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Oklahoma’s News Channel 4’s Kevin Ogle is an Emmy award winning journalist who anchors the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. weeknight news with Linda Cavanaugh.
In addition to his responsibilities as news anchor, Kevin moderates Flashpoint, a political affairs talk show with Mike Turpen and Krik Humphreys.
In 1993, Kevin joined the News Channel 4 team as weekend anchor and weekday reporter. He has also worked in radio and print.
Kevin has received various awards for reporting. He was honored with a Heart Land Emmy Award for his special: “Survivor’s Story”. He won another Heart Land Emmy for the commentary: “A Real Oklahoman”, an update of his father Jack’s commentary from 1984. He was nominated for an Emmy in 1998 for his feature Power of Prayer. The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters awarded Kevin the 2004 Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Feature on his reporting of Survivor’s Story.
The Arkansas Associated Press first place reporting award for the documentary The Family Farm: The New York Times Company Broadcast Group awarded Kevin the 2004 Chairman’s Team Award for his efforts in KFOR’s Triple Cast Election Watch Team on the night of the presidential election, November 2004.
Kevin attended Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University. Kevin and his family live in Edmond.

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  • Donald Trump's campaign rally in Chicago on Friday was postponed amid growing security concerns. Several fights between Trump supporters and protesters could be seen after the announcement, as a large contingent of Chicago police officers moved in to restore order.

    The Rant: Trouble at Trump rallies

    Tuesday is a big primary day with Florida and Ohio being just two of the delegate-rich states involved. Meanwhile, controversy continues over the unrest at Trump rallies. His political opponents blame him, saying it’s his inflammatory rhetoric that is prompting such a backlash of protesters. He blames the protesters for the violence. What do you think?

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    The Rant: It’s Open Topic Night!

    You’re in charge of the topic tonight! Send me your personal rant or rave, then look for your comments tonight at 10 p.m. on NewsChannel 4.

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    The Rant: Caitlyn Jenner is ‘Cruzin’ into election season

    A published report says Caitlyn Jenner, who was known as Bruce Jenner before announcing that she is transgender, is a Ted Cruz supporter. She said that she would like to be a “trans ambassador” for Cruz if he is elected president. Does this help or hurt the Cruz campaign?

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    “It’s their hug from us,” Group sews blankets for children in need

    OKLAHOMA – Inside ‘The Stitching Post’ in Moore, Oklahoma, some talented women are working away on a labor of love. They’re part of Project Linus, a group named after the Peanuts cartoon character who was always carrying his security blanket. These volunteer “blanketeers” are providing their own kind of security here – sewing together blankets and quilts for children seriously ill, traumatized or otherwise in need. Their slogan is “The best kind of sleep under heaven above is under a […]

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    “You get asked when the first snow day is,” Opposite, artistic Morgan twins celebrate 18th birthday

    OKLAHOMA – KFOR’s Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan and his wife, Marla, marked a very special event recently. Their twins, Tanner and Montana, celebrated their 18th birthday. Even though they’re twins, they are as different as night and day. Montana is blonde and petite, and Tanner is husky and dark-headed. In fact, some of their friends didn’t even realize they were twins. “We had a friend our freshman year that didn’t believe we were twins until second semester,” Montana said. “There […]

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    79-year-old offers ministry of love and hope

    OKLAHOMA – Inside the downtown Harrah Ministry Center, 79-year-old Geneva Haury offers a ministry of love and hope. With the help from Harrah’s First Baptist Church, her dedicated volunteers and her own resources, Haury organizes, shops, loads, sorts, makes grocery runs into Oklahoma City with her own gas looking for good deals and does it with a Christian spirit that makes this a place for folks to find a hand up. Everything is free, from the groceries she stores in the […]

  • the Rant

    The Rant: Iowa Implications?

    The first true test of the presidential election season is behind us. Last night in Iowa, Ted Cruz was the winner on the Republican side. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner even though it was basically a dead heat between her and Bernie Sanders. Are you happy or upset about the overall results?

  • Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump, Credit:	Pool

    The Rant: Palin’s PTSD moment

    On Monday, Sarah Palin addressed comments she made about the arrest of her son on a domestic violence charge, claiming it was due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some believe she suggested President Obama’s “lack of respect for vets” affected her son’s condition. On Monday, she said, “I never blamed President Obama.” But she said she believes the president could do more to show he respects our troops. Your thoughts on her explanation?

  • KISS 2

    KISS members in Oklahoma City to support veterans, for grand opening of restaurant

    OKLAHOMA CITY – They are probably the most recognizable rock band in the world for their unique look and stage performance. The founding members of KISS were in Oklahoma City on Thursday for the grand opening of their new rock-themed restaurant while, at the same time, honoring America’s fighting men and women. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley said they chose Oklahoma City for ‘Rock & Brews’ because of what we have to offer. “Heartland is where it’s at,” Simmons said. “They call […]

  • the Rant

    The Rant: It’s Open Topic Night!

    You’re in charge of the topic tonight! Send me your personal rant or rave, then look for your comments tonight at 10 p.m. on NewsChannel 4.

  • the Rant

    Carly Fiorina: “If he were [nominee], Hillary Clinton would wipe the floor with Donald Trump”

    The Iowa caucuses are just a few weeks away now, and republican candidate Carly Fiorina is making news. She told a Glamour magazine columnist “Hillary Clinton would wipe the floor with Donald Trump,” if he becomes the republican nominee. What do you think of her comments?