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  • Caddo county 31st for burn ban

    Posted on: 1:48 pm, July 21, 2012, by , updated on: 01:50pm, July 21, 2012

     CADDO COUNTY, Okla.– Caddo County is now the 31st county to place bans on fires. The ban was set in...
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  • OKC attorney admits to stealing from children

    Posted on: 1:10 pm, July 21, 2012, by

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Former attorney John Milton Merritt pleaded guilty to a 12-count Federal indictment charge on Friday. The charges...
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  • 13-year-old crashes car injuring two teens

    Posted on: 11:54 am, July 21, 2012, by

    CHEROKEE COUNTY , Okla.– Early Saturday morning a 13-year-old Catoosa boy crashed a pickup truck injuring two other young passengers....
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  • McAlester woman killed in car wreck

    Posted on: 10:53 am, July 14, 2012, by

    PITTSBURG COUNTY, Okla.– A McAlester woman was killed in a car wreck after swerving on the road several times and...
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  • Second heat alert still in effect

    Posted on: 10:40 am, July 14, 2012, by

    OKLAHOMA CITY– EMSA paramedics said second Heat Alert is still in affect. Friday, six patients suffered from heat related illnesses...
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  • Fire crews rescue children, animals from apt. fire

    Posted on: 11:59 am, July 7, 2012, by , updated on: 01:59pm, July 7, 2012

    OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Fire Department is battling a major fire at 7401 Lyrewood Lane near Northwest Expressway. Firefighters...
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  • Semi-truck driver died on Highway 74

    Posted on: 11:45 am, July 7, 2012, by

    GARFIELD COUNTY, Okla.—A semi-truck driver was killed on Highway 74 after he lost control of his vehicle and rolled the...
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  • Woman killed on highway

    Posted on: 10:10 am, June 16, 2012, by

    OKFUSKEE COUNTY, Okla.– Early Saturday morning a 67 year-old woman was killed while walking on a highway near Castle, Oklahoma....
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  • Mysterious woman dead next to unharmed baby

    Posted on: 11:36 am, June 9, 2012, by

    LAWTON, Okla.– A woman was found dead in her apartment with a baby lying next to her unharmed on Friday....
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  • Amber alert child found with car

    Posted on: 11:24 am, June 9, 2012, by , updated on: 01:37pm, June 9, 2012

    SPENCER,Okla.– An Amber Alert was issued late Friday night for a toddler who was kidnapped in a stolen car. This happened...
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  • Plane crash kills recent graduates

    Posted on: 2:09 pm, May 12, 2012, by

    WILSON COUNTY, KANSAS– A twin air plane crashed into a field, skidded 200 feet then hit a row of tress,...
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  • Governor Mary Fallin signs Fetal Heartbeat Bill

    Posted on: 11:38 am, April 28, 2012, by

    OKLAHOMA CITY—Governor Mary Fallin signed the Fetal Heart Bill into law on Friday. This would require abortion clinics to give...
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    Governor Mary Fallin