Kelsey joined the Newschannel 4 team in January 2017 as a multimedia journalist. She is excited to call Oklahoma home.
Kelsey grew up in Springfield Illinois, home of Abraham Lincoln.
She started her reporting career at WCIA TV in the Capitol Bureau. She was part of a three person reporter team covering legislation, rallies and even the arrival of President Barack Obama. During this time Kelsey had the opportunity to learn to shoot, edit and report.

Kelsey graduated with a Master’s of Art degree in Public Affairs Reporting at the University of Illinois Springfield, teaching her the ethics of reporting on state politics.
On her days off Kelsey likes to try new foods and volunteering throughout the metro community with her church.

If you like for Kelsey to share your story or you want to recommend great places to eat, email her at

Recent Articles
  • “He stopped breathing,” Nurses credited with saving life of Oklahoma teenager at church camp

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Like many Oklahoma teenagers, Jake Hall has spent many summers at church camp. However, a recent incident nearly cut his young life short. “I got a phone call Monday about 2:30, 2:45 from my wife, frantic that one of my kids was unresponsive,” said James Hall, Jake’s dad. James said his 15-year-old son was at camp when something went terribly wrong. “He was walking around, he started stumbling, he fell down and somebody approached him. He said […]

  • Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office warning homeowners of new scam

    OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is raising a red flag on a new scam targeting metro families and their homes. “We’ve had individuals coming into the Treasurer’s Office and paying off homeowners past-due taxes without their knowledge. Now that in itself is not criminally against the law,” said Mark Opgrande, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. It seems like a friendly gesture, but it’s actually a ploy to get a property owner out of their home illegally. Scam […]

  • “My son plays outside,” Officials investigate Garvin County homicide

    GARVIN COUNTY – There’s a murder mystery in Garvin County. The crime scene takes us about 21 miles west of Pauls Valley near an oil field site outside of Elmore City. “We have a deceased person that we’re calling a homicide,” said Sheriff Larry Rhodes. The man’s body was found by an oil field worker Saturday morning along a oil lease road southwest of Elmore City. “Just because of the circumstances of the scene in the visible trauma to the […]

  • “You have to listen to your body,” EMSA warns of heat-related dangers

    OKLAHOMA CITY — As we inch closer to the first day of summer, temperatures are reaching near triple digits. EMSA has already received several calls this week for heat-related illnesses and they want people to play it safe. “You have to listen to your body and realize it’s time to do something different,” said John Graham, operations manager with EMSA. He responded to nearly 10 heat-related illness calls in just one day. “Really, the first thing that people notice is a […]

  • Two-time escapee from Lincoln County jail back behind bars

    LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. –  All four Lincoln County jail inmates are back behind bars. The last inmate, Brian Moody, was caught near County Road 3290 in Lincoln County. According to officials, a driver saw him in the woods and called 911. “Yes, this is [caller] and I’m on the 900 road almost to Pottawatomie, and there’s a man walking down the road with just his swim trunks and shirt swung over his shoulders,” the driver told 911. Thanks to OHP’s chopper, […]

  • Mustang residents confused about drainage ditch upkeep

    MUSTANG, Okla. —  A drainage ditch that runs across several homes in Mustang is causing a stir with neighbors. They say they shouldn’t have to keep it clean while the city says, yes they do. Residents in one Mustang neighborhood said 25 property owners living along Linden Lane and Pointe Lane received the letter from city hall to clean it up. “It just said I had 30 days to have all the grass and trash removed from the drainage channel […]

  • Oklahoma County to pay $3.3 million in jail medical bills using taxpayer dollars

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Since 2014, Armor Correctional Health Services was the number one medical provider for Oklahoma County jail inmates. However, the Florida-based company is fighting for its late payments. “I’m grateful to Armor that they wanted to continue to provide services because at any point after 30 days of non-payment, they could have pulled out of their contract, and then we would’ve been in a real mess,” said County Commissioner Brian Maughan. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that […]

  • Oklahoma officials put money from drug bust to good use

    GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. – It was January, 2013 when Craig Williamson was arrested for selling a large amount of meth and got caught in a drug bust that ended up totaling more than $50,000 in cash. Sheriff Larry Rhodes had an eye on Williamson since 2011, until the bust ended Williamson’s illegal business when was caught in Grady County. But, what they found in his rural, Garvin County home left authorities shocked. “We found illegal narcotics at that residence as […]

  • Oklahoma City police officer arrested after allegedly hitting husband with curling iron

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Kristi Cox-Brewer has been on the Oklahoma City police force for nearly four years. Her job is to uphold the law but now she’s accused of beating her husband. “At some point we believe she hit him over the head with curling iron,” said Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderrama. Late Tuesday night, officials say 28-year-old Cox-Brewer and her husband started arguing at an apartment complex on N.W. 10th and Shartel. Cox-Brewer’s husband called police once he […]

  • Men accused of causing oil spill, setting hay bales on fire near Fairview

    FAIRVIEW, Okla. – Arrests have been made in a messy and pricey situation involving hundreds of barrels intentionally leaked into a creek near Fairview in Major County. 20-year-old Joshua England and 26-year-old Dakota Gray are currently sitting in county jail accused of releasing oil into the Cottonwood Creek on May 13 and 14. “Through the course of the investigation, we determine that there were three suspects that were involved,” said Deputy Wesley Mongold. According to officials, the intoxicated men and […]

  • Man wearing devil mask robs Oklahoma City electronic store

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It was a scary ordeal for employees at CDR Electronics. Two masked men walked inside the store and robbed it at gunpoint. “One had that big ol red devil masked. That was pretty noticeable,” said Joshua Harrison, assistant manager. It’s a description Harrison can’t forget about the robbery that happened on May 31 at CDR Electronics, surveillance cameras capturing one suspect wearing a bright red devil mask and the other wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a gray […]