Adam Snider joined Oklahoma’s News Channel 4 Team as a General Assignment Reporter/Multi Media Journalist in July of 2014. He reports for the 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts.
Before joining KFOR-TV, Adam worked as a weekend anchor at KAMR-NBC 4 in Amarillo, Texas. Adam graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from West Texas A&M University.
Adam was born and raised in the Lone Star State, but is excited to live in a more Sooner State of mind.
When he’s not reporting you can catch him riding his bike around Lake Hefner, walking his dog ‘Rillo, or sampling plenty of OKC eatery.
Here’s some fun facts about Adam Snider:
Hometown… Stinnett, Texas
Life Goal… Fulfilling career in broadcasting
Most embarrassing moment… Friendly bank teller once asked to see a picture of my dog. Long story short, there was a miscommunication….I showed her a picture of my mom. Never went back.
Knew you wanted to be a reporter when… I would watch 60 minutes growing up, the news bug just stuck.
Best part of my job… The ability to tell stories using several different mediums.
Biggest life achievement/made mom & dad proud when I… Started working for KFOR in OKC!
Favorite place to be other than home & work… Back in the metropolis known as Stinnett, Texas.
Anything else you want viewers to know about you? There’s nothing better to me than meeting new people. If you see me out and about come chat!

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    ‘You made up everything, to try and help her out?’ Woman charged for falsely accusing Daniel Holtzclaw

    OKLAHOMA CITY – New drama in the Daniel Holtzclaw case. The former Oklahoma City Police officer faced 13 accusers in trial, but we now know there were more, and at least one woman reportedly made the whole thing up. Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years last month. He was found guilty on 18 sex crimes. Much like Holtzclaw’s interrogation video released last week, another video has now come to light. It features a 14th accuser, who’s story was found to be […]

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    Crime spree comes full circle after crashing into Oklahoma school gate

    OKLAHOMA CITY – One man was arrested after a bizarre chase through the metro. In fact, authorities are still unsure why the suspect was initially running and only gave chase after he drove erratically through school property. It was a wild morning for those who were near N.W. 116th and Western. “For it to be a Friday, kind of an exciting day here at Sunset Storage,” said Steven Bruner, who works security for the business. “Oh man, it was probably […]

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    Graphic: Interrogation of former Oklahoma City officer following first accusation of sex crimes

    WARNING: Some of the content in this video is graphic and not appropriate for all audiences. OKLAHOMA CITY – Long before he broke down in court, former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw found himself in a small, dim interrogation room, facing two sex crimes detectives. In December, Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 of 36 counts involving sex crimes. He’s now serving a 263 year prison sentence. NewsChannel 4 obtained the videotaped interrogation played in open court during Holtzclaw’s trial. The police […]

  • chaiiiii

    “It looks like her heart just stopped,” Zoo veterinary director speaks out on death of elephant

    OKLAHOMA – With no clear cause yet determined, the death of Chai still hangs heavy over the staff at the Oklahoma City Zoo. PETA is now calling for an investigation by the USDA, but zoo officials said the USDA was immediately notified following the untimely death. She died with no warning, no symptoms. At the moment, what happened to Chai remains a mystery for the zoo. “On Saturday, we did a full necropsy on Chai,” said Jennifer D’Agostino, director of veterinary services for […]

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    Police fed up with vandals after memorial museum is damaged

    OKLAHOMA – In the heart of Jones, bits of the town’s history now lay shattered on the ground. Police found the damage on Tuesday. Bricks broken, the back porch fencing toppled over, it appeared the old Historical Society had been targeted. “It’s pretty heartbreaking,” said Chief Thomas Pletcher with Jones Police. “It just seems like kids growing up have no respect, no ethics, no morals.” With no holds barred, Pletcher took to Facebook, calling out the “punks” in a heartfelt […]

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    “Come in and take care of it,” City waives fees on arrest warrants

    BLANCHARD, Okla. – Blanchard city officials are urging wanted men and women to come clean and pay their tickets by easing the bill they’ll be facing. Police in town are calling it one heck of a deal. By waiving warrant fees on city tickets from 1994 through last year, the move could help people avoid jail time across the country. The list goes on and on. With at least 504 tickets left unpaid over the last two decades, the City of Blanchard […]

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    GRAPHIC: Avian pox possibly spotted in Oklahoma turkeys

    OKLAHOMA – Wildlife officials are now looking into a possible case of avian pox in Seminole County. The picture was that of a wild turkey – his face and body covered in lesions. The virus, though, isn’t widely seen in Oklahoma, and officials weren’t able to test the turkey before the body was disposed of. Avian pox, not to be confused with avian flu, is a virus commonly spread by mosquitoes that can be fatal to the bird. “Disease happens, […]

  • The jury recommended Daniel Holtzclaw be sentenced to 263 years in prison for his crimes.

    Former Oklahoma City officer convicted of sex crimes sentenced to 263 years in prison

    OKLAHOMA CITY – One month after being convicted of sex crimes, a former Oklahoma City police officer was back in court Thursday to learn his fate. In December, a jury convicted former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw of 18 counts, including rape and sexual battery. At his trial, 13 alleged victims testified against Holtzclaw, claiming he took advantage of them while he was on duty. The jury recommended Daniel Holtzclaw be sentenced to 263 years in prison for his […]

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    “She doesn’t know why she took it,” Porch thief returns package

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A man’s stolen package is returned after he turned to social media for answers. It was just before 11 that Andrew Dixon learned his porch had been targeted. Video, sent directly to his phone, showed a woman make away with a package. “It was a lady coming by dropping off Yellowbooks,” said Dixon. “She, plain as day, picked up my package, put it in her yellow bag, and walked away.” Video surveillance, caught on a doorbell camera, […]

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    “It’s in everything we have now,” Officials warn of high fire danger in synthetic furniture

    OKLAHOMA – Local firefighters are putting out a warning that materials inside your home furniture could cause a fire to spread quickly. That situation played out just this week at a home in northwest Oklahoma City, but the danger is lurking around every corner. “Chairs in your living room, your couches, your beds that you sleep on, your car seats in your cars,” said Joel Bain, Midwest City Fire Prevention Officer. “It’s in everything we have now.” Many of our everyday materials are […]

  • promo277690197

    “I can now rest, knowing he’s in prison,” Closure for Holtzclaw victims after a whirlwind day in court

    OKLAHOMA – The trial of Daniel Holtzclaw will stick in the minds of many for some time. The case, which topped headlines and trended nationally on Twitter, came to a head on Thursday, with a judge sentence of 263 consecutive years. Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City Police officer, was found guilty on 18 sexual assault charges back in December. He was accused of assaulting 13 women while on duty. “No doubt, this was a very tiring trial,” said Assistant District […]