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Leslie Rangel joined Oklahoma's News Channel 4 Team as a multimedia journalist and reporter August 2014.

Before joining KFOR-TV, Leslie worked as a general assignment reporter at KFDM News in Beaumont, Texas. She received multiple awards including first place recognition from the Southeast Texas Press Club for her coverage on a 100-car wreck Thanksgiving morning 2012. Leslie was also the only reporter from her market to travel to West, Texas after a devastating fertilizer explosion.

Leslie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, yes she's a proud Longhorn, but says she gets along with OU fans as long as it's not TX-OU weekend. She graduated with two degrees, one in Broadcast Journalism, the other in Spanish Language teaching.

When Leslie is not in the newsroom or on a story, she loves spending time working out and trying new restaurants with her rescue pug named Harlow, oh and her boyfriend.

Here are some fun facts about Leslie:

Hometown... Nearly all of Dallas, I was always the new kid, but I graduated from Red Oak High School.

Life Goal... To make a difference in someone's life, be happy and be a mom

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when… My high school Spanish teacher Mrs. Forti told me I should tryout for our school newscast, Hawk Eye News. She said TV stations needed more Latinas and I decided last minute to audition, got it and never looked back.

Best movie of all time... Guardians of the Galaxy!

Best part of my job... Getting to walk in someone else's shoes everyday when I tell their stories.

People are surprised when I tell them… I used to be 250lbs. I struggled with weight when I was younger, now I'm all about healthy living!

Biggest life achievement/made mom & dad proud when I... I graduated college! I'm a first generation American in my family, my parents were born in Guatemala and Mexico.

I like to listen to... any music you can dance to! (Except screaming hard rock.. not my cup of tea)

My favorite food... I know I said I'm about healthy living, but I LOVE pizza!! Don't get me wrong though, I usually make my own, thin crust with arugula, pineapple, green peppers and feta cheese! YUMMMM.

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