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  • “Merry Christmas” Legislation

    Posted on: 12:58 pm, December 9, 2013, by

    Legislation is being introduced in Oklahoma to ensure schools and other public places of learning are able to celebrate Christmas...
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  • Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan

    Posted on: 12:13 pm, December 9, 2013, by

    Now is the time to make those end of year contributions to your child’s college savings plan: https://ok4saving.org/
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  • Recalled Products

    Posted on: 11:35 am, December 9, 2013, by

    To find out if your highchair or other products in your home are unsafe, hazardous or defective, log on to...
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  • OKC Teacher of the Year Finalists

    Posted on: 1:32 pm, December 3, 2013, by

    Nine teachers from Oklahoma City Public Schools were named as finalists for Oklahoma City Teacher of the Year: http://okckids.com/news-success-stories/articles/teacher-of-the-year-finalists-named/
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  • Common Core Standards

    Posted on: 4:44 pm, October 30, 2013, by , updated on: 02:33pm, March 27, 2014

    For more information on the Common Core academic standards: http://www.corestandards.org/assets/CCSSI_ELA%20Standards.pdf
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  • How to find vaccines near you:

    Posted on: 3:10 pm, September 26, 2013, by

    Doctors are recommending flu shots right now. Here’s a website that can help locate a provider near you: http://www.vaccines.gov/
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  • HopeLine & D.A.’s Against Domestic Violence

    Posted on: 2:42 pm, September 19, 2013, by

    The Oklahoma District Attorneys Association and Verizon Wireless announce the “District Attorneys Against Domestic Violence” collaboration. As part of a...
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  • How to Eat Right When Money’s Tight

    Posted on: 3:20 pm, September 9, 2013, by

    This tip sheet, created by SNAP, provides information on how to shop for a nutritious diet while on a low-income...
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  • Back Pain Procedure

    Posted on: 12:05 pm, September 6, 2013, by

    To learn more about Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression or “mild,” and to find a doctor in your area, log onto...
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  • OU Stadium Rules

    Posted on: 2:28 pm, August 23, 2013, by

    Fans attending OU football games this season need to be aware of changes in stadium policy: http://www.soonersports.com/
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  • Measles Vaccine

    Posted on: 2:43 pm, August 20, 2013, by

    In Texas, a measles outbreak finds residents in Tarrant County lining up to get vaccinated. For more information on the...
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  • Parachute Heart Device Study

    Posted on: 2:40 pm, August 15, 2013, by

    A clinical trial is ongoing at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital to test a new device for heart attack patients. http://www.okheart.com/
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