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    HearAgain is on the road, to a town near you!

    HearAgain, is on the road and will be visiting the following towns in Oklahoma to assist people with their hearing and hearing aids.

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    Local Business Owners Making A Difference

    Community project unites Mister Sparky electric franchisees across the country to give back to locals this summer. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK June 16, 2015 — Five Mister Sparky Electric locations across the country are giving $2000 home upgrade packages to lucky nominees for a summer, community project, Mister Sparky Makes A Difference. Nominations for the $2000 prize open on June 15th 2015 at and close on June 30. Mister Sparky announces a winner on July 8th. The Mister Sparky locations […]

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    Senior Care: Mercy Caregiver Conference & Sunday Dinner Pledge

    Senior caregiving is always an important topic when it comes to our elderly loved ones. Wendy Mobley, Caregiver Outreach Coordinator with Mercy Community Outreach and Robert Morris, franchise owner of Home Instead Senior Care, join Lacey Lett on Rise and Shine discussing the 17th Annual Caregiver Survival Skills Conference: The Power to Persevere, June 12th and the Sunday Dinner Pledge. Both programs are designed to help our seniors and caregivers. ABOUT HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE Founded in 1994 in Omaha, […]

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    Bob Moore Subaru’s Dogapalooza 2015!

    Soapy Pails. Wagging tails. ROLL OVER to Bob Moore Subaru for Dogapalooza 2015! Come for a free Dog Wash and STAY for a variety of other treats, including: Food trucks and music Pet Vendors and veterinarian information Microchipping station And more! Donations are accepted and benefit Edmond Animal Rescue, an organization committed to reuniting lost animals with their families and finding new homes for adoptable animals. It’s bowwow powwow at Bob Moore Subaru!   For questions or volunteer info, contact […]

  • Home-Instead-CaregiversConference_770x424

    17th Annual Caregiver Survival Skills Conference: The Power to Persevere

    As one of the official sponsors, Home Instead Senior Care is pleased to announce the 17th Annual Caregiver Survival Skills Conference: The Power to Persevere, will be held Friday, June 12th, from 8:30 am until 2:30 PM at the Conference Center at Mercy in Oklahoma City. The conference is designed to provide Caregivers a break from caregiving and to help them learn techniques to handle some of the every day challenges and struggles of caregiving. Oklahoma is estimated to have […]

  • Home-Instead_770x424_5-22-15

    Sunday Dinner Pledge will aid Meals on Wheels

    May 13–New research shows that half of surveyed families living near senior relatives feel they do not share enough meals with older loved ones, losing an important family connection, a senior care worker said. “Sometimes for seniors, it’s not what’s on their plate that matters most at mealtime — it’s who is at the table with them,” said Robert Morris, owner of the Oklahoma City Home Instead Senior Care office. “When seniors share meals with a companion, they have a […]

  • 29thStDental_What-should-I-expect_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: What should I expect when I come to 29th Street Dental Care?

    Well the first thing we’re going to do is give you a tour of our facility and more than likely that’s going to be Cheryl. Cheryl is our new patient concierge and she’s been with us many, many years. She’s kind of the grandma at the practice and everybody loves Cheryl. We have a large practice, fourteen treatment rooms. We’ll show you about our sedation rooms. We’ll show you our sterilization center, which is state of the art. We’ll talk […]

  • 29thStDental_How-is-29th-st-DC-different_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How is 29th Street Dental Care different than other dental practices?

    There are a lot of good dental practices out there. I can only tell you when patients tell us when they are done with their treatment. I had a gentleman in the office the other day and he said, “You know, I’ve been to three other practices and I feel like this is the first place that truly listens. This is the first place that gave me options. My job is not to judge you. My job is to help […]

  • 29thStDental_Why-did-you-choose-to-become-dentist_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: Why did you choose to become a dentist?

    Why dentistry? I was born and raised in Chickasha and this is home. I’m a small town kid and I love living out in the country. I love what a small town brings to the table. When I was a young man, I was in a very, very bad motorcycle accident. It messed up my whole face and I spent lots of time in the dental chair. As crazy as that sounds, I was very fascinated and I asked for […]

  • 29thStDental_I've-lost-a-tooth_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: I’ve lost a tooth, what are my options?

    Patients come to me all the time and they say, “You know, I’ve lost a tooth.” for this reason or that reason, “Now, what are my options?” Today, with dental implants it is a great option. With implants, it’s like the root part of the tooth, so we place the implant in the bone and we put a crown on top of it and when we’re done, you have natural chewing teeth that nobody would know are not your own. […]

  • 29thStDental_How-do-you-secure-dentures_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How do you secure dentures?

    What can I do about a denture that is loose or what can I do to secure a a denture or dentures? What we’re able to do with dental implants is we’re able to make dentures that snap in. They call them snap in dentures, and they’ll literally change your life. If we’re able to place implants and a denture, then the denture will snap on and we can stop as much as 98-99% of the movement. So we can […]