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  • parade-of-homes-logo-2014

    2014 Parade of Homes

    The 2014 Parade of Homes starts this Saturday! Homes Open Daily 1-7PM, September 20-28 with over 100 Stunning New Homes. Visit homes in the Southwest/Norman, Downtown/East, Edmond and Northwest areas of Oklahoma City in neighborhoods participating in this year’s 2014 Parade of Homes. Click Here for maps and more information.

  • Walk-to-end-Alzheimers_770x424

    2014 Walk to End Alzheimer’s Frequently Asked Questions

    FREQUENTLY ASKED WALK QUESTIONS What is Walk to End Alzheimer’s? Do I have to register in order to walk? Is there a registration fee? How do I register?   Does every walker get a t-shirt? How do I form a team? How many people should be on my team? What responsibilities does a team captain have? How do I start fundraising? Where does the money go? How is the money collected? What is the Promise Garden? How do I get […]

  • dental-10_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: Why 29th street dental?

    So you’re wondering why you should go to Chickasha to go to the dentist. When you’re a patient here, I want you to know that our focus is on you and that we don’t care how long its been since you’ve been to the dentist. We don’t care if it’s been 10, 20 or 30 years. We’re just glad that you’re here now. And when you’re a patient here, our job is to help guide you through the process and […]

  • dental-3_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How important is my smile?

    Do you know how important your smile is? Every year there are studies done about the number one business accessory that anyone can have. It is always, without question, a beautiful smile. There is true power in a smile. A smile will give you confidence. Beautiful teeth are going to allow you to enter a room and feel good about yourself. We’d love to visit with you about giving you the smile of your dreams. It’s incredible! If you have […]

  • dental-8_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: What are my payment options?

    So many of our patients wonder how to pay for their dental care. We have a wide variety of payment options including financing that’s available. We also accept most insurances. If you have any questions please give us call at 405-222-0222, we’d love to visit with you. Or, ask your question in the form below. 29th Street Dental Care 2900 West Grand Chickasha, OK 73018 This content sponsored by 29th Street Dental Care.

  • Dental-video#2

    29th Street Dental Care: How does sedation dentistry work?

    So you’re wondering how sedation dentistry works. If you choose sedation dentistry, you’ll take a pill an hour before the appointment and when you show up you’ll be completely relaxed and comfortable. They’ll be no needles involved. We will assess you and if we need to give you more oral medication we can do so at that time. Because you’ll be sedated, your dentistry appointment is going to be like having a good dream. You’re going to be completely relaxed, […]

  • Dental-video#1

    29th Street Dental Care: What is sedation dentistry?

    So you’re wondering what’s sedation dentistry is. To start with, sedation dentistry is when you take a pill to get your dentistry done. We’ve treated thousands of people from all across Oklahoma since 1998. It’s absolutely revolutionized the way I do dentistry. Sedation dentistry is for those people who have a high fear or high anxiety about going to the dentist, or it can also be for those people who want to combine multiple visits into one. Someone who might […]

  • dental-6_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: Am I a candidate for dental implants?

    So, I have patients ask me about dental implants almost every single day. I’m very proud that we’re  a dental implant practice. We’ve been placing dental implants, we’ve been restoring dental implants since 1998 and I’m very, very proud of that. Now you might be thinking, ‘what are dental implants used for?’ Well, they’re used for lots of things. If you lose one tooth, then a dental implant can be used to replace that tooth. What would happen is the […]

  • dental-4_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How are dentistry and sleep apnea related?

    I am always concerned and aware of my patients over all health and well being. There have been some new things in dentistry that have come to surface. One of those things is treating obstructive sleep apnea.You may be one of the patients watching this video that uses, or know someone who uses, a CPAP machine.  A CPAP maching helps them to breath, because obstructive sleep apnea is when you stop breathing many, many times throughout the night. I have […]

  • dental-2_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How can I make my teeth whiter?

    Ok, so everybody wants to know, “How can I make my teeth whiter?” Well sometimes just getting your teeth cleaned professionally will make them whiter. But for most of us, we want to whiten our teeth and there are two options of whitening your teeth. You can do a take home whitening or we can do an in office laser whitening called Zoom Whitening. The taken home whitening will whiten your teeth but it might take a little bit longer. […]

  • dental-5_770x424

    29th Street Dental Care: How are dental instruments sterilized?

    So there’s been a lot of questions lately about sterilization techniques and about dental offices being clean. In the past and present, dentistry is one of the most trusted professions there are. It really comes down to trust, because when patients come here we kind of have an open door policy from this standpoint. We’re very, very open with our sterilization techniques. We’re very concerned about cross contamination. I am concerned about the health of my employees and the health […]