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  • Oklahoma City parking lot attendant accused of stealing nearly half million dollars

    A downtown parking lot attendant is accused of ripping off the city. An audit released this week to the city council details the alleged theft. The suspect is accused of embezzling nearly a half million dollars. “When people have access to cash, sometimes they give into temptation,” said Oklahoma City councilman David Greenwell. Greenwell, CPA and certified fraud examiner himself, says the theft had been going on for years. According to the city audit, the employee stole $80,000 in 2012, […]

  • OKC councilman questions if city can do more to prevent flash flooding

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Flash flooding has plagued the metro in recent weeks. One councilman in Oklahoma City is now wondering if the city should rethink how it prepares for future floods “It was up to about here,” said Jim Jones. One of the recent storms left Jones with two feet of water in his home. Like many of his neighbors, Jim had to throw out nearly all of his belongings. “When it gets that nasty water from the creek, it’s basically done, you […]

  • Suspect arrested for flashing fake police badge during traffic stop

    A metro driver is pulled over by police and then arrested for allegedly pretending to be a police officer himself. That sparked a much bigger investigation. Police say the suspect ripped off numerous people all over the metro. In fact, inside his car, police say they found zip lock bags full of fake IDs as well as binders full of stolen birth certificates and forged checks. “He’s got a lot of issues,” said the suspect’s former girlfriend, Amanda Armstrong. “We […]

  • OKC man discovers he has brain tumor after leading police on high speed chase

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City man may owe his arrest to saving his life. He found out he has a brain tumor only hours after he was arrested for leading police on a high speed chase. Heavy rains at noon on Wednesday made it too dangerous for police chasing a reckless driver on the northwest side. That allowed John Linduff to escape. “The police started chasing me. I had a little sport with ’em and got away,” said Linduff. […]

  • “Left basically to die,” 20-year-old dies following hit-and-run in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run. A 20-year-old man was killed after being hit by a truck near S.E. 44th and Bryant. “There was blood coming out of his head,” said Logan Patterson. “He was just kind of twisted up. He did not appear to be alive.” Driving down S.E. 44th St., Patterson made the grisly discovery, quickly stopped and immediately called 911. “You know, I couldn’t believe someone hit the kid and ran off,” said […]

  • Did Oklahoma attorney general’s office mislead Supreme Court on execution issue?

    Allegations of possible wrongdoing surface against the Oklahoma attorney general’s office. According to nationally published reports, Scott Pruitt’s office may have lied to the United States Supreme Court. The controversy stems from the ongoing debate over the availability of certain drugs used for executions. Pruitt has argued the state was forced to use the controversial drug midazolam because another execution drug called pentobarbital was no longer available. To support that argument, the AG’s office filed a brief with the Supreme […]

  • Oklahoma City women robbed after meeting suspect for online date

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City woman learns, firsthand, the dangers of online dating. Police say the victim and two of her friends were robbed by strangers they had met from social media. It happened outside an apartment complex near N.W. 122nd and Penn. The three victims agreed to meet up with the man they met online, but as soon as the victims pulled up, the suspect and at least two other men robbed the women at gunpoint. Signing into a […]

  • Local law enforcement agency says new bill would cripple drug enforcement programs

    CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – A new bill is coming under fire from some local sheriff’s departments. Critics say the bill would cripple drug fighting programs across the state. Over the years, K9 officers in Canadian County have seized millions of dollars in illegal drugs along I-40. In turn, the sheriff’s office has used money recovered from those busts to help fund numerous public safety programs. However, that would come to an end if SB838 becomes law. “This bill has the […]

  • Oklahoma City police search for alleged fake cop

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City police are searching for a man pretending to be one of their own. The suspect may have been on the verge of burglarizing a home near Britton and Rockwell when an alert neighbor confronted the suspect. Spotting an open garage door and a potentially easy target, the male suspect walked up to the house ready to steal whatever he found inside. “He went up inside the garage,” said neighbor Robert Smart. Robert lives across the street. […]

  • Three men accused of stealing from disaster area in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Three people are arrested and accused of looting from a disaster area. The trio of suspects were caught red- handed allegedly stealing along I-35 and S.E. 44th St. On the east side of I-35, many homes and businesses were ripped apart in the tornado. Helping his mother who lived at the RV park, a witness saw several men loading a large air conditioner from the front of the post office into a pickup. “I knew they probably didn’t […]

  • Family of four survives tornado in closet despite having house torn apart around them

    BRIDGE CREEK, Okla. – A family is lucky to be alive after their home got ripped apart around them in Bridge Creek. The family didn’t have a storm shelter so when the storms came through, they hunkered down in a closet. When the walls came down around them, the family somehow survived. “I was sitting right here,” said Charolette Bray. Covered with just a blanket, Charolette watched as the walls of her home were torn apart in the twister. Four family […]