Sarah Stewart joined Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 as a general assignment reporter in July of 1999. Before joining KFOR, Sarah worked as a crime reporter and weekend anchor at KFDA-TV in Amarillo, TX. Sarah graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism.

Sarah anchored the morning show on NewsChannel 4 from 2004 to 2006, before deciding to stay home full time with her children.

In 2010, Sarah came back as a freelance reporter for KFOR. She decided to resume full time in June of 2015 and is thrilled to be back in a profession she loves.

Sarah has been honored for her work at Newschannel 4 by the Associated Press Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. She takes great pride in telling the stories of fellow Oklahomans.

Sarah and her husband live in Oklahoma City with their three children. They attend Crossings Community Church.

Recent Articles
  • Man who alerted Enid police to baby in dumpster speaks out

    ENID, Okla. – John Brauner said he didn’t actually know Kathryn Green but had been staying at her home for several days with a friend who did know her. He said they were helping Green clean out some of the buildings on her property and became suspicious when she brought a luggage trunk into the house. “Something just clicked with me, just the way she was acting and the size of the container for one,” Brauner said. Brauner said, when […]

  • Oklahoma City church roof collapse remains a mystery

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Just after 2 p.m. Tuesday, residents near S.W. 25th and Goff heard a loud noise. “Some neighbors in the area heard some loud sounds coming from over in this area and, when they realized that the building was collapsing, that’s when they called 911,” said Oklahoma City Fire Department District Chief Benny Fulkerson. The roof of Greater Gospel Kingdom Church had completely caved in, leaving a giant hole. Firefighters’ first priority was making sure no one was inside. […]

  • Health care professionals warn of dire consequences if cigarette tax does not pass

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “Here we are again,” said Craig Jones, president of the Oklahoma Hospital Association, as he held a press conference at the capitol Tuesday morning. Health care professionals have tried before, but they said the time for action is now. “74 percent of Oklahomans agree with us. The will of the people is evident. It’s now time for the legislature to act,” Jones said. They are asking lawmakers to pass the law which would increase the tax on […]

  • Battle brewing over wind farm in western Oklahoma

    HINTON, Okla. – There is a legal battle brewing out in western Oklahoma over a proposed wind farm. Those wind turbines are being developed in Caddo and Canadian Counties, including near the town boundaries of Hinton. Earlier this year, the Hinton town trustees passed an ordinance declaring any wind turbine within two miles of the city limits to be a nuisance. But, within 30 days of the passing of that ordinance, NextEra Energy Resources filed a federal lawsuit against the […]

  • Woman identified as ‘person of interest’ after baby found in dumpster

    ENID, Okla. – Authorities in Enid are still investigating after a deceased infant was found inside a dumpster. Early Sunday morning, Enid police received the call about a possible deceased infant inside a dumpster in the 1600 block of S. 2nd. When they arrived, they found the deceased baby boy inside a luggage trunk in the dumpster. He was wrapped in a blanket inside of a plastic trash bag. Police said the baby boy still had the umbilical cord attached, so they immediately […]

  • “This is an example of waste,” Complaints over “high priced” school consultant

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Some teachers are concerned over the amount being paid to a consultant in the Putnam City school district. “This really does surprise me greatly,” said Judy Mullen Hopper. Mullen Hopper is a former Putnam City teacher who recently ran for state senate. She lost and now devotes her time to being a public school advocate. She said, when she recently found out the amount being paid to a consultant, she was shocked. “You could’ve used it for […]

  • Woman accused of harboring fugitive in Tecumseh officer’s death charged with murder

    TECUMSEH, Okla. – She was driving the car with Byron Shepard in the passenger seat the night of March 26 when they were pulled over by Tecumseh police officer Justin Terney. By now, most people have seen how that traffic stop ended. Shepard ran, Terney pursued him and they ended up in a shootout. Terney died, and Shepard had to be hospitalized with his gunshot wounds. Shepard was charged with first-degree murder, and now Brooklyn Williams has been charged with […]

  • Drastic cuts could be coming for Medicaid patients in Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA – The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is warning, if their state appropriation is cut for fiscal year 2018, many programs and benefits for Medicaid patients could be eliminated. Some of the programs and benefits being considered are pharmacy, behavioral health, durable medical equipment, the breast and cervical cancer treatment program, the waiver-funded Medically Fragile program and Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, private duty nursing services, adult organ transplants, dialysis, hospice services, physical and occupational therapy, and speech, […]

  • Investigators looking into new tips in Carina Saunders murder case

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities say a new lead in a horrific murder case has led them back to a home in northwest Oklahoma City. On Oct. 13, 2011, officers were called to the Homeland store on N.W. 23rd St. after receiving numerous reports of a foul odor. When they arrived, investigators found a black bag with a severed human head and other dismembered body parts inside. Shortly after the discovery, authorities learned the body belonged to 19-year-old Carina Brianne Saunders. […]

  • Syrian-born doctor living in Oklahoma reacts to air strikes

    EDMOND, Okla. – Dr. Amer Nouh says it was difficult seeing the aftermath of the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians. “You cannot not feel too much, emotional seeing, like little kids, babies, 9 months old, 3 years old. They are dying. They are dead,” said Dr. Nouh. “These pictures were really very heartbreaking even for us Syrians who are seeing pictures like this for over more than 6 years.” Dr. Nouh is a native of Syria but he left a […]

  • Burglary suspect tracked by ankle monitor in Chickasha

    CHICKASHA, Okla. – Nathan Hunt walked out of his Chickasha home last week to find his truck missing from his driveway. “I’m assuming somebody stole it, but I don’t really know,” Hunt said. A day after reporting the truck stolen, it was found abandoned along a road near Shawnee. “They said that it was crashed on the front from running into a ditch and my tailgate was spray painted. I had a company logo, and they covered it,” Hunt said. Police didn’t […]