Bob Moore Chopper 4 Pilot Jon Welsh

Bob Moore Chopper 4 Pilot

You can catch Jon Welsh high above in the action in Bob Moore Chopper 4. The pilot grew up in Durant, OK, graduated from Silo High School and went to college at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Welsh enlisted as an Infantryman in the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 2000 as soon as he graduated High School.

Shortly after his first deployment in 2003, he joined the Durant Police Department as a patrolman.

He served the people of Durant for two and a half years before taking a job as a recruiter for the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

Jon left the recruiting force in early 2007 to attend US Army Flight Training at Ft. Rucker, AL.

After returning from flight school Welsh and his family moved to Moore, O.K. where they now call home.

Welsh returned home from Iraq in the fall of 2010.

While there he flew over 800 hours in direct support of combat operations.

Prior to joining the KFOR team, he served as a Blackhawk instructor pilot for the Oklahoma National Guard.

John is honored to pilot Bob Moore Chopper 4 and continue his service to the public, keeping you informed from 800 feet above the story.

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