La'Tasha Givens

KFOR-TV Reporter

Before joining the KFOR, La'Tasha Givens worked as a Reporter/ Anchor at WCTV in Tallahassee, FL where she began her news career. While she enjoyed working in public relations, her dream was to become a reporter so she made a career change. She is graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She grew up between Michigan and Atlanta.

Happiest moment in my life was...: My first spiritual birthday, my wedding day
Play any sports/Favorite Sport: I love to golf and play tennis, not that I'm any good at either.

Favorite TV Show: Oprah

Favorite Car: Convertible SUV…it doesn't exist yet but I really want someone to create one for me.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner: Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Ronald Regan, President Barack Obama

Favorite food: Lamb and Lobster

I have a pet: None

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when…: I was 10 years old reporting from the playground about a neighbor's lost cat.

Best movie of all time: Legends of the Fall, I Am Sam

Hardest part of my job: Leaving tough stories at work

Favorite holiday: I enjoy them all

School fight song: I can't remember…: which is sad because I was a cheerleader.

People are surprised when I tell them…: I'm really afraid of squirrels

I like to listen to…: Anything mainstream

Favorite Book: The Bible, it's the most fascinating book I have ever read. There is love, war, incredible stories of courage, sibling rivalry.

I'd jump at the chance to…: travel the world for a year

Best part of the day: The morning

Favorite place to be other than home and work: Anywhere traveling with my husband

Anything else you want viewers to know about you: I believe there is something wonderful in everyone.

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