Chase Thomason

4Warn Storm Team Meteorologist

Chase Thomason joined the 4Warn Storm Team in August 2012. He comes to Oklahoma from Lubbock, Texas where he was a meteorologist at KJTV.

His love for Mother Nature’s fury started in Salt Lake City, Utah where he was raised. In his own backyard he was able to watch a unique weather phenomenon that only happens in two parts of the United States, lake-effect snow. This ignited his passion for meteorology.

Thomason moved south to “Tornado Alley” to study meteorology at the University of Oklahoma. In the heart of severe weather country he chased twisters, floated flash floods and weathered record-breaking ice storms. Thomason graduated from OU with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and a double minor in mathematics and broadcast journalism.

Thomason started his career in Texas where he worked as a meteorologist for several years. He’s excited to be back in Oklahoma where he can put his severe weather knowledge to good use.

If Thomason is not forecasting weather, he can be found playing tennis or golfing. An avid snowboarder, he religiously flocks to Utah’s first snow of the season. Traveling is another favorite hobby; he hops on a plane whenever he gets the chance. Seoul, South Korea and the Great Barrier Reef are some of his favorite destinations. He hopes to travel back to Australia to visit Perth, the most isolated city in the World, in the near future.

An interesting fact, Thomason has family in Oklahoma. His grandmother was in her house when the May 3 tornadoes demolished her home. We are happy to report she weathered the storm and still lives in Moore.

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