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  • Starbucks Medicine?

    Good marketing or just something to make you feel good? A secret Starbucks drink added to the menu There’s no actual medicine in the drink….but here’s the secret recipe in case your barista needs it. -1 VENTI CUP FILLED WITH HALF HOT WATER AND HALF STEAMED LEMONADE -1 BAG OF TEAVANA JADE CITRUS MINT TEA -1 BAG OF TEAVANA PEACH TRANQUILITY TEA -1 PACKET OF HONEY -PUMP OF PEPPERMINT  


    Better Balance Through Gaming For More Information On The Game


    Easy Ways To Spot Suspicious Calls & What To Do If You Get One

  • Jesus Tomb Restoration

    Restoration work at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem reveals one of world’s holiest sites rests on a precarious earthly foundation.

  • Oklahoma City officials: Lighten Up on the fertilizer

    Oklahoma City Asking Residents To Go Easy On The Fertilizer Here are some other helpful tips when fertilizing:

  • CPR Compression Songs

    Complete List of CPR Songs Published By New York Presbyterian Hospital

  • Diabetes Dog

    For More Information On Diabetic Alert Dogs  

  • Mosquito-Borne Disease Vaccine Study

    For More Information:


    Top 2016 Tax Scams “THE DIRTY DOZEN”

  • Affordable Care Act Deadline

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  • Radon In Oklahoma