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Ed Doney is an award-winning Reporter and Sunday Evening Anchor with Oklahoma's NewsChannel 4, joining the news staff in November 2005. Since that time, he has won two Associated Press awards, and has been nominated for an Emmy.

Hometown - Alexandria, VA

Life Goal - A fulfilling career in journalism while making as many friends along the way.

Play any sports/Favorite Sport - Love football and tennis. The Wimbledon championship match is second only to the Super Bowl.

Favorite TV Show - The Office.

Favorite Car - Ford Mustang.

Most embarrassing moment - Watching my very first newscast and realizing that you're supposed to keep your scripts flat on the desk. Why? Mine could be seen shaking in my hands because I was so nervous.

Happiest moment in my life was... my sister's wedding in Hawaii and so many other family gatherings.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner - Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Eddie Van Halen (for dinner music).

Favorite food - Pizza.

I have a pet (what) ..I wish I had a pet (what)... Don't have a pet but the family cat is always good for entertainment.

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when... I went to the '86 Peach Bowl in Atlanta and made it home to Illinois that night, just in time to watch the game-winning field goal on the news. I loved the immediacy and excitement of broadcasting.

Best movie of all time - Forrest Gump.

Hardest part of my job - The deadlines.

Best part of my job - Meeting so many good Oklahomans.

Favorite holiday - Christmas.

School fight song - Ball State, Ball State, Ball State!

My favorite story of all time - We did a phone interview with Nikolette Harris, a little girl fighting Leukemia in an Oregon hospital whose family was receiving financial help from OU fans. The Sooners were getting ready to play Oregon in the '05 Holiday Bowl and fans from both teams were competing to raise the most money for this sick little girl. I asked her what she would say to these complete strangers from Oklahoma. While fighting back tears, she simply said "Thank you very much for helping me." It was the most sincere expression of gratitude I've ever heard. It broke my heart. She died not long after that interview, but the money raised went a long way toward paying her medical bills. Her family was so grateful. The most memorable interview of my life happened over the phone. I'll never forget her.

People are surprised when I tell them… I was a two-time high school tennis champ!

Recent Articles
  • Update: Major decision in fight over Oklahoma Governor’s documents

    Update: 6/17 – Judge Barbara Swinton ruled in a lawsuit involving Governor Mary Fallin and documents. Late today Judge Swinton said the governor must turn over a log of emails with who sent the emails, who they were sent to along with the date and subject line. The actual content of the emails may be withheld at this time. The governor’s office had refused to hand over the documents regarding her decision to not setup a state healthcare exchange and expand […]

  • senatecand

    U.S. Senate candidates Lankford & Shannon respond to attack ads

    Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, T.W. Shannon and James Lankford, are now answering attack ads that are airing on television as the primary election draws near. One ad against Lankford says the Congressman voted three times to increase the debt limit by three trillion dollars. Lankford said Tuesday that ad is misleading, saying he voted to use the debt ceiling as leverage to force democrats to decrease federal spending. An ad attacking Shannon says the former Oklahoma Speaker of the House […]

  • World Cup fever sweeping Oklahoma

    The World Cup is underway in Brazil and the world’s biggest stage in sports has the spotlight on the United States, as they open play against Ghana. More than 13 million Americans play soccer in the U.S.  It is the third most-played team sport in America behind basketball and baseball/softball. That passion is about to reach a fever pitch on the “pitch” of the World Cup. “I would probably lose my job if we won and the next day I […]

  • Capture

    Oklahoma lawmaker looks at alternative to execute inmates

    OKLAHOMA – How would you feel about Oklahoma using a firing squad to execute inmates? That’s one option a lawmaker wants the state to consider in the wake of a botched execution in McAlester. Convicted killer Clayton Lockett died of heart attack April 29 – 43 minutes into his execution by lethal injection. Officials say his vein collapsed when the death drugs weren’t administered properly. There are death penalty options available in Oklahoma, if lethal injection is considered cruel and […]

  • Skydiving Accident Chickasha

    Case closed: FAA clears Chickasha company of wrongdoing in skydiving accident

    CHICKASHA, Okla. – Almost six months after suffering severe injuries during a skydiving accident, a 16-year-old Texas teenager is still recovering. In January, 16-year-old Makenzie Wethington wanted to go skydiving. In Texas, skydiving laws require customers be at least 18-years-old before stepping inside the plane. However, Oklahoma allows 16-year-olds to make the jump and that’s when Wethington found Pegasus Air Sport in Chickasha. Her excitement turned to panic when her parachute malfunctioned and she plummeted 3,500 feet to the ground. […]

  • Districts pledge to keep Common Core

    MARLOW, Okla. – The battle over Common Core in Oklahoma ended last week when Governor Fallin signed a bill that repealed the math and English academic standards. But is the war over? Some districts are saying they’ve invested too much into Common Core and are going to stick with it because it works. Officials in Marlow say Common Core teaches students how to apply information, as opposed to simply memorizing answers. Marlow High School graduate Hunter Scalf remembers her first […]

  • military

    Military Generals urge Fallin to support Common Core

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The morning before Governor Fallin signed HB 3399, a bill that repeals Common Core academic standards, supporters for the English and math standards brought in some big guns, hoping to quiet the critics. Two of Oklahoma’s retired military generals showed up at the state capitol. Lt. General Richard Burpee, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), and Major General Jay Edwards, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), said a poor education is a major reason why 75% of 17-to-24 year olds can’t pass […]

  • Crooks break into OKC home and steal toilet paper, among other things

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Kristen Bailey and Deborah Mills love spending time with their dogs on their back patio in northwest Oklahoma City. But the plywood on the back door is a constant reminder of where crooks used a brick to break into their home a day earlier. The thieves stole their TV off the wall, took two computers and ransacked Bailey’s room. Bailey said, “It was kind of creepy to come in this morning and go ‘oh, I didn’t put my […]

  • volfiredept

    Volunteer fire department land sold “by mistake”

    EL RENO, Okla. – A Canadian County official says a human error allowed county-owned property to be sold at auction, jeopardizing the future of an all-volunteer fire department. David Anderson, District 2 Canadian County Commissioner, said the land on which the Cedar Lake Fire Department operates was inadvertently added to a tax delinquent property list (resale list), and sold at an auction last month to a county employee. County Treasurer documents show Howie Sutton bought the property on a $100 […]

  • Serge

    Ibaka’s re-SERGE-nce ignites Thunder over Spurs

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Although the Oklahoma City Thunder announced star forward Serge Ibaka would be sidelined with a calf injury for the rest of the season, Ibaka returned Sunday night and made a huge impact in Game Three of the Western Conference Finals against San Antonio. The Thunder beat the Spurs 106-97, cutting San Antonio’s series lead to two games to one. “Like I said, people may think I’m crazy or I’m funny,” Ibaka said. “I believe in God. With […]

  • reading

    Effective Immediately: Parents, teachers now have say in 3rd grade reading test, students moving to 4th grade

    UPDATE 4:05 p.m. - Parents and teachers will now have more of a say in the third grade reading test. Two-thirds of the House and Senate voted to override Gov. Fallin’s veto of House Bill 2625 this afternoon. Since this was an emergency bill, it immediately goes into effect. The bill creates a team to work for and with students to decide if they are ready to go to fourth grade instead of relying solely on the third reading test. The […]