You may recognize Heather from her first stint at KFOR from 2000-2007, when she worked as an award-winning reporter, producer, and anchor. Heather covered everything from tornado damage to the Terry Nichols guilty verdict. After an 8-year hiatus to raise her two little girls, Heather is thrilled to be back with her work family.
During her time away, Heather lived in Las Vegas, where she volunteered as President of Moms Offering Moms Support. Heather also received her certification in personal training. She has a passion for fitness and nutrition, but what she loves most is family. Heather’s favorite past time is spending the day with her two little girls.
Heather is an Oklahoma native, having grown up in Jenks, OK until the age of 10, when she moved overseas with her family for four years, as her parents served as missionaries. Heather has lived in France, New Caledonia in the South Pacific, and attended boarding school in Malaysia. She has visited several countries and speaks French and some Spanish.
After returning to the United States, Heather attended and graduated from Shawnee High School. She then spent two years at Oklahoma Baptist University, and the following two years at the University of Central Oklahoma, where she graduated with a degree in Broadcasting.
You can catch Heather weekday mornings when she brings you the latest traffic updates. She also reports for and our social media platforms, as well as various newscasts.

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  • United passenger dragged off flight suffered broken nose, lost two front teeth, will undergo surgery

    UPDATE: One of Dr. David Dao’s attorneys, Tom Demetrio, addressed the media Thursday morning, revealing that his client will undergo facial reconstruction surgery after suffering a broken nose and losing his two front teeth while being forcibly removed from the United flight Sunday. Demetrio says his client suffered a concussion and has no memory of going back onto the flight after his removal. Dr. Dao has been released from the hospital but his attorney refused to reveal his location. Dao’s daughter also […]

  • Officer removed from patrol for stomping handcuffed man’s face

    COLUMBUS, South Carolina – A police officer in Columbus, South Carolina has been temporarily reassigned after being captured on video kicking a handcuffed man in the head. Demarko Anderson, 26, was being arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot people inside a neighboring home and running from police the morning of April 8th. Anderson was lying on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind his back and another officer on top of him when Officer Zachary Rosen is seen running up […]

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  • Bounce house goes airborne at church carnival, 5 children injured

    TAYLORS, South Carolina – A wind gust sent an inflatable bounce house and slide sailing into the air over the weekend during a church carnival, injuring five children. Springwell Church invites the community to attend its free spring carnival each year, but this year the carnival ended in tears, with church members asking for prayer. Organizers say the inflatables were anchored with stakes and tethers, yet a strong wind gust was still able to rip them from the ground and […]

  • Boy loses arm after being mauled by his family’s pet wolf hybrids

    OLYMPIA, Washington – A 3-year-old boy had to have his arm amputated after reaching into a fenced kennel in his backyard that housed two hybrid wolves. The boy’s mother was inside their Washington home at the time and told authorities she didn’t realize her son had gone outside. Officials with the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office say the boy was flown to a Seattle hospital, where doctors could not save his mauled arm. Officers captured the wolf hybrids and transported them […]

  • Poop and pythons – woman cited for 100 dead pythons in her feces-filled home

    JUPITER, Florida – Police found a graphic scene inside a Florida home that after conducting a welfare check that shocked neighbors. About 100 dead ball pythons starved and rotting in stacked plastic bins in a house filled with dog feces and urine. “They had to come back and almost dress up in hazmat suits to go back in,” neighbor Rob Long told WBTV. “It’s just heartbreaking. I mean, if she needed help I’m sure there were a lot of people that […]

  • Study: Spiders eat up to 800 million tons each year – more than twice the weight of the entire human population

    If you don’t yet suffer from arachnophobia – an abnormal fear of spiders, try this on for size! A new study states that the eight-eyed monsters arachnids eat between 400-800 million metric tons of insects, lizards, birds, and small mammals globally each year, which is about the same amount of food that whales consume! Compare that number to humans, who eat 400 million tons of fish and meat each year! Terrifyingly enough, this also means that while spiders do not eat […]

  • Special child with “aging disease” asked to play a special role at basketball player’s wedding

    LEXINGTON, Kentucky – Zach Pickard is one of only 17 children in the U.S. suffering from Progeria, often called “the aging disease,” and the only child in all of Kentucky with the genetic disorder. But Zach is just like most 10-year-old boys – he loves to master Rubik’s cubes and watch basketball, especially his favorite player, University of Kentucky Forward Derek Willis. Willis’ fiancee, Keely Potts, saw a news story about Zach and reached out to his family. Zach and […]