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Before joining the KFOR, La'Tasha Givens worked as a Reporter/ Anchor at WCTV in Tallahassee, FL where she began her news career. While she enjoyed working in public relations, her dream was to become a reporter so she made a career change. She is graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She grew up between Michigan and Atlanta.

Happiest moment in my life was...: My first spiritual birthday, my wedding day
Play any sports/Favorite Sport: I love to golf and play tennis, not that I'm any good at either.

Favorite TV Show: Oprah

Favorite Car: Convertible SUV…it doesn't exist yet but I really want someone to create one for me.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner: Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Ronald Regan, President Barack Obama

Favorite food: Lamb and Lobster

I have a pet: None

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when…: I was 10 years old reporting from the playground about a neighbor's lost cat.

Best movie of all time: Legends of the Fall, I Am Sam

Hardest part of my job: Leaving tough stories at work

Favorite holiday: I enjoy them all

School fight song: I can't remember…: which is sad because I was a cheerleader.

People are surprised when I tell them…: I'm really afraid of squirrels

I like to listen to…: Anything mainstream

Favorite Book: The Bible, it's the most fascinating book I have ever read. There is love, war, incredible stories of courage, sibling rivalry.

I'd jump at the chance to…: travel the world for a year

Best part of the day: The morning

Favorite place to be other than home and work: Anywhere traveling with my husband

Anything else you want viewers to know about you: I believe there is something wonderful in everyone.

Recent Articles
  • Bus driver passes out, teachers team up to prevent bus from crashing

    NORMAN, Okla. – A group of teachers showed that teamwork really does pay off when they teamed up and prevented their school bus from crashing on the interstate. The Pioneer Elementary School principal says 55 students and four teachers were on their way to Heyday in Norman to reward students who finished reading their goal amount of books. Teacher Randy Allen noticed the bus driver was not responding as they moved closer to van without slowing down. Allen said, “We were traveling […]

  • Victim impact statements released in Lockett case

    PERRY, Okla. – June 3, 1999 was a gruesome night for Stephanie Neiman and her two friends. Stephanie’s parents will remember that tragic day for the rest of their lives. At the trial, Stephanie’s parents, Susie and Steve, submitted an agonizing letter to the jury. They wrote, “Every day we are left with the horrific images of what the last hours of Stephanie’s life was like. Did she cry out for us to help her?” After losing their only child, their […]


    Bounty hunters corner elementary teacher on school grounds

    OKLAHOMA CITY – In September, Maati Ra Meah-Urit was arrested for driving under the influence, according to court records. The arrest affidavit shows her blood alcohol content was 0.19 on the first test and 0.18 on the second. Officials say she was out on bond and failed to appear in court in April. On Wednesday, bounty hunters cornered her at her work. According to the Oklahoma City School District, Meah-Urit is a teacher at Southern Hills Elementary School. Tierney Tinnin, the […]

  • Family upset drunk driver is out on bail while loved one clings to life

    OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man is fighting for his life. Police say he was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene, leaving him in the middle of the street. Whitney and Alexis have been at the hospital around the clock praying for their father who is fighting for his life. Clifford Parks was hit while crossing the street near the intersection at NW 10th and Council Saturday night. Police say the driver left the scene. The victim’s daughter Whitney […]

  • LOCKED AND LOADED: Assault rifle helps youth baseball team

    ELK CITY, Okla. – An online firestorm over a youth baseball team’s fundraiser, the prize an AR 15 rifle. During practice Catch cultivated his curve ball while Tayte worked on his fielding. They were getting ready for a big Saturday game But the topic sparking the most conversation is the team’s fundraiser. No baked brownies or lemonade stands, the Elk City Outlaws are raffling off an AR 15 riffle. Concerned parents called NewsChannel 4, others quickly showed outrage online. One person wrote: […]

  • Judge overturns controversial rape case

    STILLWATER, Okla. – A judge overturned a ruling in a controversial legal case. Thousands watched Darrell Williams at his collegiate prime playing for Oklahoma State University basketball. A rape conviction benched him and his promising career. His attorney Willie Baker said, “The conviction derailed all the plans that he had and he worked very hard in school and was doing very well.” Nearly two years went by but on Tuesday a judge overturned the original ruling. Baker, who was co-counsel […]

  • Community outraged after grieving students denied exemption from testing

    MOYERS, Okla. – The Moyers community is outraged over a decision they said the State Superintendent’s Office made over students not being exempt from testing. It began with a horrific car crash where four people were killed. Two of them were the parents of five children. Two of those children are students at Moyers Public Schools. The kids, now orphans, are grieving. The school district asked the State Department of Education if the children could be exempt from their end of […]

  • Dozens of sheriffs express disdain for new DOC plan

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Dozens of sheriffs from around the state converged at the capitol to express disdain for changes in how the Department of Corrections inmates are housed. Scott Jay, Beckham County Sheriff said, “What they want to do is going to hurt sheriffs all across the state and the fiscal impact on county government across the state is going to be tremendous, astronomical.” For years the DOC paid county jails $27 a day to house offenders when state facilities […]

  • Residents ticketed for parking on their own property

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Residents in Southwest Oklahoma City are upset about recent parking tickets they received for parking on their own property. “I’ve lived here since 1979 and I’ve parked there in that driveway for 35 years,” said Jim Gilbert. Imagine his anger when he saw tickets waving on his truck. Gilbert had a total of three tickets. Living on a fixed income, Gilbert will have to borrow $300 dollars so that he can pay the fines. Gilbert said on Monday, an Oklahoma City […]

  • Crews respond to house fire in Northwest Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Crews responded to a house fire on Valleycrest Trail in North Oklahoma City Wednesday night. Initial reports say the fire originally started in the kitchen. When fire crews arrived on scene, they found flames shooting from the roof of the home. The fire chief said the family was picking up their children from church when the fire started. They came home and the dad saw smoke coming from the kitchen and called 911. Authorities say when fire crews almost […]

  • Battle lines drawn over smart meter safety

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Some Oklahoma families continue to fight to have smart meters removed from their homes because of health concerns. On Tuesday, a hearing was held with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to decide if commissioners will hear Sherry Lamb’s entire case. After a smart meter was installed in her home, Lamb was diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder, or EHS. Don Powers, Lamb’s attorney, said, “I have clients from eight different counties and all of them have been impacted by […]