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  • Five Norman people charged for stealing from and beating couple selling iPhone X

    NORMAN, Okla. – An Oklahoma City couple was shot at, beaten, and nearly robbed by five people in Norman when a seemingly innocent iPhone X sale went bad. Daniel Redding and his girlfriend met with a potential buyer for his phone, when police said two girls and three young men tried to steal it. The five people, 21-year-old Summer French, 18-year-old Delaney Ard, 20-year-old Jeremiah Thorpe, 19-year-old Matthew Treadwell, and a 17-year-old male are all charged with felonies including conjoint […]

  • “I thought my house was going to burn,” Grass fire burns more than 100 acres in McClain County

    MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. – A grass fire that burned 150 acres kept residents near Dibble from their home most of Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters said they don’t know how the fire started. It was called into 911 just before 4 p.m. When crews arrived, they cleared nearby houses in the fire’s path, but no one was home. Later, those residents weren’t allowed back into their homes until almost 6 p.m. “I raced here to get my dogs and all my valuable […]

  • Distraught patient calls 911 from OKC VA emergency room

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A VA patient said she was so distraught with pain that was going untreated, she called 911 from the emergency room. Robin Harrison said she went to the VA for a routine appointment, but when she left, she started to feel debilitating stomach cramps. “I literally doubled over and I fell on the ground, and I couldn’t get back up,” Harrison said. Her friend and some others helped wheel her back into the hospital in a wheelchair […]

  • Body cam video reveals devastating aftermath of Piedmont crash that killed 2 teens

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Newly released body cam video from the Oklahoma City police shows the burning wreckage officers responded to the night two Yukon teens were killed December 2017 in Piedmont. Luke Ross and Sean Tucker, both only 19 years old and long-time best friends, were stopped at a stop sign when David Christopher Cochlin slammed into the back of their vehicle. Police said he was traveling 100 mph when he hit the boys with a blood-alcohol level twice the […]

  • Mother charged with child neglect after daughter brings marijuana to Enid daycare

    ENID, Okla. – A woman is charged with felony child neglect after her two-year-old daughter was caught bringing marijuana to daycare. A staff member at Turn the Page Daycare told police she saw a boy run into the restroom. When she followed him in, there was the two-year-old standing in there who quickly hid something behind her back. The affidavit states the staff member asked what she was hiding, and the girl finally revealed a clear plastic baggie containing what […]

  • Wildfire destroys 71-year-old man’s NE metro home for the second time since he built it

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A grass fire in the area of E. Hefner Road and N. Kelley Avenue burned 200 acres of land and severely damaged a 71-year-old man’s home he built himself. Henry Dewberry built the house when he was 19, more than 50 years ago. He said this is the second time it’s burned down. “It really don’t seem real,” Dewberry said. He was on his way home from the hospital when he saw the flames. “I saw the […]

  • Man accused of trying to run down kids at a Logan County bus stop

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – It was a scary situation after school when deputies say man nearly ran down students getting off the bus. It happened at a school bus stop outside Meridian. Michael Jackson was sitting in his car waiting to pick kids up when he said the suspect, Dale Trent Jr., pulled up and parked behind him. As soon as the victims, three siblings, got off the bus and started loading into their car, Jackson said Trent’s truck leapt into […]

  • Man flags down Anadarko police after being stabbed 14 times 

    ANADARKO, Okla. – A man who was stabbed and losing consciousness got lucky when he wandered over to an Anadarko police officer not far from where he was injured. The officer was at a car wash, washing his patrol vehicle around midnight Friday when the victim and his friend walked up to the officer. The man was bloodied all over his body. “He had very significant wounds to his hands, which are considered defensive injuries,” said Lt. James Howard with […]

  • “It’s been the worst experience I’ve had in my entire life,” Woman says pieces missing, destroyed after moving company nightmare 

    OKLAHOMA – For more than a decade, Marie Schoenleber, 60, had a storage unit in Reno, Nevada, full of treasured belongings before she was able to move it back to Oklahoma. She chose a company called Moving Forward because they offered the lowest price. “What they did to me mentally, emotionally, all of it, it’s been the worst experience I’ve had in my entire life,” she said. “It didn’t work out that way.” Moving Forward quoted Marie, $1,800 based on […]

  • Police looking for couple allegedly targeting Edmond students for prostitution ring

    EDMOND, Okla. – Police are looking for two people they say are recruiting teens from an Edmond high school into a prostitution ring. Warrants have been issued for the arrests of, who police call, “one of the most well-known pimps in Oklahoma City at one time,” 45-year-old Germaine Coulter, and one of his main alleged prostitutes, 35-year-old Elizabeth Andrade. Police said the two have been recruiting Edmond Santa Fe students to work for them from the inside. News 4 spoke with […]

  • Oklahoma City toddler gets stuck in prize machine at Jump Zone

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It was a parent’s worst nightmare when a toddler disappeared for over an hour at a birthday party before he was found stuck inside a prize machine. It happened at Jump Zone when mother Destiny Low turned to talk to her 4-year-old daughter. “I’m not the type of parent that ever thought I’d lose my kid in five seconds,” Low said. But, when she turned back, 22-month-old Dawson had vanished. Initially, Low said she wasn’t too alarmed, […]