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  • budweiser

    Must See: Budweiser releases touching 2015 Super Bowl commercial

    As many people gear up for the Super Bowl this weekend, you are probably thinking of three things. Fans are counting down the days until Sunday for the game, the food and the commercials. A name that is synonymous with emotional Super Bowl ads just released its latest commercial. For several years, Budweiser has found success with the help of a little puppy. This year, they hope to do it again. Below is the 2014 Super Bowl commercial: You can […]

  • chilling

    Watch: Chilling PSA to be featured during the Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl is known for powerful and emotional ads, but one PSA takes viewers on a different turn. ‘No More’ is working to put an end to domestic violence and sexual assaults. During Sunday’s Super Bowl, fans will see the 30 second ad that features a documented case of domestic violence. The story about the woman’s quick thinking went viral in October. See a mistake? Report a typo here.

  • iv line

    UPDATE: Mother allegedly injected feces into sick son’s IV after surgery

    UPDATE: Authorities say a West Virginia mother injected feces into her son’s IV line following surgery. Candida Fluty is facing two counts of felonious assault and two counts of endangering children. Following the surgery, Fluty wrote on Facebook that her son “has a fever and feels yucky.” Doctors say the boy has a rare condition, but believe Fluty’s actions have intensified the illness. Authorities say nurses and doctors became suspicious of Fluty and put security cameras in the boy’s room […]

  • temperature

    “I would get out while you still can,” Meteorologist has hilarious response when weather map goes haywire

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – When technology fails, some people feel as if their world is falling apart. Fortunately, Fox 10 meteorologist Cory McCloskey was able to keep his cool when things started to heat up. When McCloskey went to the live temperature map, he noticed some things just weren’t right. “I think steel boils at about this temperature, so Cave Creek, there’s probably nothing left there,” McCloskey said. “So don’t even bother looting.” See a mistake? Report a typo here.

  • tonight

    Temperatures still looking comfy for Wednesday

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a bit chilly tonight, but still much nicer than the colder temperatures on the way. On Tuesday morning, temperatures started off chilly. By mid-afternoon, temperatures reached mid-to high 70s across the state. Winds were light, so it was possibly the nicest day of the week. By nightfall on Tuesday, temperatures dropped into the 40s. Wednesday will be much of the same with temperatures expected to rise to the 70s. Later in the week, a cold front will push cooler air and […]

  • beer

    Sewage brew: New beer causing some to think twice

    PORTLAND, Ore. (KGW) – Oregon is known for specialty beers, but one new brew is causing some people to think twice before taking a sip. Jeremie Landers has been home-brewing beer for nearly a decade and has even converted his garage into a tap-room. “I love the experimentation process,” he said. This summer, Landers will be one of more than a dozen home brewers taking part in a unique experiment. Instead of using tap water to make beer, the brewers […]

  • Courtesy: The Bella Foundation

    Rescue group reunites family with missing dog nine months later

    OKLAHOMA CITY – When it comes to a lost pet, many owners will go to the ends of the Earth to find their missing family member. When Bullseye went missing in April, the Parkhurst family searched high and low for him. However, the dog who was always seen around the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch was never found. In November, a family rescued a dog from the side of a country road. According to the Bella Foundation, the dog was dirty, skinny […]

  • hatari byrd pic

    OU safety cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, alcohol

    NORMAN, Okla. – A University of Oklahoma football player was cited for breaking the law this weekend. According to the Tulsa World, Hatari Byrd was cited on Jan. 24 on complaints of possession of drug paraphernalia by a minor and possession of alcohol by a minor. The incident report says Byrd was not able to maintain his lane and was speeding on E. Lindsey just past 2 a.m. The report claims that officers found a small plastic bag of marijuana […]

  • wedding

    Must see: Oklahoma woman has no idea her family has secretly planned her wedding

    After getting engaged, most couples begin planning a wedding. For Sami and Joe, the planning process proved to be difficult. Sami’s sister received a part in a Broadway production, meaning it would be hard for her to travel to Oklahoma for the couple’s wedding in between shows. To relieve the stress, Sami’s family and her fiance, Joe, got together to plan the wedding in secret. PenWeddings was there to capture every moment, including the big reveal. “You’re only scratching the […]

  • Courtesy: CNN

    Reports: U.S. soldier released by Taliban to be charged with desertion

    WASHINGTON – An Army sergeant, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years, is expected to be charged with desertion, according to NBC News. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl went missing on June 30, 2009, in Afghanistan’s Paktika province, where he was deployed with the 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. Bergdahl was held captive by militants for five years before he was released in May in exchange for five senior Taliban members held […]

  • earthquake

    Two quakes in two days: Oklahoma towns record second straight earthquake

    UPDATE: The United States Geological Survey has recorded a 4.2 magnitude earthquake just 13 miles southeast of Medford. The quake was recorded around 9:58 a.m. on Tuesday. On Monday, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake was recorded in the same area.   PERRY, Okla. – A few Oklahomans felt the Earth move early Tuesday morning. Around 5:31 a.m. on Tuesday, the Oklahoma Geological Survey recorded a 4.0 magnitude earthquake just southeast of the town of Perry. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the […]