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Before joining the KFOR, La'Tasha Givens worked as a Reporter/ Anchor at WCTV in Tallahassee, FL where she began her news career. While she enjoyed working in public relations, her dream was to become a reporter so she made a career change. She is graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She grew up between Michigan and Atlanta.

Happiest moment in my life was...: My first spiritual birthday, my wedding day
Play any sports/Favorite Sport: I love to golf and play tennis, not that I'm any good at either.

Favorite TV Show: Oprah

Favorite Car: Convertible SUV…it doesn't exist yet but I really want someone to create one for me.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner: Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Ronald Regan, President Barack Obama

Favorite food: Lamb and Lobster

I have a pet: None

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when…: I was 10 years old reporting from the playground about a neighbor's lost cat.

Best movie of all time: Legends of the Fall, I Am Sam

Hardest part of my job: Leaving tough stories at work

Favorite holiday: I enjoy them all

School fight song: I can't remember…: which is sad because I was a cheerleader.

People are surprised when I tell them…: I'm really afraid of squirrels

I like to listen to…: Anything mainstream

Favorite Book: The Bible, it's the most fascinating book I have ever read. There is love, war, incredible stories of courage, sibling rivalry.

I'd jump at the chance to…: travel the world for a year

Best part of the day: The morning

Favorite place to be other than home and work: Anywhere traveling with my husband

Anything else you want viewers to know about you: I believe there is something wonderful in everyone.

Recent Articles
  • 20140604_203043

    Emergency crews respond to apartment fire in Midwest City

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – Emergency crews are responded to an apartment fire in Midwest City Wednesday night. According to scanner traffic, police arrived on scene to find smoke pouring from the Willow Creek apartments. The fire department arrived on scene and began evacuating the building and fighting the fire. Police say the fire appears to have started on the outside of the apartment building, but no word on how it started. Authorities say there were no injuries. This is a […]

  • Group changes plan to get tornado shelters in schools

    OKLAHOMA – It has been just over a year since the Moore tornado. The fight to get shelters in state schools continues, this time with a new strategy. Take Shelter Oklahoma planned to use a franchise tax to raise $500 million. This turned into a political firestorm when some democrats backed the idea. Many republicans wanted to raise money from the private sector. Then, there was a showdown with the Attorney General’s Office over the ballot language. Grieving parents said they felt […]

  • book

    Teachers upset about text books taken before last day

    Summer break is around the corner; but as the final days of school are winding down for Oklahoma City students, some educators say the teaching has come to a halt long before the semester has wrapped. One teacher said, “They might as well stay home.” This long time educator is upset because the text books were collected before the last two weeks of the school year. “So now we’re just searching for things in our classroom to do. Being a […]

  • skirvin

    Famous downtown ghost strikes again

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A famous downtown ghost strikes again. The ghost stories continue to pour in about the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. When sports commentator Reggie Miller phoned into the Dan Patrick radio show to talk about the NBA playoffs, he couldn’t help but mention his experience with a famous downtown ghost known as Effie. Miller stated when he went to bed he placed his water bottle on one night stand and when he woke up it was […]

  • veteran

    Family says POWs are treated better than vets at the VA

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro family said the Oklahoma City Veterans Medical Center is not providing proper care. Felicia Hooper knows these are her father’s last days. The family is doing everything they can to make him comfortable. But they say their pain has escalated to anger because of how he’s been treated at the VA hospital. “POW camps treat them better and it’s not right,” said Felicia. The family has a long list of concerns including neglect, long waits, […]

  • poolrescue

    Strangers and first responders work to save a little girl from drowning

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The recorded 911 call has been released from a near drowning at an apartment complex. A maintenance man makes a frantic 911 call for help from the swimming pool at Belle Isle Terrace apartments. Caller:  “We’ve got a drowning, drowning child. I need, I need a response right away 911 Operator: “Is she awake?” Caller:  “No, No.” 911 Operator: “Is she breathing?” Caller:  “No.” 911 Operator: “I’m trying to get her to breathe.” The caller does everything he […]

  • school

    Two students allegedly sexually assault 10-year-old at local elementary school

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A 10-year-old girl says she was attacked at Edgemere Elementary by two students in a bathroom. The child’s mother says she was waiting in the pickup line for her daughter after school when her 10-year-old daughter came running towards her crying and shaking. The mother was mortified when the child told her what had happened. “She came out with her knees and hands shaking and crying.  I jumped out of the car and asked her what was […]

  • Authorities on the hunt for predator targeting Oklahoma students

    NEWCASTLE, Okla. - Investigators are working to catch a suspect targeting students. Carla Tillison and other parents at Newcastle Schools were concerned when they received a letter from administrators.  It said several elementary and middle school girls were targeted by a predator on Instagram. (Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos.) “I was a little rattled and a little shaken couldn’t believe this could happen in a quaint little […]

  • spenser

    Feuding between police and city leaders leaving residents vulnerable to crime

    Spencer, Okla. – Some Spencer residents told NewsChannel 4 that fighting between the police department and city leaders is leaving them vulnerable when it comes to crime. Charlene Rideau has lived on a street that bears her family’s name for more than 45 years and for the first time, someone broke into her home. She’s one of seven victims bandits hit in the past two weeks. “I knew about the other burglaries, but I’m trying to figure out why would they […]

  • sexoffender

    Thousands come off sex offender list months after new law

    A new law took thousands off the sex offender registry. Exposing yourself near a playground, urinating in public or peeping in a bathroom stall are just some of the actions that have landed thousands of people on the sex offender registry. Now many of those names are disappearing from the list. “If you were to slap a woman on the behind, that would be sexual battery and you would have to register for 15 years and that has nothing to do […]

  • greendot

    Oklahoma family scammed out of hundreds over the phone

    NENNEKAH, Okla. – A Nennekah family says they were scammed out of money over the phone. One afternoon call took Misty and Eric McDowell by surprise. A man on the other end told them they were eligible for a government grant. Eric McDowell said, “They said if we pay $175, they would give us $6,900.” The near $7,000 windfall seemed like an amazing opportunity for the struggling couple. They were told to buy a disposable debit card on which the money would be […]