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Before joining the KFOR, La'Tasha Givens worked as a Reporter/ Anchor at WCTV in Tallahassee, FL where she began her news career. While she enjoyed working in public relations, her dream was to become a reporter so she made a career change. She is graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She grew up between Michigan and Atlanta.

Happiest moment in my life was...: My first spiritual birthday, my wedding day
Play any sports/Favorite Sport: I love to golf and play tennis, not that I'm any good at either.

Favorite TV Show: Oprah

Favorite Car: Convertible SUV…it doesn't exist yet but I really want someone to create one for me.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner: Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Ronald Regan, President Barack Obama

Favorite food: Lamb and Lobster

I have a pet: None

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when…: I was 10 years old reporting from the playground about a neighbor's lost cat.

Best movie of all time: Legends of the Fall, I Am Sam

Hardest part of my job: Leaving tough stories at work

Favorite holiday: I enjoy them all

School fight song: I can't remember…: which is sad because I was a cheerleader.

People are surprised when I tell them…: I'm really afraid of squirrels

I like to listen to…: Anything mainstream

Favorite Book: The Bible, it's the most fascinating book I have ever read. There is love, war, incredible stories of courage, sibling rivalry.

I'd jump at the chance to…: travel the world for a year

Best part of the day: The morning

Favorite place to be other than home and work: Anywhere traveling with my husband

Anything else you want viewers to know about you: I believe there is something wonderful in everyone.

Recent Articles
  • commoncore

    The battle over Common Core continues

    Petitioners file a lawsuit stating the repeal of Common Core is unconstitutional according to Oklahoma State law. “We filed a lawsuit this afternoon asking that House Bill 3399 be declared unconstitutional,” said former U.S. Attorney General Robert McCampbell. He said the bill has two constitutional problems. He said the first is, “When you’re constructing the new standards, the State Board of Education has the constitutional power to do that. However, House Bill 3399 would have the legislature encroaching on that authority […]

  • womanarrested

    Suspect returns to crime scene to recover gun, gets arrested

    OKLAHOMA CITY – What started out as a quiet morning on SW 138th ended with a suspect chase and a woman in handcuffs. Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with Oklahoma City Police said, “The homeowner  heard someone messing with the door and apparently got on the phone immediately and contacted police.” Investigators say April Giddens-King was trying to get inside a home. The fact that it was morning and the house is located on the corner of a well-traveled street didn’t deter King. […]

  • church

    Local church targeted by copper crooks

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A Midwest City church is targeted by copper thieves. Watching a movie in the dark with over sized fans in the doorway is one way kids at church camp are keeping cool. Divine Worship Center is trying to manage without an air conditioner. For the fourth time in recent years copper crooks have climbed a ladder and either stolen or torn apart the units, leaving the church thousands of dollars in the hole. Minister Annie Brown said, […]

  • Man wants to clear his name in girlfriend’s death

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro man is speaking out for the first time since his girlfriend’s death. Mareal Simmons says he is still mourning the loss of his girlfriend Maria Gonzalez. Gonzalez collapsed while the couple was having an argument. Simmons said, “When I looked back at her, it’s like she took a deep breath and she froze, and when she froze she fell down to her knees, and when she fell to her knees she fell face forward and started […]

  • Local authorities turn to social media to help them nab fugitives

    OKLAHOMA – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office is doing everything they can to fight crime lately the office had used social media to help them place handcuffs on several suspects. “Social media is a great tool for law enforcement; in ways we have found it to be very effective is tracking down fugitives,” said Mark Meyers with Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. The office has about 60,000 active warrants countywide. So they started Warrant Wednesday and Fugitive Friday. With the click […]

  • Capture

    Oklahoman tied up, robbed during home invasion

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Crime scene detectives surrounded a home on S.W. 25th street after a woman was accosted by two men who barged their way in. “They got into the house tied up the victim and basically went through everything in the house ransacked it looking for things,” said Jennifer Wardlow with Oklahoma City Police. While the suspects loaded up on stolen goods, investigators say one man believed to be the “lookout” was outside keeping others at bay “According to […]

  • Update: Hustler Hollywood announces grand opening in OKC

    UPDATE: Hustler Hollywood announced they will be hosting a grand opening celebration at their new Oklahoma City location on Saturday, June 28 at 7 p.m. “We’re excited to find a home in Oklahoma City and become part of the community,” said owner Larry Flynt. “I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they visit our new store and see what the HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD shopping experience is all about.” Customers at the grand opening will will be treated to special prizes […]

  • Oklahoma City VA responds to giving poor medical care

    Johnie Adams is one of the many VA patients to complain about a host of issues including long waits and delayed appointments. He said he’s waited up to 8 hours in the emergency room on more than one occasion. Adams said, “They don’t seem to care, they want you in they want you out. I wouldn’t go to the emergency room for nothing.” After weeks of notorious accounts of patient neglect, the Oklahoma City VA hospital responded to the release […]


    Mad man attacks postal worker with a bat

    SPENCER, Okla. – A Spencer mail carrier was attacked on his delivery route. Trekking through severe weather and fighting off dogs and wildlife are all part of the job for a postal worker. It’s rare they have to run away from a homeowner. But it happened to one mail carrier. While delivering on Krammer Street, he was met with a mad man swinging an aluminum baseball bat back and forth trying to hit him. “It was ironic that there were […]

  • 20140604_203043

    Emergency crews respond to apartment fire in Midwest City

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – Emergency crews are responded to an apartment fire in Midwest City Wednesday night. According to scanner traffic, police arrived on scene to find smoke pouring from the Willow Creek apartments. The fire department arrived on scene and began evacuating the building and fighting the fire. Police say the fire appears to have started on the outside of the apartment building, but no word on how it started. Authorities say there were no injuries. This is a […]

  • Group changes plan to get tornado shelters in schools

    OKLAHOMA – It has been just over a year since the Moore tornado. The fight to get shelters in state schools continues, this time with a new strategy. Take Shelter Oklahoma planned to use a franchise tax to raise $500 million. This turned into a political firestorm when some democrats backed the idea. Many republicans wanted to raise money from the private sector. Then, there was a showdown with the Attorney General’s Office over the ballot language. Grieving parents said they felt […]