Emily Sutton

4Warn Storm Team Meteorologist

A well-recognized face in Oklahoma, meteorologist Emily Sutton joined the 4Warn Storm Team in December 2009. She started on air a few weeks before Oklahoma City's largest snowstorm, the "Christmas Eve Blizzard," and has been experiencing Oklahoma extremes ever since. In 2013 she promoted to weekday mornings.

Since distinguishing herself while storm chasing live during the historic May 2013 tornado outbreaks, Sutton continues to cover significant storms firsthand for KFOR-TV. Her storm chasing gained national recognition with video showcased on CNN, MSNBC and The Weather Channel. Sam Anderson profiled her storm chasing experiences for "The New York Times Magazine" and blog "The 6th Floor" in August 2013.

Her passion for weather started at a young age but wasn't realized until joining the Storm Chase Team at the University of Missouri where she saw her first tornado in 2004. Sutton graduated with honors and dual degrees in Atmospheric Science and Media Convergence Journalism.

Sutton started on air in 2007 at KMIZ-TV in Columbia, Missouri. Shortly after, she joined WCYB-TV in the Tri-Cities/Bristol, Tennessee as a meteorologist and general assignment reporter. It's here she learned about the dynamics of mountain weather and polished her reporting skills.

Sutton is a member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society.

Besides weather, Sutton loves to sing and had the honor of singing in front of thousands at Tennessee's famous NASCAR track, Oklahoma City Baron's hockey and Thunder basketball.

In her spare time, Sutton loves to swim, cycle, travel, cook and spend time with her Springer Spaniel rescue pup, Okie. Sutton races in triathlons for charity. In 2011, Sutton crossed the finish line of her first half Ironman Triathlon and raised $6,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Emily Sutton and Scott Hines created TEAM OKLAHOMA, a group of 13 Oklahomans training for the 2014 Arizona Ironman in an effort to raise $200,000 for "The Go Mitch Go Foundation." GMG is an Oklahoma-born non-profit raising money for leukemia and lymphoma Research. Sutton is racing in honor of her Aunt Liz, who is currently fighting leukemia. To donate click here: https://www.yellowcheetah.com/fundraising/382/13671/Emily-Sutton

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