Kelsey joined the Newschannel 4 team in January 2017 as a multimedia journalist. She is excited to call Oklahoma home.
Kelsey grew up in Springfield Illinois, home of Abraham Lincoln.
She started her reporting career at WCIA TV in the Capitol Bureau. She was part of a three person reporter team covering legislation, rallies and even the arrival of President Barack Obama. During this time Kelsey had the opportunity to learn to shoot, edit and report.

Kelsey graduated with a Master’s of Art degree in Public Affairs Reporting at the University of Illinois Springfield, teaching her the ethics of reporting on state politics.
On her days off Kelsey likes to try new foods and volunteering throughout the metro community with her church.

If you like for Kelsey to share your story or you want to recommend great places to eat, email her at

Recent Articles
  • Oklahoma woman rides on same plane as Senator Lankford, gives him letter

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Kendall Brown is living with Crohn’s disease. However, she says the Affordable Care Act has helped provide her with the treatment and care she needs. “And I was put on a form of chemo, and first of all I was only able to have the surgery because of the A.C.A.,” said Brown. But under the new GOP’s proposed health care bill, Brown fears she could lose her health insurance. She called and wrote her local elected official, […]

  • Oklahoma Senate votes no to bill regarding LGBTQ community

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Senators went back and forth debating a bill some said was discriminatory and similar to ones that led to boycotts in Indiana and North Carolina. “And, I ask that you reject this bill as another power grab to seize power from local governments,” said Senator David Holt. But, Senator Josh Brecheen, who wrote the bill, said it would protect citizens’ freedom. “Be able to abide by fundamental rights in relation to what sincerely is held in a […]

  • Mailbox bandits targeting northwest Oklahoma City neighborhoods

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Blair Yadon has lived in his home on Tracy Drive for nearly a decade. However, as of lately, what used to be a peaceful neighborhood in northwest Oklahoma City has been plagued with thieves. “This is a quiet neighborhood, and I consider it to be safe, but instances like this can make you think differently of it and give the neighborhood a bad reputation,” said Yadon. Yadon is talking about Tuesday morning when two men, Tommy and […]

  • Traffic stop leads to investigation of designer knockoffs, fake merchandise in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A routine traffic stop turned out to be more than what officers expected. “While doing an inventory of the vehicle, the officer found a lot of merchandise in there,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight The officer discovered Jamara Gator had outstanding warrants for his arrest. Even though the police report said Gator is unemployed, he could be involved in illegally selling fake merchandise. “They’ve been wrapped up in bubble wrap and actually had price tags on them, […]

  • Three inmates on the run after escaping from the Lincoln County Jail

    CHANDLER, Okla. –  Thursday night around 11:30,  Brian Moody, Sonny Baker, and Mark Robbins planned their escape from the Lincoln County Jail. Authorities say they crawled out through the air conditioner vent and made it to a backdoor where they stripped their jail clothes and bailed. “Early in the morning we heard some talking and loud banter back and forth, probably around that area,” said Anna Ellison. Officials say the men stole a gray 2004 Dodge Ram pickup with the tag […]

  • Controversial book about worshiping the devil hits Oklahoma City library shelves

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Adam Daniels noticed there wasn’t any literature for those wanting the worship the devil, or Ahriman. So, he decided to take charge and be the first to write about it. “They’re no longer worshiping what most people consider God, but they’re actually worshiping what people consider the Devil, but they don’t understand what the devil is. And what the devil is, is a spirit of anguish,” said Daniels. Daniels says his book, Ahrimani Enlightenment, teaches readers about […]

  • Anonymous caller leads to arrest of Oklahoma City couple for child neglect

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It all started when an anonymous caller told Oklahoma City police about an alleged case of child abuse. Officers got involved in the case after an anonymous caller said a couple living at an Oklahoma City apartment complex was abusing a 1-year-old girl. “They made contact with the girl’s mother and asked to check the toddler’s welfare. Inside the apartment was also an adult male,” said Officer Travis Vernier with the Oklahoma City Police Department. When police […]

  • Representative’s bill that charges electric car owners yearly fee to maintain Oklahoma roads passes House

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Able Blakley is a small business owner. Therefore, when he decided to cut costs, his family went with an electric car. A win, win: no more paying for gas, and the family gets to help the environment. “We’re interested in reducing the country’s dependence on foreign oil, is a big deal. I try not use as much petroleum as I can, interested in reducing our carbon footprint,” Blakely said. But, Blakley’s cost-saving decision could actually cost him […]

  • Fight at Penn Square Mall scares shoppers

    OKLAHOMA CITY  —  Friday night at the mall wasn’t your typical work day for Anthony Clark. “I was working in my store and out of nowhere all we saw was people from all different directions, running from the food court,” said Clark. Police say a large fight broke out on the second floor food court inside the mall. Some even thought they heard gunshots. “I did hear noise. I heard a lot of screaming just panting. Of course you can […]

  • How to make your home ‘defensible’ from wildfires

    EDMOND, Okla. – Oklahoma is vulnerable to wildfires. Edmond Deputy Fire Chief Chris Denton says on dry, hot, windy days, it only takes one spark to unleash a wall of flames. But there are ways to protect your home and property even when flames are all around. “When this catches on fire right here, it’s going to get really hot and it’s going to burn up into the trees,” said Denton. Denton said the first step to take when building […]

  • Broken Arrow shooting suspect arrested in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A gas station quickly turned into a hideout for a man on the run from authorities. “I was running errands at Walmart when I pulled up and I saw all these highway patrol cars around my work, and I’m like what’s going on,” said Autumn Brooks. Brooks noticed a man who looked suspicious in the store ordering chicken. “He was very nervous, very shaky, agitated. Seemed like he might have been on something maybe, very nervous,” she […]