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Lance “Danger” West is Oklahoma’s News Channel 4’s 4 p.m. 5 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. anchor and an award-winning reporter. His first job delivering the news came at the young age of 10, when he was a “paper boy” in his hometown San Diego neighborhood.

Lance’s passion for news continued into his college years where he studied Broadcasting at San Diego State University. He graduated in 1988 with a degree in Broadcast Management & Telecommunications.

Lance has been recognized for exceptional journalism by the Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists and the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. He’s been honored for outstanding investigative, general news, series, feature, and live news coverage. Lance has been honored with 22 national and regional Emmy nominations. Lance received his first Emmy Award for the in-depth report on Bull Riding “In the Bulls Eye.” He has been awarded the honor three more times.

The New York Times Company Broadcast Group awarded Lance the 2002 Chairman’s Performance Award for his outstanding journalistic contributions made to Oklahoma’s News Channel 4.

Before coming to Oklahoma City in 1995, he worked as a Reporter/Anchor in Knoxville, Tennessee, Bakersfield, California, Wichita, Kansas and Yuma, Arizona.

Lance is a champion for literacy, and frequently visits children in Oklahoma schools to encourage reading. Lance also devotes much of his spare time raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s research. He lost his father to this cruel disease in 2014.

Lance and his wife Teri “love everything about Oklahoma” and are raising two beautiful children here, Taylor and Rachel.

Hometown :San Diego, California

Life Goal: Raise children who live to love and love to live.

Play any sports/Favorite Sport: I played high school football & ran track. At last check, I still hold some records at San Marcos High School.

Favorite Car: I once owned a 66 Mustang convertible. Why did I sell it?

Most embarrassing moment: Watch any newscast and you’ll likely catch one!

Happiest moment in my life: The birth of my children.

4 notable persons you’d invite to dinner: Tom Brokaw, Jimmy Fallon, Steven Spielberg and Russell Westbrook.

Favorite food: Authentic fish tacos from Rubio’s in Southern California.

I have a pet: Three dogs. One Westie and we have two rescued pugs named.

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when: Still not sure I WANT to be a reporter!

Best movie of all time: When Harry Met Sally

Hardest part of my job: Reporting on the tragic death of a child.

Best part of my job: The joy of meeting new people every single day.

Favorite holiday: I love Christmas.

People are surprised when I tell them: I still get nervous every night before I go on the news.

I like to listen to: Sports talk radio

Favorite Book: Bible

I’d jump at the chance to: Do anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Best part of the day: Being greeted at the door by my wife, kids and dogs. Nothing better!

Favorite place to be other than home & work: On the beach in Southern California.

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