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  • McRoof-RC-vs-ACV_770x425

    McRoof: RC vs ACV?

    RC replacement cost versus ACV actual cash value.  Replacement cost would be your cadillac home owner’s insurance product, basically going to pay you the cost in today’s dollars to repair or replace any damaged property. Actual cash value on the other hand, is going to pay you on a depreciated basis for the lost or damaged property. Let’s take your roof for instance, say you’ve got a $15,000 roof and your roof is ten years old, a replacement cost policy doesn’t […]

  • Steve-Marting--rules_770x424

    KFOR-TV – Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Martin Short Ticket Giveaway Official Rules

    Official Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN, NOR WILL A PURCHASE IMPROVE ONE’S CHANCES OF WINNING. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received. 1. Eligibility: Entrants must be legal US residents, at least 18 years old or above, as determined by KFOR-TV and reside in the Oklahoma City Designated Market Area as defined by the Nielsen Research Company. Void where prohibited. Employees of KFOR-TV, Tribune Broadcasting, WinStar World Casino and Resort (collectively, the […]

  • SteveMartinShort-post_770x424

    Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Martin Short Ticket Giveaway!

    Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Martin Short are coming to WinStar World Casino and Resort, Saturday, July 11th!

  • Hearing-Aid_770x424

    HearAgain is on the road, to a town near you!

    HearAgain, is on the road and will be visiting the following towns in Oklahoma to assist people with their hearing and hearing aids.

  • post_770x424

    Marcum’s Nursery Garden Photo Contest 2015

    Think you have a great garden? Do you love taking photos of flowers? Then enter the Marcum’s Nursery Garden Photo Contest. First place prize is a $200 Gift Certificate to Marcum’s Nursery. Second Place winner receives a $75 Gift Certificate to Marcum’s Nursery. Third Place winner receives a $50 Gift Certificate to Marcum’s Nursery. * Each winner will also receive A Gift Basket of Fertilome products valued at over $100. Submissions are from April 21st – June 1st. Voting is […]

  • McRoof-What-is-this-IR-stuff

    McRoof.us: What is this IR stuff?

    IR stands for Impact Resistance. A revolutionary new asphalt shingle technology.

  • McRoof-Don't-all-roofers-just-nail-shingles

    McRoof.us: Don’t all roofers just nail shingles?

    Most roofers just nail shingles. McRoof installs the Integrity roof system. Integrity requires we completely remove the old roof down to the deck. We inspect the deck and perform any necessary repairs. Then we install ice and water barrier in the valleys and around all the pentrations in the roof. The appropriate underlayment, either Diamond Deck or Roofers Select. Your new CertainTeed Shingle with matching accessories and adequate and appropriate ventilation for your roof. Relax. We’ve got you covered. I’m […]

  • McRoof-I-don't-see-any-damage

    McRoof.us: I don’t see any damage on my roof.

    You say you don’t see any damage on your roof? Well let me tell you. Most people don’t know what hail damage on a roof looks like. Let me get up there, take some pictures and I’ll show you what hail damage on your roof is. I know what the insurance company is looking for and I know what they’re going to pay you for. We’ve got you covered. I’m Scott McCollum and I am McRoof. McRoof.US Oklahoma City, OK […]

  • McRoof-Ihow-do-I-check-out-a-roofer

    McRoof.us: How do I check out a roofer?

    There are four simple things you can do to check out a roofer. The state of Oklahoma protects you by requiring that every roofer be registered to do business in this state.

  • McRoof-I-think-I-have-hail-damage

    McRoof.us: I think I have hail damage. What do I do now?

    The storm has passed and you think you have some damage to your roof. What you going to do now? Don't get on your roof. Call me!

  • McRoof-Hand-nail-or-gun-nail

    McRoof.us: Hand nail or nail gun?

    Laboratory testing has shown that the most effective means is pneumatic fastening because of the consistency that we can achieve. My years of experience of inspecting roofs bares this out. Often times I’ll find a shingle with a hole in it because the nail was over driven. Or I’ll find a shingle covering a nail that now has a hole in because the nail was under driven. Relax, We’ve got you covered. I’m Scott McCollum and I am McRoof. McRoof.US […]