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Chellie Mills rises before the sun comes up covering breaking news and bringing Oklahomans news they need to start their day on Oklahoma's NewsChannel 4 Morning Edition.

Chellie got her first chance to see what it's like behind the scenes at News Channel 4 when she served as a college intern. She is thrilled to be back at KFOR working with many of those who served as teachers and mentors during her internship.

She comes to KFOR after more than two years as a reporter and producer at a local independent station.

During her time as a reporter, Chellie has had the opportunity to report on Oklahoma wildfires, floods and ice storms, chase tornadoes and serve as sideline reporter for numerous high school sporting events; including football, wrestling and basketball.

She began her broadcast career at KOSU-FM, Oklahoma's Public Radio, in Stillwater where she served as a reporter.

Chellie was born and raised in Chickasha, Oklahoma, and is proud to say she is a "Fighting Chick."

She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. While in college, Chellie won an OBEA award for a documentary that she wrote and produced on the OSU Spirit Rider.

In her free time, Chellie enjoys knitting and spending time with friends. She and her husband live in Oklahoma City. They enjoy traveling and teaching their liver-spotted Dalmatian, Brownie, new tricks. They attend Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond.

Hometown-- Chickasha, OK

Life Goal-- My main professional goal was actually always to end up at KFOR. It happened a little sooner than I expected. My life goal is simply to have a happy family, which I'm blessed to have.

Play any sports/Favorite Sport-- I'm not athletic! I do enjoy watching football though. I also like to ride bikes and would love to know how to ice skate.

Favorite TV Show-- The Office

Happiest moment in my life was-- Seeing my new baby for the first time. He's perfect!

Favorite food-- Mexican Food or anything sweet. I love to make desserts, especially cakes. I always say if I wasn't a reporter I would love to own a bakery!

I have a pet-- I have a liver-spotted dalmatian named Brownie (so her spots are brown, not black).

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when-- In high school I had a great English teacher. I learned in her class how much I love to write. When I went to college I wanted to be an English teacher or a journalist. I took some journalism classes and loved the writing style of journalism more than English. For me, journalism was exciting and a lot of fun. Although, I do still love to edit. Give me a red pen and an essay and I get very excited.

Hardest part of my job-- I think the hardest part of my job is dealing with the extreme temperatures. I spend a lot of my day standing outside and know it can get pretty cold in Oklahoma around 6:30 in the morning. I've stood out in it all, from ice storms to snow and rain and it can be miserable at times. But it's well worth come summertime when the temperatures are fabulous at that time of day.

Best part of my job-- I love the interaction that I get to have with other people. I've never been the kind of person to just sit at a desk all day. I really enjoy getting to go out of the station to meet and interview people. I've met so many interesting people and would have never had that opportunity had it not been for this job.

Favorite holiday-- Christmas

School fight song -- Ride 'Em Cowboys

My favorite story of all time-- This is a tough one.. I guess I would have to say it's a story I did in college and then again when I got my first job. There is a man in Stillwater named Kevin Davis. He has overcome incredible odds in his life; in fact, he should be dead by all medical accounts. I did a documentary on him in college and a shorter story later on. I will always remember Kevin. He's an amazing guy! Just thinking about him makes me smile.

People are surprised when I tell them…--That David Payne really IS that crazy in person.

Biggest life achievement/made mom & dad proud when I... got this job. I grew up in Oklahoma and my family still lives here. So, my parents think it's pretty cool that they can see me every morning when they wake up. Although, the down side to this is that I have a lot of family members who don't call me anymore because they always see me on TV.

I like to listen to... K-LOVE

I'd jump at the chance to...-- interview the president

Best part of the day-- nap time

Favorite place to be other than home & work: outside. I know it's not a specific place, but I love just sitting outside and enjoying the day.

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