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  • 29th Street Dental Care: I’ve lost a tooth, what are my options?

    Patients come to me all the time and they say, “You know, I’ve lost a tooth.” for this reason or that reason, “Now, what are my options?” Today, with dental implants it is a great option. With implants, it’s like the root part of the tooth, so we place the implant in the bone and we put a crown on top of it and when we’re done, you have natural chewing teeth that nobody would know are not your own. […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: Why did you choose to become a dentist?

    Why dentistry? I was born and raised in Chickasha and this is home. I’m a small town kid and I love living out in the country. I love what a small town brings to the table. When I was a young man, I was in a very, very bad motorcycle accident. It messed up my whole face and I spent lots of time in the dental chair. As crazy as that sounds, I was very fascinated and I asked for […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: How is 29th Street Dental Care different than other dental practices?

    There are a lot of good dental practices out there. I can only tell you when patients tell us when they are done with their treatment. I had a gentleman in the office the other day and he said, “You know, I’ve been to three other practices and I feel like this is the first place that truly listens. This is the first place that gave me options. My job is not to judge you. My job is to help […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: How do you secure dentures?

    What can I do about a denture that is loose or what can I do to secure a a denture or dentures? What we’re able to do with dental implants is we’re able to make dentures that snap in. They call them snap in dentures, and they’ll literally change your life. If we’re able to place implants and a denture, then the denture will snap on and we can stop as much as 98-99% of the movement. So we can […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: How has dentistry changed?

    People still think dentistry is in the dark ages and I’m here to tell you it just isn’t. In today’s world, dentistry is changing as fast as cell phones and computers. We now have things like 3D technology. We don’t just take a two dimensional x-ray. We can take a three dimensional x-ray and look at areas of your mouth from the inside out. It is absolutely revolutionary. Dentistry is changing what I did twenty years ago and it isn’t […]

  • Shrine Circus brings new excitement to Oklahoma

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The India Shrine Circus comes to the OKC Fairgrounds Arena Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26, 2017. There are seven performances to choose from for your convenience. We will have tigers, elephants, pony rides and a high-wire act. The high-wire act is amazing.  You will not want to miss the India Shrine Circus.  Invite your friends and family to come with you to the India Shrine Circus. Ticket are available NOW! “From high-wire chills to animal […]

  • Sugar Sisters: Beauty Tip – Full Body Sugar Scrub Exfoliator

    Hello my name is Rachel Christianson, and I’m with Sugar Sisters, I’m actually Sugar Sister number two. We’re here today to discuss our high quality Bath and Body line. We make all natural products that are hand crafted right here in Oklahoma. Today we’re especially going to discuss the Full Body Sugar Scrub Exfoliator. Watch our video above and find out why and how to use a Sugar Scrub. You’ll be amazed and delighted at how wonderful your skin feels […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: What is 3D dentistry technology?

    Today, we’re going to talk about something I’m very excited about. Dentistry is changing and technology is changing. Like I said before, it’s changing as fast as cell phones and computers. Something that my patients love to see is a 3D image of their mouth and this is a game changer for me. I wanted to take just a moment to share with you just what this technology does. It enabled me take someone’s mouth and look at it from […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: What are some questions you have for me?

    Today we’re talking about my favorite questions. When you come here to 29th Street Dental Care, I see my job as telling you what I would do as if you were a family member. But I see your job as telling me what you would like to see done because it’s your mouth, it’s your health and it’s your teeth. There are some questions I’m going to ask you and I think these questions are very, very important. One of […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: Why 29th street dental?

    So you’re wondering why you should go to Chickasha to go to the dentist. When you’re a patient here, I want you to know that our focus is on you and that we don’t care how long its been since you’ve been to the dentist. We don’t care if it’s been 10, 20 or 30 years. We’re just glad that you’re here now. And when you’re a patient here, our job is to help guide you through the process and […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: How important is my smile?

    Do you know how important your smile is? Every year there are studies done about the number one business accessory that anyone can have. It is always, without question, a beautiful smile. There is true power in a smile. A smile will give you confidence. Beautiful teeth are going to allow you to enter a room and feel good about yourself. We’d love to visit with you about giving you the smile of your dreams. It’s incredible! If you have […]