Lorne joined the NewsChannel 4 team in August 2015 and is thrilled to be living his dream while getting to know a new city and a new state.

Lorne grew up in Colorado but his career has taken him across the country, working as a multimedia journalist — shooting, writing, and editing his own stories.

He comes to the Sooner state by way of Lansing, MI, where he learned a thing or two about just how beautiful a lake can be and just how cold a winter can get. As weekend anchor and a reporter at WILX, Lorne covered anything and everything in the “Mitten,” be it potholes, politics, or the Spartans at Michigan State University. In 2014, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters named Lorne the best reporter in the area.

Lorne may have tasted green in mid-Michigan, but his heart is pure orange. He is a proud alumnus of Syracuse University and CitrusTV, the school’s independent, student station. Many of his days and nights were spent at the studio, working across the news, sports, and Spanish news departments. In the summers, he interned at his hometown station, CBS 4 News, in Denver.

Those invaluable experiences helped him land a part-time reporting job at WBNG-TV in Binghamton in his final semester. It also helped him win first place in the prestigious Hearst Journalism Features Competition and fourth in the overall competition.

Outside of the office, you might just catch him step-step-triple stepping to the Lindy Hop or strumming his guitar along to the Beatles. He also loves to play tennis and ski.

Lorne wants to tell your stories and the stories that matter to you! Please don’t hesitate to send an email, even just to say hello!

Recent Articles
  • House passes bill to increase taxes on oil

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Lawmakers have taken the first step toward increasing taxes on existing horizontal oil and gas wells, which would raise revenue for the state. The House passed a bill Tuesday morning that is expected to bring in nearly $74 million in revenue next year, by increasing the so-called “Gross Production Tax” from one percent to four percent on wells created between July 1, 2011 and July 1, 2015. After four years, the wells would begin paying the standard seven percent gross […]

  • House takes step to fill budget hole

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The state House of Representatives may not have found a way to fill the state’s $878 million budget hole, but it at least shoveled in some dirt Monday. Lawmakers approved a bill that will cap itemized deductions at $17,000 – a move that’s expected to bring in $102 million in revenue next year. “We’re facing a situation that we’re getting ready to maybe vote for the biggest tax increase we’ve ever voted for,” said Rep. Steve Vaughan, […]

  • Oil industry proposes compromise as budget talks continue

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Two of the state’s largest oil and gas groups said Friday they are willing to compromise for the sake of the budget. The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association and the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association held a press conference to announce their plan to prevent what other industry leaders called “draconian cuts.” “We think it’s a good compromise for Oklahoma and it’s the right thing to do,” said OKOGA Executive Director Chad Warmington. “I think that’s what we’re […]

  • Tensions rise as budget deadline nears

    OKLAHOMA CITY — With a deadline to fill a $900 million budget hole approaching, lawmakers adjourned once again Thursday with an agreement in question. A deal between Republicans and Democratic leadership fell through Thursday, amid differences of opinion on the Gross Production Tax, assessed on new oil and gas wells. Democrats thought they had a deal to raise the GPT from two to five percent, Minority Leader Scott Inman said Thursday. Instead, tension rose as a deadline neared. The legislative […]

  • Elk City begins cleanup after damaging tornado

    ELK CITY, Okla. – The tornado never touched Danny Ringer’s home, but the firefighter and pastor feels pain from every damaged home he drives past. “You feel responsible for every one of them,” he told NewsChannel 4, driving through the damage. “It makes me want to cry. It breaks my heart because these are people that I’m close to.” The fire department estimates at least 100 homes suffered the wrath of Tuesday’s twister, mostly in a neighborhood near a golf […]

  • Democrats vow to keep fighting governor, GOP’s budget plan

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Before Gov. Mary Fallin could even finish her press conference, state Democrats made it clear the budget battle is far from over, even as Republicans stood unified behind a plan. Rep. Regina Goodwin (D-Tulsa) stood up during a reporter question and answer session, disgusted by what the governor characterized as a compromise. “For you to say there’s agreement, I don’t know who the agreement’s with,” she said. “That’s why we’re here in the Blue Room hearing what […]

  • Senate Republicans unveil, pass budget plan

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The state Senate rolled out and passed a plan Monday to generate $510 million in new revenue in an attempt to balance the state budget. The plan would raise: $239 million through reforms to “off-the-top” transportation funds, includes $125 million from increasing tax on gasoline and diesel by $0.06 per gallon; $215 million from increasing the cigarette tax $1.50 per pack; $43 million by eliminating oil and gas gross production tax rebates; $16 million by eliminating manufacturing sales […]

  • Proposed measure to increase tax on cigarettes fails to pass Oklahoma House

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A measure that would increase the tax on cigarettes has failed to pass out of the House of Representatives. During her ‘State of the State’ address, Fallin asked lawmakers to raise the cigarette tax, adding that smoking claims the lives of Oklahomans and costs the state $1.62 billion in health care related expenses. She made a personal appearance on the house floor Monday in an attempt to whip up more support. House Bill 2372 called for a $1.50 per pack […]

  • ‘It’s just a potpourri of car parts,’ Railroad crossing rattles drivers

    NORMAN, Okla. – Every trip across the railroad tracks is another chance for Tim McKown to hold his breath. “I want to enjoy my neighborhood, I want to enjoy the streets around my neighborhood, and I don’t want to have car repairs every time I drive it out of the neighborhood,” McKown said. “I’m not trying to raise cane, I just wish someone would fix this. It’s something that I use every day and every day it’s a reminder that […]

  • “Heartbreaking, very heartbreaking,” One man dead after shooting in N.W. Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Police are investigating a shooting Thursday afternoon that left one man dead. They responded the scene near N.W. 91st and Walker just after 2 p.m. Officials say two men were having a verbal altercation in front of a home. That’s when one of the men shot at the other, who died at the scene. “This appears to be, right now, a fight that got completely out of hand,” said police Lt. Jeff Spruill. “It’s part of our […]

  • ‘It looks like hell:’ Tree trimming infuriates local man

    HARRAH, Okla. — He knew there was rain in the forecast, but Mike Kupczynski never expected the kind of storm that hit his property Wednesday. “It looks like hell,” he told NewsChannel 4, pointing toward broken branches. “It’s pretty ugly. The tornado already hit me.” Returning home from work, Kupczynski couldn’t believe what he found. County crews had chopped into his beloved red cedar trees, which he had planted 30 years ago. No permission. No heads up. No explanation. “I was […]