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  • File image of an injection well

    Some Oklahoma disposal wells changing operations following massive earthquake

    CRESCENT, Okla. – Oklahomans across the state felt a 4.5 earthquake on Monday afternoon. Following the quake, officials with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission say several oil and gas wastewater disposal wells are changing their operations. On Tuesday, authorities say three disposal wells closest to the earthquake activity in Crescent are taking action. Operators of two of the wells are shutting down operations, while the third well, which is the farthest of the three from the activity, cuts its injections by […]

  • Isabel was injured just days after being born.

    Graphic: Newborn suffers second-degree burns in hospital’s care

    Warning: Some images in this video are considered graphic and may not be appropriate for all audiences. HOUSTON, Texas – Spencer Lewandowski was so excited when his baby girl was born recently at St. Joseph Medical Center. However, that excitement has since turned to concern. Isabel was born just a few days ago, but her parents worry that what a nurse at the hospital did may have a lasting impact. “My baby has second-degree burns on her foot and ankle […]

  • madyson middleton

    Body of missing 8-year-old discovered in dumpster, 15-year-old boy arrested

    SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – The body of a missing 8-year-old girl was discovered in a dumpster, according to police. Madyson Middleton was reported missing after she didn’t return home on Sunday. Officials say Middleton was riding her Razor scooter around her apartment complex when she disappeared. — CHP Santa Cruz (@CHPscrz) July 28, 2015 On Monday night, a detective searching for Madyson found the body of a young girl in a dumpster located in the apartment complex where the […]

  • Goldie Richey. 

Courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail

    Oklahoma City woman arrested after allegedly forcing victim into prostitution

    OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City woman was arrested after allegedly forcing a woman into prostitution. On Monday, officers were called to the 100 block of S. Rockwell after receiving a call about a sex offense. According to the arrest affidavit, they met a woman who said she had been forced to have sex with men for money by¬†31-year-old Goldie Richey. The victim told police that she and a friend were looking for marijuana when she was introduced to Richey. […]

  • PinkCellPhone1

    Girls give man hidden note after claiming to see his wife sexting at baseball game

    ATLANTA, Ga. – When it comes to a successful relationship, trust is key to keeping two people together. However, a pair of girls at an Atlanta Braves game say they discovered a woman was cheating on her husband by overseeing her text messages. Delana and Brynn Hinson say they were sitting at the game when they noticed the woman in front of them continually texting someone named “Nancy.” The pair say they read some of the text messages over the […]

  • A photo of the Bever family provided to Fox 23

    “That child basically saved a lot of lives,” Victim called 911 during deadly attack in Broken Arrow

    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – A little boy, who police say was brutally killed by his brothers, may have saved more lives. On Wednesday night, Broken Arrow police were called to a home after a disturbing 911 call was made by a young boy. When officers arrived, they stumbled upon a horrific scene. They found a 13-year-old girl suffering from multiple stab wounds. Despite being critically injured, the girl told police that her eldest brothers had attacked her family. Authorities discovered […]

  • Formerly conjoined twins are able to go home

    Oklahoma couple able to bring home formerly conjoined twins

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – It’s a fresh start for a couple of infants who had a rocky start coming into the world. Khalie and David Perez were excited when they found out they were having twins. Their joy turned to worry when they found out their daughters were conjoined at the abdomen and shared organ systems. After giving birth to Hartlyn and Everlee, Khalie had to hand them over to a team of specialists. The twins underwent a separation and […]

  • policelights1 generic

    65-year-old Lexington man killed after being hit by car

    LEXINGTON, Okla. – Cleveland County sheriff’s deputies are currently investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. Around 7:15 a.m. on Saturday, deputies were called to an accident in the 10700 block of Box Rd. When they arrived, authorities learned 65-year-old Robert Haley was walking down the road when he was hit by a pickup truck. Sadly, Haley was pronounced dead at the scene. No one else suffered any injuries. At this point, no other information is being released. See a […]

  • good samaritans

    Good Samaritans help officer involved in “knock-down” fight with skateboarder

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Two Good Samaritans are to thank for stopping an alleged assault on a deputy. Authorities with the Weber County Sheriff’s office say a deputy stopped 23-year-old Everett Gerdes for riding his skateboard along a busy street. Investigators say Gerdes refused to stop when the deputy turned on his lights, but then eventually pulled over. However, the deputy says Gerdes became argumentative when he asked for his identification. At that point, the skateboarder tried to escape. […]

  • elderly woman raped

    Elderly woman waits three hours for police after sexual assault

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Milwaukee police chief says a dispatcher failed to use common sense, making an elderly woman wait after being raped. Police say a suspect forced the 82-year-old into a nearby courtyard where he sexually assaulted her. After he ran off, she was able to call police and get home. However, paramedics didn’t arrive until three hours later, according to WISN. She called police to see what was taking so long when a squad car finally arrived. “Certainly, […]

  • woman mauled to death by dogs

    Oklahoma woman dies after being attacked by four dogs

    COWETA, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman is dead after being attacked by four dogs. Witnesses told KJRH that the woman was picking up cans along Main St. when she was attacked by three pit bulls and one Rottweiler. Neighbors told KJRH the victim is 67-year-old Carolyn Lamp. They say she was collecting aluminum cans to support her sewing hobby. “When they said aluminum cans, I kinda figured it was her,” one neighbor said. Residents who saw the gruesome scene say […]