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You may recognize Heather from her first stint at KFOR from 2000-2007, when she worked as an award-winning reporter, producer, and anchor. Heather covered everything from tornado damage to the Terry Nichols guilty verdict. After an 8-year hiatus to raise her two little girls, Heather is thrilled to be back with her work family.
During her time away, Heather lived in Las Vegas, where she volunteered as President of Moms Offering Moms Support. Heather also received her certification in personal training. She has a passion for fitness and nutrition, but what she loves most is family. Heather’s favorite past time is spending the day with her daughters.
Heather is an Oklahoma native, having grown up in Jenks, OK until the age of 10. She then moved overseas with her family for four years, as her parents served as missionaries. Heather has lived in France, New Caledonia in the South Pacific, and attended boarding school in Malaysia. She has visited several countries and speaks French and some Spanish.
After returning to the United States, Heather attended and graduated from Shawnee High School. She then spent two years at Oklahoma Baptist University, and the following two years at the University of Central Oklahoma, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting.
You can catch Heather weekday mornings when she brings you the latest traffic updates. She also reports for kfor.com and our social media platforms, as well as various newscasts.

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