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  • 29thStDental_Why-did-you-choose-to-become-dentist_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: Why did you choose to become a dentist?

    Why dentistry? I was born and raised in Chickasha and this is home. I’m a small town kid and I love living out in the country. I love what a small town brings to the table. When I was a young man, I was in a very, very bad motorcycle accident. It messed up my whole face and I spent lots of time in the dental chair. As crazy as that sounds, I was very fascinated and I asked for […]

  • 29thStDental_I've-lost-a-tooth_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: I’ve lost a tooth, what are my options?

    Patients come to me all the time and they say, “You know, I’ve lost a tooth.” for this reason or that reason, “Now, what are my options?” Today, with dental implants it is a great option. With implants, it’s like the root part of the tooth, so we place the implant in the bone and we put a crown on top of it and when we’re done, you have natural chewing teeth that nobody would know are not your own. […]

  • 29thStDental_How-do-you-secure-dentures_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How do you secure dentures?

    What can I do about a denture that is loose or what can I do to secure a a denture or dentures? What we’re able to do with dental implants is we’re able to make dentures that snap in. They call them snap in dentures, and they’ll literally change your life. If we’re able to place implants and a denture, then the denture will snap on and we can stop as much as 98-99% of the movement. So we can […]

  • 29thStDental_How-has-dentistry-changed_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How has dentistry changed?

    People still think dentistry is in the dark ages and I’m here to tell you it just isn’t. In today’s world, dentistry is changing as fast as cell phones and computers. We now have things like 3D technology. We don’t just take a two dimensional x-ray. We can take a three dimensional x-ray and look at areas of your mouth from the inside out. It is absolutely revolutionary. Dentistry is changing what I did twenty years ago and it isn’t […]

  • 29thStDental_What-is-3D-dentistry_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: What is 3D dentistry technology?

    Today, we’re going to talk about something I’m very excited about. Dentistry is changing and technology is changing. Like I said before, it’s changing as fast as cell phones and computers. Something that my patients love to see is a 3D image of their mouth and this is a game changer for me. I wanted to take just a moment to share with you just what this technology does. It enabled me take someone’s mouth and look at it from […]

  • 29thStDental_Whats-the-new-patient-experience-like_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: What’s the new patient experience like at 29th Street Dental Care?

    Today we’re here talking about the new patient experience and I want you to know in each operatory our job it to make it as comfortable as possible and even our television is designed for comfort. We will allow you to watch television and watch movies while you’re here, but for the new patient experience, the thing I want you to know about is that every patient is different an you are Important to me. One patient might come in […]

  • 29thStDental_What-are-some-questions_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: What are some questions you have for me?

    Today we’re talking about my favorite questions. When you come here to 29th Street Dental Care, I see my job as telling you what I would do as if you were a family member. But I see your job as telling me what you would like to see done because it’s your mouth, it’s your health and it’s your teeth. There are some questions I’m going to ask you and I think these questions are very, very important. One of […]

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    Nominate a Weather Hero

    Do you know a weather hero? Tell us about someone you would like to nominate who has been a  hero during severe weather. Leave a short note about your Weather Hero below this line: Sample submission: My friend John, pulled 3 people out of a car that was swept down into a creek when a flash flood came suddenly from nowhere, during the tornado on May 6th. He called 9-1-1, then was able to rescue the three. John also gave CPR to one of the victims, saving her […]

  • McRoof-RC-vs-ACV_770x425

    McRoof: RC vs ACV?

    RC replacement cost versus ACV actual cash value.  Replacement cost would be your cadillac home owner’s insurance product, basically going to pay you the cost in today’s dollars to repair or replace any damaged property. Actual cash value on the other hand, is going to pay you on a depreciated basis for the lost or damaged property. Let’s take your roof for instance, say you’ve got a $15,000 roof and your roof is ten years old, a replacement cost policy doesn’t […]

  • McRoof-What-is-this-IR-stuff What is this IR stuff?

    IR stands for Impact Resistance. A revolutionary new asphalt shingle technology.

  • McRoof-Don't-all-roofers-just-nail-shingles Don’t all roofers just nail shingles?

    Most roofers just nail shingles. McRoof installs the Integrity roof system. Integrity requires we completely remove the old roof down to the deck. We inspect the deck and perform any necessary repairs. Then we install ice and water barrier in the valleys and around all the pentrations in the roof. The appropriate underlayment, either Diamond Deck or Roofers Select. Your new CertainTeed Shingle with matching accessories and adequate and appropriate ventilation for your roof. Relax. We’ve got you covered. I’m […]