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    HearAgain: What happens during a hearing test?

    Hearing screenings are painless, simple and contain 4 basic steps: 1. A review of personal information to discuss the different types of environments you may have trouble hearing in, work history, and exposure to loud sounds or other ways you think may be a contributor in hearing loss. 2. A physical exam of the ears using an otoscope. 3. A pure tone hearing test in which you will be seated in a quiet room with a pair of headphonesally over […]

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    HearAgain: How do hearing aids work?

    One of the most common questions about hearing aids is, “How do they work?”  Every model and brand of hearing aid, has the same basic function…to amplify sound waves.  There is a microphone inside the hearing aids that picked up by a microphone in the hearing aid.  After the sound waves hit the microphone a circuit translates the sound waves and sends them to the receiver, which then delivers the sound into the ear canal.  The circuit is the brains […]

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    HearAgain: How much do hearing aids cost?

    Hearing aids vary in cost by type, brand and model.  Prices can range from $399 each to $3000 each. It is often said that the one downside to the digital aids better technology is price.  They are more expensive than the older analog versions. There are some insurance plans that cover some of the cost of hearing aids but most do not. Financing options are available and can be a great solution to get you the best hearing aids for […]

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    HearAgain: What are the different types of hearing aids?

    The most basic difference in type of hearing aids is digital vs analog.  Both are used today, although digital is becoming the preferred choice by consumers. Both analog and digital aids pick up sound waves and amplify them in the ear canal. Digital aids are different because they convert sound waves to digital signals, instead of just amplifying sounds.  This leads to crisper, clearer sounds. Some analog aids are programmable by manual .  But digital aids offer programming at a […]

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    HearAgain: What are the best hearing aids on the market?

    Through advances in technology, Digital hearing Aids are the best hearing aids on the market.  They beat out Analog aids in both form and function. Digital aids have a chip that take the analog sound waves and  process, filter, distort amplify and ultimately deliver a quality sound into your ear canal that is custom tailored to your need. Digital hearing aids are programmable to your unique hearing needs and provide the ability for better fine tuning and less feedback noise […]

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    A FREE DOG WASH? BOW WOW! Bob Moore Subaru’s 4th Annual Dogapalooza. The largest FREE dog wash in Oklahoma. KFOR-TV would like to invite you and your dog(s) to a FREE DOG WASH and some fun at Bob Moore Subaru this Saturday, June 11th 10AM – 3PM. Free Pet Photos Food Trucks and Music Pet Adoptions Pet Vendors and Vet Information Micro-Chipping Station Photo Booth and More! Donations are accepted and will benefit: Second Chance Animal Sanctuary Join Us. Everybody […]

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    Stand Up to Big Tobacco this World No Tobacco Day

    Tobacco Stops With Me Offers Tips to Reduce Youth Tobacco Use OKLAHOMA CITY – (May 31, 2016) –Tobacco use still remains a problem in Oklahoma, and tobacco companies are working harder than ever to attract a new generation of tobacco users. In fact, each day in the United States, more than 3,800 people younger than 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette. In Oklahoma, 23.1 percent of high school students are current tobacco users, and 3,300 kids become regular […]

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    The High School Senior Athlete of the Week for 2015-2016 contest has ended.

    KFOR-TV High School Senior Athlete of the Week KFOR-TV/KAUT-TV Contest Has Ended. Official Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE OR WIN, NOR WILL A PURCHASE IMPROVE ONE’S CHANCES OF WINNING. 1. Eligibility: The following eligibility requirements apply to you if you wish to nominate someone for consideration as a contestant in the Contest (in which case you are a “Nominator”) or if you are nominated for consideration as a contestant (in which case you are a “Nominee”). Nominator Eligibility: Each […]

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    High School Senior Athlete of the Week: Rachel Roquemore

    This week we are honoring Rachel Roquemore of Putnam City High School. Rachel is a soccer player and Cross Country star for The Pirates. Off the field, she is the PCO class Valedictorian and is ranked first out of 408 students. She scored a 33 on her SAT and maintains a 4.679 GPA. Rachel plans on attending OU on an academic scholarship and hopes to major in science and one day do brain research. In addition to that, she also […]

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    High School Senior Athlete of the Week: Rylee Tucker

    This week we’re honoring Rylee Tucker of Edmond North. Rylee is a tennis player for the Huskies and ranked number 2 in the state. Rylee’s helped Edmond North win back to back State Championships and won the number two singles title last year individually. She’s a member of National Honor Society and volunteers at the Edmond Food Bank and for Special Olympics. She’ll attend the University of Nebraska next year. If you would like to nominate a high school athlete […]

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    Marcum’s Nursery – Plants in containers

    You know when you go to the garden center you’re going to see plants growing in containers of all sizes, one gallon, two gallon, five gallon, forty-five gallon, one hundred gallon. What you’re doing is buying a plant in a container and what that means is the root system of the plant is all contained in the container. So, it means you can pretty much plant that plant any time of year. Make sure though, with the types of summers […]