the inconvenience.    

  • Superbug bateria hospitals

    Hospital infection rates rankings from Consumer Reports

    Sometimes going to the hospital can end up making you *sicker* just because you were admitted. Every year almost 650,000 hospital patients develop infections during their stay and about 75,000 die. Some of the most threatening infections are the cause and those include C. Diff and MRSA bacteria that can live on surfaces for days and pass from hand to hand. MRSA is even resistant to some antibiotics. To prevent these infections, hospitals and staff must pay close attention to […]