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    KFOR-TV What’s Right With Our Schools Contest Official Rules

    KFOR-TV What’s Right With Our Schools Contest Official Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN, NOR WILL A PURCHASE IMPROVE ONE’S CHANCES OF WINNING. 1. Eligibility:  Entrants must be legal US residents, at least 18 years old or above, as determined by KFOR-TV and reside in the Oklahoma City Designated Market Area (“DMA”) as defined by The Nielsen Company.   Void where prohibited and outside the Oklahoma City DMA. Employees of KFOR-TV and Jim Norton Toyota (collectively, the “Sponsor”), and […]

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    KFOR-TV Pay It Forward Contest Official Rules

    KFOR-TV Pay It Forward Contest Official Rules

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    KFOR Contest Winners

    Click here to see the contest winners from KFOR.com contests.

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    David Stanley Chevrolet Student Athlete of the Week Awards Banquet

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    Thunderground Storm Shelters: How can I determine if the storm shelter company is reputable?

    When choosing the best storm shelter company for you and your family you’ll want to make sure you look at consumer reviews. Whether that be through the Better Business Bureau, through independent review firms like Yelp or Google Plus, or for instance, here at Thunderground we use an independent review system called eEndorsements. We like to make this available to the customers on our webpage, that way people can get feedback from real customers who have used the company or […]

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    Thunderground Storm Shelter: How can I tell if the shelter is of quality construction?

    How do you tell if your shelter is going to be quality constructed? We get this question quit a bit and a lot of the main factors that determine the quality construction is whether the shelter is built in-house or whether it’s bought from another company, and that is one thing that we do. We manufacture everything in-house from the initial fabrication of the shelter all the way through the final installation of employees of Thunderground. What that allows us […]

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    Thunderground Storm Shelters: Where’s the best place to have my shelter installed within my garage?

    When it comes to the placement of the in-garage storm shelters, we have a method that is the most convenient for the homeowners. What we do is strategically place it to where one of the vehicles would be straddling the storm shelter. We also put it close enough to the garage entrance to allow maximum space for someone to be able to pull their vehicle forward in the garage and still be able to enter the shelter without having to […]

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    Thunderground Storm Shelters: Are all shelters engineered to meet FEMA requirements?

    All storm shelters on the market today do not meet FEMA requirements. The key to this is to know that the shelter has been professionally engineered and designed to meet the specifications outlined in publications 320 and 361. Another way is whether the shelter company has tested their shelters through the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute. Both of which of these we have done. We had a crafted and tooled professional engineering firm design our shelters, as well as […]

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    Thunderground Storm Shelters: Does the purchase of my shelter include a warranty, and what will this cover?

    Warranty of the storm shelter is always an important question a home owner should ask. We warranty our storm shelters for life to the original home owner. That covers leaking, floating and craftsmanship. The key to this is where we manufacture through to the installation. We have complete control of the process, so if for instance there are ever any issues you don’t have to worry about a contractor involved or the blame game. Whenever you’re asking about warranties, make […]

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    Thunderground Storm Shelters: What is the average turnaround time from order to installation?

    There are a lot of factors that come into play when scheduling the installation of your storm shelter. A lot of people always ask, “How soon can I get it?” The key is always ‘demand’ at the time of placing your order, but then also the length of time for the permitting process and the availability of the home owner. With that in consideration, the installation process is usually a half day to a full day at the most, so […]

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    HearAgain: Explain the importance of going with a company with a full service lab on site.

    Occasionally, hearing aids need to be adjusted or serviced. HearAgain has a full service on site lab which is a huge benefit to our customers. In most cases we do not need to send hearing aids back to the manufacturer and can repair while you wait. HearAgain Locations: Quail Springs Mall 2501 W. Memorial Road, Suite #259A, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 (405) 748-5920 Norman Location 2324 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, OK 73072 (405)-573-2633 www.hearagainok.com This content sponsored by HearAgain.