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    Blog: May 6 Tornado damage, flooding and shelter information

    Tornado and storm damage is being reported in several Oklahoma communities. Update: 11:22 p.m. EMSA reports at least 12 people are injured, two possibly critical, in a trailer park near I-35 & SE 44th. Rescue workers are still searching for people who are missing in that same area.    

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    4Warn Storm Team severe weather tips

    The 4Warn Storm Team constantly monitors the ever-changing weather conditions in Oklahoma. The experienced and Severe Weather Safety Tips:  A “Tornado Watch“ means conditions are favorable for the development of severe storms that may create tornadoes A “Tornado Warning“ means a tornado is developing or is actually on the ground Find shelter inside: A basement, underground shelter or certified safe-room are your best options. If you do not have access to those go to a closet or small interior room […]

  • Ken, Sara, Clayton, Evan, Denton, Benjamin and Gavin. Storm Shelter winners

    ‘We will be safe when a tornado comes,’ Oklahoma City man is thrilled to win a storm shelter

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Ken and his wife, Sara from Edmond won a new tornado shelter from Thunder Ground Storm Shelters and NewsChannel 4.  “We’ve wanted one for years and we know we will be safe when a tornado comes,” said. Ken. They have five children, all boys, Clayton, Evan, Denton, Benjamin and Gavin. The children love the idea of having a tornado shelter. Ken says they can help decorate the shelter, but they won’t be able to bring their toys […]

  • Facebook Lawsuit

    Facebook fixes for three annoying features

    Facebook can be one of your favorite social media channels or one of your most hated. Some of the annoyances can be easily fixed. First, if you are not seeing what you want to see, or the most recent posts click on the button next to the ‘news feed’ under your name on the left-hand side of the page. A drop-down will appear and change that setting to ‘Most Recent’ instead of ‘Top Stories’. This will curate posts based on […]


    Remember to Call ‘Okie’ before you dig when doing any home improvement projects

    Whether you are working in the flower bed, putting in a new fence or getting a storm shelter, you have to be careful whenever you are digging. Oklahoma Natural Gas is urging you to be mindful and always call 811 before those types of projects. It is a free service. ‘Call Okie’ can get the process started when it comes to making utility lines around your home or construction site.

  • Nancy from Oklahoma City wins a tornado shelter

    Nancy from Oklahoma City is thrilled to win a storm shelter for protection, your chance is coming up tonight

    OKLAHOMA CITY–To quote the Pointer Sisters, “I’m so excited,” said Nancy from Oklahoma City. She won a tornado shelter from Thunder Ground Storm Shelters and NewsChannel 4. Nancy was thrilled to win the shelter. She said tornadoes have come close to her home and having a storm shelter in the garage gives will give her a sense of safety. Nancy is a busy woman and spends a lot of time watching the grandkids. She said they won’t have to put […]

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    Your Smartphone could be tracking your every move, here is how to turn it off

    If you have an iPhone or Android, chances are it is tracking your every move and you may not realize it. Turning this specific feature off will not interfere with your maps apps or any other location service you wish to have enabled. iPhone:  Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services –> System Services –> Frequent Locations –> Clear History –> Toggle the switch to Off. Android: Settings–>Network Connections–>Scroll down to Locations—> Find Google Location History—> Delete the history locations and […]

  • Follow the mystery of the Oklahoma tornado Bible

    MOORE, Okla. –Oklahomans know tornadoes show no mercy when it comes to the destruction they unleash. In a matter of seconds, homes can be reduced to splinters. Precious belongings can be scattered for miles with no hope of ever being returned to the rightful owner. However, there are times when items are lifted and moved by the storms powerful strong winds, but they remain intact. Once such item was found after a devastating tornado and we pick up the story […]

  • KFOR reporter passes out during live coverage of Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (she’s OK)

    During Sunday’s coverage of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, one of our NewsChannel 4 reporters found herself in a little trouble. It was just before 7 a.m. when Kevin and Linda tossed to Chellie Mills, who was live at “Gorilla Hill” at NW 40th and Shartel. As Chellie began her live report her speech slurred and she suddenly stopped talking. The only other sign something was wrong was the look on the young man’s face she was about to interview. […]

  • Terry from Ninnekah won a tornado shelter

    KFOR Tornado shelter winner says this prize will bring her peace of mind

    OKLAHOMA CITY– Terry C. from Ninnekah won the first tornado shelter in the NewsChannel 4 Tornado Shelter Giveaway sponsored by Thunder Ground Storm Shelters. Terry said that winning a tornado shelter will bring her peace of mind. “I’ve never been caught in a tornado but I’ve seen one close by. It’s scary. I have some friends who lost their home in one, so I know what a tornado can do,” said Terry. For your chance to win a tornado shelter […]

  • Special Report: Surgery-free back pain relief

    OKLAHOMA CITY- Neck and back pain are a major issue for thousands of Oklahomans. Treatment can be intensive, surgery in many cases is the only hope for relief, but there’s a fairly new, outpatient option with very little downtime. Joe Berry is an active guy. He is an EMT and spends his days lifting and transporting patients around the Sooner State. “I ate Excedrin like it was candy for a long time,” berry said. Recently Joe found himself in constant […]