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Galen Culver is a reporter/photographer for Oklahoma’s News Channel 4 who produces, shoots, writes, and edits a feature segment called, “Is This a Great State or What?” He just celebrated his 25th anniversary as the originator of that series.
Prior to joining NewsChannel 4, Galen worked as a reporter, photographer and weekend anchor in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

He broke into the television business a reporter and photographer in Missoula, Montana.

Galen earned his degree in Journalism and Communications from Washington State University.

Galen has received many photojournalism accolades including the Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

His coverage of the first Gulf War won an Oklahoma Associated Press Award for Best General Reporting.

In July of 1991, Galen began a unique assignment to find and showcase amazing Oklahoma sights and stories.

Since that time the “Is This a Great State or What” segment has aired nearly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on various News Channel 4 broadcasts.

Galen continues his search on the 5 p.m. newscast these days, producing, shooting, writing and editing feature stories from every corner of Oklahoma.

Galen is married to News Channel 4 anchor and producer, Tara Blume.

They and their Oklahoma-born daughters, Evelyn and Holly, live in Oklahoma City.

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