Kelsey joined the Newschannel 4 team in January 2017 as a multimedia journalist. She is excited to call Oklahoma home.
Kelsey grew up in Springfield Illinois, home of Abraham Lincoln.
She started her reporting career at WCIA TV in the Capitol Bureau. She was part of a three person reporter team covering legislation, rallies and even the arrival of President Barack Obama. During this time Kelsey had the opportunity to learn to shoot, edit and report.

Kelsey graduated with a Master’s of Art degree in Public Affairs Reporting at the University of Illinois Springfield, teaching her the ethics of reporting on state politics.
On her days off Kelsey likes to try new foods and volunteering throughout the metro community with her church.

If you like for Kelsey to share your story or you want to recommend great places to eat, email her at

Recent Articles
  • Graphic: Dead kittens found on Oklahoma veterinarian’s doorstep; deputies investigating

    Warning: This video may be considered disturbing to some viewers.  WANETTE, Okla. — Employees at the Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic made a horrific discovery when they arrived to find a box on the doorstep. Dr. Christina Makarim says one the employees arrived at the clinic on Monday morning and found a box taped shut. “She got it open and she said, ‘They’re dead.’ And I said, ‘What’s dead?’ She said, ‘The kittens,’” said Dr. Christina Makarim. Dr. Makarim said the […]

  • Thieves steal guns, jewelry during pawn shop armed robbery

    WARR ARCES, Okla. – Monday was supposed to be business as usual for Fast Cash Pawn on Northwest Expressway. Employees were gearing up to make final sales before the store officially closed. But, around 10 a.m., things changed. “Two individuals made entry into the pawn shop, and several guns were stolen,” said Major John Gray, deputy chief with Warr Acres police. And, what was a parking lot full of customers was now filled with police. Investigators combed through alleys and […]

  • “A complete loss,” Oklahoma business recovering after hit by storms

    CORDELL, Okla. – Thursday`s severe weather came rolling in late afternoon producing tornadoes, hail, high winds and heavy rain. The storms pushed through the town of Cordell leaving behind minor damage but enough to pack a punch for one business. “Of course, you can see the roof’s gone, but the inside was torrential rains,” said Rick Cook, who co-owns Cordell’s Gun Store. It was one of at least a dozen structures damaged by the twister. Cook said he knew the […]

  • Oklahoma City Police looking for pair of burglars caught stealing on surveillance video

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A pair of burglars were caught stealing items on surveillance video. Police say two burglars hopped the fence at Apublix Self-Storage on N.W. 10th and Council on May 12th. Then, they used tools to crack open two random storage units. “We’re still working to determine exactly what they took,” said Officer Travis Vernier. However, by looking at the surveillance video, it looks like they took more than a handful. The suspects made off with boxes, suitcases, and […]

  • National Weather Service: Preliminary results show Elk City tornado at an EF-2

    ELK CITY, Okla. – The National Weather Service in Norman was in Elk City surveying the damage to determine the category of Tuesday’s tornado. “We split up into teams today and my part of the survey so far has been in the rural area,” said Rick Smith, with NWS. The teams went from neighborhood to neighborhood surveying the storm damage and checking to see how extensive the damage is. “We’re looking at the damage to try to determine how strong […]

  • “He kind of pushed me,” Air Force veteran’s wallet, war medal stolen out of his back pocket

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Eddie Barnes, 79, served four years in the United States Air Force. He has a medal in his wallet to remind him of the glory days. Over the weekend, that wallet was stolen right out of his back pocket. “A lady getting gas said, ‘Hey, he’s got your billfold,” said Barnes. Barnes was pumping gas at a gas station on MacArthur and N.W. 10th St. when police say 55-year-old Kervin Gardiner asked Barnes if he needed help […]

  • “Just disgusting,” Residents upset after cemetery mementos, items thrown in the trash

    FORT COBB, Okla. – Clay Butler couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked on the grave of his great-uncle at Fort Cobb Cemetery. He discovered American flags, crosses and fake flowers had all been thrown into a dumpster. “Just disgusting,” he said. Larger items like benches, flowerpots and mementos were tossed to the side near a pile of dirt. “There’s no sense of taking those off of a grave,” Butler said. On Saturday, the Fort Cobb Cemetery Board made the […]

  • Oklahoma man develops device to fight racism in unusual way

    OKLAHOMA CITY — A local man is hoping to fight racism in an unusual way. He’s using virtual reality to help people experience what it’s like to be the target of racial anger. “Imagine if you want to, a box or a cube the size of a telephone booth,” said Ian Okuden. When you go inside the gray box, you’re introduced to a different world. “You walk in and there are three very large monitors, you’re surrounded. And all of […]

  • Severe storms leave behind damage across the state, Kingfisher hit hard with hail

    KINGFISHER, Okla. – Baseball-sized hail stormed into the town of Kingfisher Thursday afternoon. Many cars had broken windshields, while homes and businesses received busted out windows. The streets were covered with tree branches and flooded waters. The Kingfisher Emergency Management told NewsChannel 4 the damage was scattered throughout the area. One resident said she saw the hail hitting her car from a store window. She said the back windshield glass started to buckle, while hail of all shapes and sizes dropped several holes […]

  • 13-year-old tied up, robbed at Oklahoma City home

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A young man, just 13 years old, was bound and robbed inside his home in Oklahoma City. His parents came home to find out their son was a victim of a terrifying home invasion. “It’s a frightening situation for anybody to have someone force their way into your home and zip tie your hands together,” said Msgt. Gary Knight. The mom and dad went out to dinner Tuesday night, leaving the teen at home. The parents had […]

  • “That’s not right,” Former Oklahoma officer believes he was fired for not writing enough tickets

    DIBBLE, Okla. — Richard Searcy, a former Dibble police officer, is without a job and he doesn’t really know why. Searcy was fired from the Dibble Police Department earlier this month. He says he believes it may have something to do with how many citations and warnings he’s supposed to write for the department. “To turn around and tell me that I can’t justified putting you on full-time until your numbers come up, that’s like saying, ‘Okay, you gotta write a […]