Ali Meyer

KFOR-TV Anchor/Reporter

Ali Meyer joined the Oklahoma's News Channel 4 Team as a General Assignment reporter in July of 2000. She anchors the NewsChannel 4 Morning Show and reports for the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts.

Before joining KFOR-TV, Ali worked as a general assignment reporter at WTVH in Syracuse, New York. Ali graduated Cum Laude from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

Since she started, Ali has traveled all over the country chasing the big stories for News Channel 4. Ali was part of the team that covered the Timothy McVeigh execution in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Ali also spent ten days in Salt Lake City, Utah, covering the Winter Olympic Games. Ali scoured the eastern half of Texas, following emergency crews as they collected pieces of debris from the Columbia Shuttle disaster. Ali was the first reporter to deliver live pictures of the tornado that damaged the GM plant.

Through the years Ali has been honored for excellence in journalism. In 2012 Ali won a regional Emmy for her work documenting a Yukon family's struggle to keep baby triplets alive. In 2009 Ali won her first Emmy for her investigative reporting on a local drug ring. Ali has been nominated seven times for the prestigious award. Ali has also been awarded three national Gracie Awards for her reports on issues affecting women.

Ali has been honored by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, the Oklahoma Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Oklahoma Associated Press and the William Randolph Hearst Foundation for her investigative work.

When Ali's not chasing news stories for Oklahoma's News Channel 4, she loves spending time with her family. Ali and her husband, Zachary, have four young daughters.

Ali says, "For me, our girls are the reason I love journalism. Anaka, Liesel, Elliotte and Amelia are reminders that I do this job to make our community a safer, more informed place."

Here's some fun facts about Ali Meyer:

Hometown... Carmel, Indiana

Life Goal... to have happy, healthy children who love the Lord

Most embarrassing moment... Too many to count. I'm clumsy..and get tongue-tied easily. That's a lethal combo in TV news!

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when… I used to be addicted to 20/20. Seriously, I spent most Friday nights in junior high watching Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters....geeky I know. I just always knew that's what I wanted to do.

Best movie of all time... Annie

Best part of my job... Storytelling

People are surprised when I tell them… I have 4 daughters!

Biggest life achievement/made mom & dad proud when I... finally won an EMMY Award.

I like to listen to... silence. Seriously, four chatty baby girls at home. Yes. I like silence just fine!

Best part of the day... When there's news breaking. It's pretty awesome to see the whole team come together to cover a news event. Behind the scenes, dozens of people all have their part to contribute and folks at home would be surprised how it all goes out over the airwaves.

Favorite place to be other than home & work... My childhood home in Indiana. It's pretty awesome to visit and sleep in the room where I grew up.

Anything else you want viewers to know about you? Kent, David and I have as much fun off the air as we have on the air. We really are friends when the TV lights turn off. I adore their wives and their kids. I am so lucky to work with two true gentlemen.

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