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Adam Snider joined Oklahoma's News Channel 4 Team as a General Assignment Reporter/Multi Media Journalist in July of 2014. He reports for the 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts.
Before joining KFOR-TV, Adam worked as a weekend anchor at KAMR-NBC 4 in Amarillo, Texas. Adam graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from West Texas A&M University.
Adam was born and raised in the Lone Star State, but is excited to live in a more Sooner State of mind.
When he’s not reporting you can catch him riding his bike around Lake Hefner, walking his dog ‘Rillo, or sampling plenty of OKC eatery.
Here's some fun facts about Adam Snider:
Hometown... Stinnett, Texas
Life Goal... Fulfilling career in broadcasting
Most embarrassing moment... Friendly bank teller once asked to see a picture of my dog. Long story short, there was a miscommunication….I showed her a picture of my mom. Never went back.
Knew you wanted to be a reporter when… I would watch 60 minutes growing up, the news bug just stuck.
Best part of my job... The ability to tell stories using several different mediums.
Biggest life achievement/made mom & dad proud when I... Started working for KFOR in OKC!
Favorite place to be other than home & work... Back in the metropolis known as Stinnett, Texas.
Anything else you want viewers to know about you? There’s nothing better to me than meeting new people. If you see me out and about come chat!

Recent Articles
  • “I’m ready to go,” Black Friday campers amping up for savings

    OKLAHOMA CITY – We’re still three days away from ‘Doorbuster Holiday Deals’, but tents are starting to pop up around the metro in anticipation. KFOR caught up with a man who’s been outside Best Buy all week, to learn more about the life of these concrete campers. Bill Payne is on a mission. “Wasn’t really sure when they would start,” said Payne, long time black Friday camper. “I wanted to get the jump on everybody.” He’s been camped outside of Best Buy […]

  • “Not the smartest individuals,” Police find 98 pounds of weed stuffed into two door car

    KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. –  A routine traffic stop uncovers 98 pounds of pot in Kingfisher county. With marijuana stuck in every nook and cranny possible in the little sedan, police say the criminals basically gave themselves away. When Officer William Schlegel pulled over a Ford Thunderbird for a broken parking light, he had no idea what he’d find. “Walked up to the driver`s window, the odor of marijuana immediately hit me in the face,” said Schlegel. That’s putting it lightly. […]

  • dogfightsaved

    Dog left for dead nearly ready for adoption, after dramatic recovery

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro pup that was once fighting for his life is in need of a new home. He goes by Banjo, and his recovery is one you gotta see to believe. If Banjo’s brown eyes could tell a tale, his would be a hair-raiser. “Banjo has all the characteristics of what would be used as a bait dog,” said Maeghan Hadley, founder of the 1 Day Ranch Animal Shelter. Maeghan and Oklahoma City officials agree, it appears […]

  • “Equality for everybody,” State approves first ‘same sex divorce’

    She fought the state for months. Now one Oklahoma woman says she can finally move on, after a judge grants what’s thought to be the first ever same sex divorce in Oklahoma. But Deanne Baker says this was for her rights, and the rights of all same sex couples. “I spent good money to get a service done, and it wasn’t done,” said Baker. “It is my right to get a divorce.” Deanne and July were married in 2012 in Iowa. Then […]

  • Child attacked by dog while in foster care, Oklahoma family demanding answers

    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. – A child is attacked by a dog while in foster care, now one Oklahoma family demands answers. They feel like the state has let them down, but the Oklahoma DHS says this was just a terrible accident. Just last month, the little one year old boy was the picture of happiness. But a picture taken this weekend shows nothing but pain. His face scarred, with close to 20 stitches across his cheek. “I want someone to pay […]

  • “The bad guys are out there” worry and frustration after town suspends police patrols

    FOREST PARK, Okla. – People who live in Forest Park say they’re locking their homes up tight. In the coming days, when the clock strikes 11:00 p.m., there will be no police patrolling their streets. “Last night the town council voted to suspend all third shift operations,” said Matthew Cline, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 153. “That means there will no longer be a police officer working during night time hours in Forest Park.” According to Cline, […]

  • “I dont’ know what’s gonna happen,” city prepares to close trailer park

    CHICKASHA, Okla. – A trailer park in Chickasha is on the verge of closing. But those who live inside say they have no other option, and one man claims the city’s putting his life at risk. “The city doesn’t want to spend any money out here,” said Charlie Helm, who lives in the park. “They didn’t make any provisions for the people that didn’t have any money.” Charlie is fed up, a little more than a month away from a city […]

  • “I thought I was gonna be killed for sure,” hostage forced into building at gunpoint speaks out

    NORMAN, Okla. – New details are surfacing in the moments before Monday’s standoff started in Norman. Now the man who was forced inside the building at gunpoint is shedding light on exactly what happened, and why he’s lucky to be alive. “I thought I was gonna be killed for sure,” said Joe Steadman, who was held hostage by Devin Rogers. Joe Steadman says he was simply returning from lunch, when Rogers stalked him into the Nextep parking lot Monday afternoon. “He was crouched […]

  • Open records request uncovers ‘inappropriate’ ODOT emails

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Good fun, or an inappropriate waste of tax dollars? A state organization says they’ve been unfairly targeted, after released emails go viral. When the group ‘watchdog.org‘ did a story on compressed natural gas vehicles, they set their sights on the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). “I did some stories in Colorado about it, decided to do an open records request for emails in Oklahoma,” said Arthur Kane, investigative reporter. “They gave me about 10,000 pages of emails. Thousands […]

  • Capture

    “God bless the Boy Scouts,” woman thankful after young Scouts save dog’s life

    SHAWNEE, Okla. – Every dog has his day, but one pup in Shawnee will live to see another courtesy of a quick thinking group of Boy Scouts. Mimi is a quiet young dog, scant under a year old. But after four young men from Troop 65 saved her life, her first words might be… “God bless the Boy Scouts,” said Mimi’s owner, Sherry Claybrook. Sherry says on a quiet night in October, she let her three dogs out. After 20 minutes of […]

  • trees

    Oklahoma family upset after City left ‘waist-high’ mess in their yard

    OKEENE, Okla. – An Oklahoma family is dealing with a nightmare on Halloween week, after they say their yard was destroyed by the City of Okeene. “It was a mess,” said Connie Wood, who lives in the home. “You couldn’t even walk on the sidewalk…it was pathetic.” On one side of Wood’s home, the trees set a Fall-like atmosphere. But the front yard is now a different story. When Connie returned home Tuesday, she says her trees were trimmed and chopped down by the city with […]