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Ed Doney is an award-winning Reporter and Sunday Evening Anchor with Oklahoma's NewsChannel 4, joining the news staff in November 2005. Since that time, he has won two Associated Press awards, and has been nominated for an Emmy.

Hometown - Alexandria, VA

Life Goal - A fulfilling career in journalism while making as many friends along the way.

Play any sports/Favorite Sport - Love football and tennis. The Wimbledon championship match is second only to the Super Bowl.

Favorite TV Show - The Office.

Favorite Car - Ford Mustang.

Most embarrassing moment - Watching my very first newscast and realizing that you're supposed to keep your scripts flat on the desk. Why? Mine could be seen shaking in my hands because I was so nervous.

Happiest moment in my life was... my sister's wedding in Hawaii and so many other family gatherings.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner - Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Eddie Van Halen (for dinner music).

Favorite food - Pizza.

I have a pet (what) ..I wish I had a pet (what)... Don't have a pet but the family cat is always good for entertainment.

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when... I went to the '86 Peach Bowl in Atlanta and made it home to Illinois that night, just in time to watch the game-winning field goal on the news. I loved the immediacy and excitement of broadcasting.

Best movie of all time - Forrest Gump.

Hardest part of my job - The deadlines.

Best part of my job - Meeting so many good Oklahomans.

Favorite holiday - Christmas.

School fight song - Ball State, Ball State, Ball State!

My favorite story of all time - We did a phone interview with Nikolette Harris, a little girl fighting Leukemia in an Oregon hospital whose family was receiving financial help from OU fans. The Sooners were getting ready to play Oregon in the '05 Holiday Bowl and fans from both teams were competing to raise the most money for this sick little girl. I asked her what she would say to these complete strangers from Oklahoma. While fighting back tears, she simply said "Thank you very much for helping me." It was the most sincere expression of gratitude I've ever heard. It broke my heart. She died not long after that interview, but the money raised went a long way toward paying her medical bills. Her family was so grateful. The most memorable interview of my life happened over the phone. I'll never forget her.

People are surprised when I tell them… I was a two-time high school tennis champ!

Recent Articles
  • Rural Fire Dept’s Getting Burned By DOD & EPA

    Rural fire departments, often on the front lines of wildfires, are now getting burned by the federal government. And it could cost residents in small towns more than just their safety. The Department Of Defense (DOD) is ending a program that donated their old trucks to rural fire departments that have small budgets. There are 8,812 of those vehicles across Oklahoma, according to the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID). DOD has an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which says […]

  • chesapeake

    Thunder Family Lounge Expansion Worth The Money?

    Oklahoma City - New details tonight on what was once stated as a $600,000 “needed” improvement for the Chesapeake Energy Arena. On Tuesday, Oklahoma City Council members approved plans for a remodel and expansion of the lounge used by family members of the Thunder basketball team. The document given to council members beforehand said the upgrades would be necessary to meet the latest NBA guidelines. But we found that is not the case. City Manager Jim Couch said only money generated […]

  • Alleged Facebook predator used fake account to flirt with hundreds of boys

    YUKON, Okla. - A vigilant mother helps authorities nab an alleged internet predator, just hours after she discovered her teenage son’s conversations with the man on Facebook. The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office says Michael Goddard, 23, of Oklahoma City, pretended to be a teenage girl on Facebook to lure in a 14-year-old Yukon boy and admitted to possibly hundreds of other victims. He was arrested Friday night. Goddard allegedly used the name “Nicole Tinner” and used a fake photo to flirt […]

  • motherdaughtermugs

    Mother and daughter busted for alleged meth possession

    ENID, Okla. – A mother and daughter have been charged in Garfield County with felony drug possession following an early morning “no knock” search warrant at their northeast Enid house last week. One neighbor said they thought they awoke to a car hitting their house. It was actually police barging into their neighbor’s home to make a 6:20 a.m. drug bust. Lt. Warren Wilson said they found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Denise Crome was arrested for previous warrants for DUI […]

  • New Supreme Court ruling strikes down cops’ ability to search your cellphone

    Before Wednesday, law enforcement officers could search a person’s cell phone right after they were arrested. Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, they will now need a search warrant to do that. The ruling attaches the fourth amendment – which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures – to today’s technology. Officers can still take away a cell phone with probable cause, but for some, that’s not going far enough to fight crime. “I understand where they’re coming from,” Oklahoma County […]

  • Stray dogs attack two women at state capitol

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma State Capitol is a tourist attraction for thousands of people every year. But two women won’t be returning to that area for a while. They say they were attacked by stray dogs that live in surrounding neighborhoods earlier this month. Now, city officials are now trying to get the stray dogs off the streets. Trace Lyons, with OKC Animal Welfare Control, says two women were recently bitten on the state capitol complex grounds by stray dogs […]

  • IMG_20140623_103104

    E-Cigarette poison calls on the rise

    The Oklahoma Poison Control Center has seen a 600 percent increase in the number of calls they receive concerning electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes vaporize liquid that contains nicotine, but that liquid can be deadly, especially to children. The drug can cause nausea, vomiting, heart trouble and seizures. Kim Emerson hasn’t smoked a cigarette in two years because e-cigarettes helped her kick the habit. “I have more energy. I’m not so lethargic,” she said. But with grandkids around, she knows how important […]

  • If Redskins change name, should Oklahoma change its name too?

    A day after losing their trademark registration by the federal government, the Washington Redskin’s mascot controversy is hitting close to home. Richard Whitman, a member of the Yuchi tribe, remembers being teased as a child – repeatedly being called a “redskin.” “You live with it, you know?” Whitman said of the teasing. “It was part of our little survival technique, if you will.” So he is glad to see pressure put on the Washington Redskins to change their name. He […]

  • Officials warn consumers of the summer timeshare scam

    Sometimes they seem too good to be true – a summertime vacation offer you can’t refuse. But one scam victim recently found out their dream timeshare purchase from an “Oklahoma City company” turned out to be a one-way ticket to nowhere. The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma said a Georgia family was recently contacted by Lions Gate Estates, LLC, who offered them a timeshare in the tropical paradise of Cancun for the bargain price of $26,700. “I think they […]

  • Update: Major decision in fight over Oklahoma Governor’s documents

    Update: 6/17 – Judge Barbara Swinton ruled in a lawsuit involving Governor Mary Fallin and documents. Late today Judge Swinton said the governor must turn over a log of emails with who sent the emails, who they were sent to along with the date and subject line. The actual content of the emails may be withheld at this time. The governor’s office had refused to hand over the documents regarding her decision to not setup a state healthcare exchange and expand […]

  • senatecand

    U.S. Senate candidates Lankford & Shannon respond to attack ads

    Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, T.W. Shannon and James Lankford, are now answering attack ads that are airing on television as the primary election draws near. One ad against Lankford says the Congressman voted three times to increase the debt limit by three trillion dollars. Lankford said Tuesday that ad is misleading, saying he voted to use the debt ceiling as leverage to force democrats to decrease federal spending. An ad attacking Shannon says the former Oklahoma Speaker of the House […]