Ed Doney

KFOR-TV Anchor/Reporter

Ed Doney is an award-winning Reporter and Sunday Evening Anchor with Oklahoma's NewsChannel 4, joining the news staff in November 2005. Since that time, he has won two Associated Press awards, and has been nominated for an Emmy.

Hometown - Alexandria, VA

Life Goal - A fulfilling career in journalism while making as many friends along the way.

Play any sports/Favorite Sport - Love football and tennis. The Wimbledon championship match is second only to the Super Bowl.

Favorite TV Show - The Office.

Favorite Car - Ford Mustang.

Most embarrassing moment - Watching my very first newscast and realizing that you're supposed to keep your scripts flat on the desk. Why? Mine could be seen shaking in my hands because I was so nervous.

Happiest moment in my life was... my sister's wedding in Hawaii and so many other family gatherings.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner - Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Eddie Van Halen (for dinner music).

Favorite food - Pizza.

I have a pet (what) ..I wish I had a pet (what)... Don't have a pet but the family cat is always good for entertainment.

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when... I went to the '86 Peach Bowl in Atlanta and made it home to Illinois that night, just in time to watch the game-winning field goal on the news. I loved the immediacy and excitement of broadcasting.

Best movie of all time - Forrest Gump.

Hardest part of my job - The deadlines.

Best part of my job - Meeting so many good Oklahomans.

Favorite holiday - Christmas.

School fight song - Ball State, Ball State, Ball State!

My favorite story of all time - We did a phone interview with Nikolette Harris, a little girl fighting Leukemia in an Oregon hospital whose family was receiving financial help from OU fans. The Sooners were getting ready to play Oregon in the '05 Holiday Bowl and fans from both teams were competing to raise the most money for this sick little girl. I asked her what she would say to these complete strangers from Oklahoma. While fighting back tears, she simply said "Thank you very much for helping me." It was the most sincere expression of gratitude I've ever heard. It broke my heart. She died not long after that interview, but the money raised went a long way toward paying her medical bills. Her family was so grateful. The most memorable interview of my life happened over the phone. I'll never forget her.

People are surprised when I tell them… I was a two-time high school tennis champ!

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