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  • 29th Street Dental Care: Will I be aware of the procedure while I’m sedated?

    If you’re concerned if you’ll be aware of what’s going on with your sedation appointment, the answer is no. What happens with oral conscious sedation is you’ll take a pill an hour before. You may remember coming to the office and you may remember a little bit when you get here, but what my patients tell me day in and day out is that they don’t really remember anything. They have little to no memory of the appointment itself. They […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: What are fast braces?

    I have a lot of patients that are concerned about getting braces and they want straight teeth and they want that beautiful smile but their just not sure they want to be in braces that long. They know people that have been in braces two, three, four, some even five years. That’s why I got excited about this very brand new technology called Fast Braces. Fast Braces is different than traditional braces because with traditional braces they remove the crown […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: How is Six Month Smiles different than braces?

    Curious about Six Month Smiles? We’ve been straightening teeth in our practice since 2003 with traditional orthodontics and with Visalign. Now there’s a new procedure out called Six Month Smiles, which is a cosmetic orthodontic alternative. Traditional braces can take as long as 4-5 years to straighten your teeth if you’re an adult, whereas Six Month Smiles focuses on just the front teeth and because of that we can straighten the teeth and give you a beautiful smile with cosmetic […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: What do I do if my dentures don’t fit anymore?

    So you’re dentures don’t fit anymore and you’re wondering what can be done. Well in today’s time with the dentistry and the options that we have today, we can make a new set of dentures but even more importantly, we can stabilize those dentures with dental implants so that when we’re done those dentures will actually snap in and snap out. It has revolutionized how I practice dentistry and it gives my patients the ability to eat things with their […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: How does sedation dentistry work?

    So you’re wondering how sedation dentistry works. If you choose sedation dentistry, you’ll take a pill an hour before the appointment and when you show up you’ll be completely relaxed and comfortable. They’ll be no needles involved. We will assess you and if we need to give you more oral medication we can do so at that time. Because you’ll be sedated, your dentistry appointment is going to be like having a good dream. You’re going to be completely relaxed, […]

  • 29th Street Dental Care: What should I expect when I come to 29th Street Dental Care?

    Well, the first thing we’re going to do is give you a tour of our facility and more than likely that’s going to be Cheryl. Cheryl is our new patient concierge and she’s been with us many, many years. She’s kind of the grandma at the practice and everybody loves Cheryl. We have a large practice, fourteen treatment rooms. We’ll show you about our sedation rooms. We’ll show you our sterilization center, which is state of the art. We’ll also […]

  • Marcum’s Nursery – Understanding your landscaping space

    Once you understand the amount of space that you’re dealing with out there, that you’re trying to landscape, that’s the first important element about what we’re wanting to do. But landscaping is more than that, it’s from A to Z. They’re all unique. You may be wanting to landscape the foundation or you might be wanting to go the full outdoor kitchen and the whole outdoor room. So, just hone in on just what you’re really wanting to concentrate on […]

  • Marcum’s Nursery – Planting a tree with a good root system.

    You can see that we just finished digging a tree out in the field and this is just about as earthy as it gets. Down here in the hole you can see that the root system is circular all the way around the root which means that we’ve done a good job of growing a fibrous root ball. Whenever it comes out of the hole and it goes to your home, or wherever, we’ve got a lot of root system […]

  • Marcum’s Nursery – When is the Dormant Season?

    At Marcum’s Nursery we get asked all the time, “When is the best time to plant trees?” For balled and burlapped trees, like you see being dug in the background, it’s during the dormant season. People ask, “Well, when is the dormant season?” Basically, what that means is that it’s from the time it looses all of its leaves, until the time you see it start to bud and really break out and open up into spring and get ready […]

  • Marcum’s Nursery – The best time to plant trees are when they are dormant.

    At Marcum’s Nursery, we plant trees 365 days a year, but the best time to do it is when they are dormant. A tree sort of goes under surgery, or anesthetic. It doesn’t know anything is happening to it in the dormant season and you can move it or transport it. It’s always better to get the tree planted in the ground and when spring comes along, it wakes up and doesn’t even know it’s been transplanted, and it’s just […]

  • Marcum’s Nursery – Plants in containers

    You know when you go to the garden center you’re going to see plants growing in containers of all sizes, one gallon, two gallon, five gallon, forty-five gallon, or one hundred gallon. What you’re doing is buying a plant in a container and what that means is the root system of the plant is all contained in the container. So, it means you can pretty much plant that plant any time of year. Make sure though, with the types of […]