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  • rampage

    Graphic Video: Woman goes on offensive rant after near miss on highway

    WARNING: Language in this video is inappropriate and may be offensive to some viewers. A video that has been shared on social media hundreds of thousands of times showcases an unpleasant interaction between two drivers. According to the video’s content, a man accidentally merged into a lane without seeing another driver in that spot. While the cars didn’t collide, the drivers still pulled onto the side of the road. In the video, the man attempts to apologize, saying he didn’t […]

  • super drunk

    Community college president arrested for being ‘super drunk’

    MANISTEE COUNTY, Mich. – The president of a Michigan community college may be charged with being ‘super drunk.’ Authorities say Charles Dillon was pulled over earlier this month by police in Mainstee County. Dillon refused to take a breath test, so blood was drawn after his arrest. The toxicology report shows his blood alcohol contest was .186. Michigan’s ‘super drunk’ law goes into effect at .17. If prosecutors choose to charge Dillon under the ‘super drunk’ law, he could face […]

  • shooting

    9-year-old boy shot four times, suspect on the loose

    CHICAGO – A 9-year-old boy was shot and killed Wednesday in an alley near his neighborhood. The family of Antonio Smith says he had a tantrum and ran out of the house. A few minutes later, they received a phone call, telling them he had been shot several times. Authorities say he was shot at least four times in the back in a backyard that borders a railroad, which is the dividing line between two separate gang territories. “A baby […]

  • Source: NBC VOD

    ‘This is beyond anything we have seen,’ U.S. officials contemplate action in Syria

    (CNN) – Top defense officials from the United States left open the possibility of targeting ISIS fighters in Syria. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey, a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stopped short of calling for U.S. military action in Syria. “Can they be defeated without addressing that part of the organization that resides in Syria? The answer is no,” Dempsey said during Thursday’s briefing at the Pentagon. When asked whether that meant operations in Syria, Hagel […]

  • ford

    Ford recalls 160,000 vehicles for engine issues

    If you drive a late-model Ford, there’s a recall you may want to pay close attention to before getting in your car. Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly 160,000 Focus ST and Escape vehicles from the 2013 and 2014 model years due to a safety issue. The automaker says the engines in these vehicles can hesitate or stall due to a wiring problem. Ford will notify vehicle owners and repair the cars for free. Ford is also recalling 616 Focus […]

  • babysitter death

    Woman sentenced for hiding baby sitter’s body

    OGDEN, Utah (KSTU) – A Utah woman is facing prison time after she tried to hide her baby sitter’s body following a drug overdose. Three years ago, authorities say Dea Millerberg and her husband, Eric, used drugs with their 16-year-old babysitter, Lexi Rasmussen. A while later, prosecutors say Eric Millerberg injected Lexi with a mixture of heroin and methamphetamine. That mixture caused her to overdose, which led to her death. According to KSTU, after the couple realized Lexi had died, […]

  • fire challenge1

    Getting to the bottom of dangerous teen trends

    Click here for a comprehensive guide to the most dangerous teen trends. Lori Vann  Skyped with Linda Cavanaugh to talk about the trends, including the fire challenge. For more information on how to react to self injury, visit her website.

  • fraternity

    Girl recovering after being impaled by golf club at fraternity house

    JONESBORO, Ark. – An Arkansas State University freshman was severely injured when she was impaled by a golf club at a fraternity house. The first year of college is usually an exciting time for students, their friends and family. However, that was not the case for the start of the school year for one Arkansas State University. “It was a freak accident, which is basically the only way to describe it,” said Makaleigh Riddle. Authorities say 18-year-old Natalie Eaton was at […]

  • veteran eviction

    ‘It’s the least we can do,’ Neighbors come to aid of veteran in need

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas  – A group of neighbors are coming to the aid of a veteran who was evicted from his home. “He risked his life for us, it’s the least we can do at this point,” said Kara Myers. Myers is just one of many neighbors who saw the eviction happening and took action at the veteran’s home. The veteran is a quiet man, who is a bit reclusive. However, no one is a stranger in the neighborhood. When […]

  • Police: Oklahoma City officer arrested for allegedly assaulting women on the job, rape

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities with the Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed that an officer is under investigation for lewd acts. Chief Bill Citty, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, called a news conference at 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. During the news conference, he announced that Officer Daniel Holtzclaw is under investigation for assaulting several women on the job. Citty says Holtzclaw would “require” women to expose themselves to him and perform lewd acts on him. Citty announced the investigation has […]

  • black mass

    Update: Catholic leaders dismiss lawsuit after Eucharistic Host returned

    UPDATE: Officials with the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City announced that the consecrated Host at the center of a controversial event has been returned. A satanic group plans to have a ‘black mass’ next month and said they would reconsecrate a stolen Eucharistic Host as part of the ceremony. The group’s leaders say it would be given as an offering to Satan. An attorney representing the head of the satanic group gave the Host to a Catholic priest on Thursday afternoon […]