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    Marcum’s Nursery – Start with a good plan

    We talked about curb appeal, we talked about being practical with your landscape so everything from a low maintenance landscape design all the way up to concept designs. Like I said before, there’s a A and Z and there’s a million things in between. So with low maintenance though you can always find a lot of really neat plants that are hearty and tough for here, blended together that’s going to make something that’s low maintenance not look low maintenance. […]

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    High School Senior Athlete of the Week: Spencer Cothran

    This week we are honoring Edmond North’s Spencer Cothran. Spencer has started all four years at shortstop for the Huskies Baseball Team. He’s has maintained over a 4.0 GPA while taking several college courses. He’s active in his church’s Youth Group and Fellowship of Christian Athletes and volunteers with several organizations. Cothran plans to attend Auburn University where he’ll study engineering. If you would like to nominate a high school athlete who is a ‘Senior’ this year, just go to […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – Curb Appeal

    So many times I hear from people, “Hey, I want some curb appeal.” Curb appeal makes people notice your place. It makes them want to buy your place. It makes them want to do a whole lot of things, but certainly curb appeal adds value to your property. Trees, shrubs, all those kinds of things out there really do go a long way towards increasing the value. If you’re looking at a blank space that doesn’t have any trees on […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – The best place to plant your tree

    We talked a little bit before about being practical with the landscape that you’re designing out there. Well here’s just an example. If your neighbor has a tree across the fence that’s grown up big and pretty and everything from where your perspective is in seeing that, well you don’t want to go out there and plant a tree between it and the one that’s already there. You want to move over to the side just a little bit to […]

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    High School Senior Athlete of the Week: Camille Hemry

    This week we are honoring Camille Hemry of Norman High School. Camille runs Cross Country where she’s Team Captain and she can run with the best of them, earning all State Honors in 2014 and 2015. She was also an NHS Letterman all four years. When she’s not running Camille is in the NHS Physics Hall of Fame. She carries a 4.0 GPA and her current ACT score is 33. She also plays guitar and sings to patients waiting for […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – Making plants work for you

    When developing a landscape plan, one of the first things you want to think about is being practical with it. That means going to a spot out in the yard you like to spend most of your time and look around and say, “There’s a window over here and I need to block it.” Or, “There’s traffic coming from the street over here and we need to shield that.” Or, in some cases, even dust collection coming across and into […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – Selecting the right tree for the right spot

    We’ve talked a little bit about the fifteen year plan in landscaping. Well, mostly that refers to the foundation landscape around your home. But the most important value that you have are your trees. You want to make sure that you select a tree that number one, does well in our climate. Number two, that’s going to be planted in the right spot, so that’s it’s going to be able to throw shade in the right area, cut down on […]

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    High School Senior Athlete of the Week: Brady Cox

    This week we are honoring Brady Cox of Newcastle. Brady is a two sport Varsity athlete, participating in swimming and football. Off the field and out of the water, he carries a 3.97 GPA, has 32 hours of college credit already and is a member of National Honors Society. He’s a two time state finalist in swimming. All the while, he doesn’t have a swim coach and manages his own training and swimming. He plans on attending SWOSU this fall […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – The fifteen year practical plan

    Whenever we’re looking at landscaping design, one of the first things I always look at besides drainage is the practicality of it. You know, you want to be practical. You want it to work for you for a long time. And one thing I talk to customers about is the fifteen year plan. Most the time, around the foundation of a house or something like that is that it’s got about fifteen years before some of those shrubs start to […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – Understanding your landscaping space

    Once you understand the amount of space that you’re dealing with out there, that you’re trying to landscape, that’s the first important element about what we’re wanting to do. But landscaping is more than that, it’s from A to Z. They’re all unique. You may be wanting to landscape the foundation or you might be wanting to go the full outdoor kitchen and the whole outdoor room. So, just hone in on just what you’re really wanting to concentrate on […]

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    High School Senior Athlete of the Week: Sydney Chastain

    This week we are honoring Sydney Chastain of Westmoore High School. Sydney plays basketball and runs Cross Country and track for the Jag. She carries a 4.35 GPA, won the High School Heisman Award, and just recently committed to go to school at Arkansas-Little Rock. Away from sports she is a volunteer and fund raiser for the Endeavor Game for the physically disabled athletes. If you would like to nominate a high school athlete who is a ‘Senior’ this year, […]