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  • “We’re still trying,” OHP teams up with national system to bring closure in unidentified traffic deaths

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says it will begin taking steps to try and bring closure to families with lost loved ones. On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced that it is partnering with the National Missing and Unidentified Person’s System (NamUs) and the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. It is all in an effort to identify people killed on Oklahoma interstates and highways over the past 44 years. In fact, seven cases are still unsolved. […]

  • Body camera video shows police chase end in Midwest City bedroom

    OKLAHOMA – Newly-released body camera video shows a dangerous police chase earlier this month. The chase began around 3 a.m. March 8 when an officer pulled Manuel Adrian Juarez over for a broken tail light near I-40 and Meridian. When the officer approached the vehicle, Juarez drove off. The chase lead officers across several metro freeways and, eventually, a police helicopter took over. According to the police report, Juarez parked the Buick he was driving outside of a house near […]

  • Hydrating for the future: Fire department holds water drive to help crews stay healthy

    OKLAHOMA CITY — For firefighters, the heat and flames are hard enough to deal with. But sometimes, their bodies are short on one thing—water “It’s a godsend to all of us,” said Assistant Chief Duane Dahlem with the Twin Lakes Fire Department. “I was in some training the other day at one of the other departments, asked if they had some water, ‘we’re out!’” And the lack of water can be a big problem. “One of the main injuries that firefighters […]

  • Looking for answers: Oklahomans hope town hall will get senators’ attention

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – Hundreds gathered at Rose State College Saturday for a variety of reasons. “I think with what’s happening now with the education, the way it is with all of the cuts, the EPA and everything else, it’s kind of scary and we want to know,” said Quanah Schlesselman. Hot topics at the town hall included education, the care of veterans and healthcare. During the discussion, many hoped their concerns would be heard by Oklahoma Senators James Lankford […]

  • “The driver lost control of the vehicle,” 14-year-old dead after UTV accident near Edmond

    EDMOND, Okla. – It was a morning that ended in tragedy. Yellow tape surrounded the scene of a flipped UTV near Edmond Saturday morning. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says two boys, both 14, and a girl, 13, were riding on vehicle when the driver lost control. “It appears they were headed east here on the county road and for whatever reason, the driver lost control of the vehicle,” said Capt. Paul Timmons. The ATV flipped and two of the teens were […]

  • “I’ve found snakes,” 11-year-old Oklahoma boy will clean out your storm shelter

    EDMOND, Okla. – If you’re afraid of what may be lurking in your dark storm shelter, an 11-year-old boy may be your guy. Wyatt Cargill makes his cash by cleaning out storm shelters. “We`re spraying everything, wiping it down,” said Wyatt as he cleaned a shelter on Friday. And his customer couldn’t be happier. “Yeah, that`s not for me,” laughed Dana Zeigler. “And I can`t pay my own kids to do it.” Wyatt stared his business in 2015 and has […]

  • “They’d be affected bad,” Business owners dependent on Oklahoma state parks worry about possible closures due to budget cuts

    CUSTER COUNTY, Okla. – For nearly 20 years, Eric Puyear’s been in business along Highway 44, just south of Foss State Park. “Oh, it’s great,” Puyear said. “You get to talk with everybody. So, everybody’s different.” He said Foss Lake is a huge draw for locals and tourists, and his shop sells basically everything you could need. “We get a lot of people out of Texas, Kansas, Colorado,” he said. It’s a simple life, and he’s living the dream. But, […]

  • Proposed bill could do away with free services to help older, blind Oklahomans

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Vicky Golightly has been legally blind her whole life. The 63-year-old said she’s now losing what is left of her vision. But, recently, she received some help from the Department of Rehabilitation Services. A specialist came to her home to help her be more independent, something she said is especially helpful in the kitchen. “I was always burning myself,” Golightly said of some new padding on her oven. “Now, when I pull the shelf out, I’m not […]

  • Criminal justice reform: State representative says HB 1482 is an insult to voters

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Last November, voters answered State Question 780. “They voted to move drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors for a lot of drug offenses,” said Representative Forrest Bennett, a Democrat. But then HB 1482, known as the “Keep Oklahoma Children Safe from Illegal Drugs Act of 2017” recently passed the house. Bennett voted against it. “The intent, clearly, is to roll back a lot of what 780 did,” said Bennett. The bill would add a provision to 780 and […]

  • Oklahomans race to save livestock during wildfire outbreak

    PAYNE COUNTY, Okla. – With countless wildfires happening around the state, many people are worried about their livestock. One of those people is Payne County resident Janice Hopkins. She had to evacuate her cows during Monday’s fire. “You had to hurry. When you seen (sic) the flames and the fire, we had to hurry quick,” Hopkins said. She came home to find fire racing across her property and straight for her cows. “You didn’t have a warning or nothing,” Hopkins […]

  • “Something bad did happen,” Family members recall moments before man was shot by homeowner

    DEL CITY, Okla. – Family members are remembering the man who was shot and killed by a homeowner on Saturday. Police said 36-year-old Gary Dewayne Hooks was shot and killed after he went into another man’s home in the 4400 block of S.E. 37th. Gary’s mother said he was a hard worker and a father to nine children. She said he had been to a family member’s funeral earlier in the day and was intoxicated afterwards. The last time she saw her […]