Sarah Stewart joined Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 as a general assignment reporter in July of 1999. Before joining KFOR, Sarah worked as a crime reporter and weekend anchor at KFDA-TV in Amarillo, TX. Sarah graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism.

Sarah anchored the morning show on NewsChannel 4 from 2004 to 2006, before deciding to stay home full time with her children.

In 2010, Sarah came back as a freelance reporter for KFOR. She decided to resume full time in June of 2015 and is thrilled to be back in a profession she loves.

Sarah has been honored for her work at Newschannel 4 by the Associated Press Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. She takes great pride in telling the stories of fellow Oklahomans.

Sarah and her husband, Bryan, live in Oklahoma City with their three young children. They attend Crossings Community Church.

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    Health care worker arrested for allegedly smuggling contraband into jail

    PURCELL, Okla. – A health care worker at the McClain County Jail was arrested after being accused of smuggling contraband inside the jail. She works for a health care company that contracts with counties to provide care for inmates. “It’s been about a month or so ago, we suspected, of course, some of the information we were getting from our inmates and we started an internal investigation on it,” said McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett. Several days ago, officials found a […]

  • driver's license

    Out of time: Officials say Oklahoma will not reach compliance standards in time for Real ID Act

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a deadline we’ve been talking about for some time now; a date when Oklahomans can’t use their driver’s license to board an airplane. It’s all part of the Real ID Act, which is a coordinated effort by the states and the federal government to improve the reliability of state issued ID’s. It’s meant to inhibit terrorists’ ability to get fake ID’s. However, Oklahoma passed a law in 2007 that said our state wouldn’t comply with the […]

  • Erick explosion

    Officials investigating deadly explosion in Erick

    ERICK, Okla.-911 calls started pouring in just before 11:30 Thursday night. “All we knew was there was an explosion and possible injuries,” said Erick police chief, Patrick Strange. When police arrived at the home near the center of town, they found a shed behind a home had exploded. One man was found deceased at the scene. They believe he was inside the shed at the time of the explosion. Neighbors all around felt and heard the blast. “I was watching […]

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    9-year-old boy okay after getting foot stuck in escalator

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Marco Solis was going to work at The Plaza Mayor, formerly Crossroads Mall, Thursday morning. His nephew, 9-year-old Miguel Pacheco, was behind him on the escalator. “I thought the escalator just like broke or something, because I fell forward, and I looked back, and I looked down, and his foot was stuck,” Solis said. The escalator’s emergency shut off had stopped it. “His toe was out, so it was only just two toes that were stuck in […]

  • Bryan VanAssche and Shelby Hughes, Courtesy: Midwest City PD

    Reward money increased in Midwest City cold case

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – It’s been almost two years since a man and woman were brutally murdered in Midwest City. Their bodies were found inside their burned out home on June 21st, 2014. Police determined that Shelby Hughes and Bryan Vanassche had been killed before their house was set on fire. There was initially a $5000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction and has now been upped to $10,000. “We’ve followed what leads we’ve had […]

  • Home abandoned in Oklahoma City

    Neighbors pleading with city to tear down abandoned home

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a crumbling eyesore in a metro neighborhood, and residents want something done. On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council took action on a property that’s long been a nuisance for people in Glen Briar Estates, a neighborhood near Council and N.W. 14th. The weeds are growing tall, trash is everywhere, a backyard deck is falling apart and you can literally walk right into the house. Apparently, that’s been happening a lot, because evidence of squatters is everywhere […]

  • Two arrested for Logan County home invasion

    Logan County man comes face to face with armed intruder

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – Don Keeton had just returned home from running errands and went to his garage to get something. When he went back inside his house, there was a stranger standing right there. “I wrestled with him and threw him behind this door and was smashing the door up against him, but because of that cabinet, there’s a hollow space back there, it wasn’t hitting him,” said Keeton. That suspect took off running through Keeton’s home and Keeton […]

  • earthquake insurance

    Oklahoma man warning others: Don’t get earthquake insurance

    GLENCOE, Okla. – More and more Oklahomans are getting earthquake insurance, but many are asking if it is really worth it. A Glencoe man says it definitely is not. “It was a 3.3.  It was basically under the house.  It was 750 feet right out there and up to 450 away.  This place went ‘ploo,” said Mark Crismon. The earthquake occurred on Oct. 18, 2014 and the next morning, Crismon saw cracks all over his home. “All these cracks from here […]

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    Transgender bathroom bill resurrected

    OKLAHOMA – Senate Bill 1619, the so called transgender bill, was defeated in committee Tuesday night. But, Wednesday morning, it was resurrected in another bill. “It’s absolutely an absurd breach of the rules in my opinion. I think that was the argument had yesterday in JCAB on the House side was that they are not following their own rule book. And, they are giving no notice. There’s no transparency to the public,” said Troy Stevenson with Freedom Oklahoma. Stevenson has […]

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    “All smoke and mirrors,” Decades old vote prevents Oklahoma turnpikes from ever being paid off

    OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. – The opposition has been loud and persistent. Many folks in rural eastern Oklahoma County don’t want the new turnpike cutting through their land. Anti-turnpike signs dot the peaceful landscape. “I’m going to fight until the last breath, until they’re pushing dirt. I will be fighting this thing. I’m telling you right now. On my tombstone it will say, ‘Stop the turnpike,’” said Paul Crouch, who will see the new turnpike from his front yard. And the […]

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    Pro-life senators ask for meeting with governor before overriding veto

    OKLAHOMA – Tuesday morning, Senator Nathan Dahm and a group of pro-life legislators held a news conference calling on the governor to meet with them about her concerns with Senate Bill 1552. The bill would have allowed for a doctor to lose their license if he or she performs an abortion. It passed both the House and Senate, but Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the bill, calling it unconstitutional and vague. Dahm said, even though it’s crunch time for the budget, he’s […]