Sarah Stewart joined Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 as a general assignment reporter in July of 1999. Before joining KFOR, Sarah worked as a crime reporter and weekend anchor at KFDA-TV in Amarillo, TX. Sarah graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism.

Sarah anchored the morning show on NewsChannel 4 from 2004 to 2006, before deciding to stay home full time with her children.

In 2010, Sarah came back as a freelance reporter for KFOR. She decided to resume full time in June of 2015 and is thrilled to be back in a profession she loves.

Sarah has been honored for her work at Newschannel 4 by the Associated Press Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. She takes great pride in telling the stories of fellow Oklahomans.

Sarah and her husband live in Oklahoma City with their three children. They attend Crossings Community Church.

Recent Articles
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    One dead, one injured in Shawnee casino shooting

    SHAWNEE, Okla. – Officials continue to investigate what led up to a deadly shooting at the Grand Casino just outside Shawnee. It happened at 6:49 Tuesday morning. Early reports indicated it was possibly a murder/attempted suicide. Officials would not confirm that but identified the shooter as Justin Wells, 28. Wells had to be flown by helicopter to a metro hospital. Radio traffic from medics indicated they were transporting a male with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. “It’s […]

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    The Village city council discusses new parking ordinances

    THE VILLAGE, Okla. – Mark Bishop parks his bucket truck in his Village driveway. He uses it for his tree trimming business. He was alarmed to hear the city council was discussing potential changes to ordinances regarding parking boats, RVs, trailers and large trucks in driveways. “Mainly, it affects the working man, you know, and we’re a blue collar town,” Bishop said. “I’m not the only person who has a one ton or larger truck. There are other people. There’s […]

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    Taco Bell employees help deputy take down suspect

    CHICKASHA, Okla. -Grady County Deputy Jim Peek had no idea the fight that was coming when he pulled over a vehicle into the Chickasha Taco Bell parking lot. He made the traffic stop because the license plate was unreadable, covered with mud. Peek spoke with the driver and passenger and then noticed a man in the back seat. “He was fidgeting around so I asked him to step out and when he stepped out that’s when everything went off,” said […]

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    Ada parents behind bars after failing to seek treatment for burned baby

    ADA, Okla. – Patric Eddy, 25, and Candace Matthews, 26, are behind bars at the Pontotoc County Justice Center on $250,000 each, accused of child neglect. Their 16-day-old baby girl, Mia’Kota Eddy, was severely burned while being bathed by a 16-year-old cousin on December 27. According to court documents, the teen “stated the infant was in the sink under the running water and she said she turned off what she thought was the hot water however she accidentally turned off […]

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    $20,000 reward being offered for arrest related to murders of mother, son

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Ruthi Mason said she can’t figure out why anyone would want to hurt her daughter and grandson. “There’s absolutely nothing that she would have done aside just existing that somebody would want to kill her,” Ruthi said. Julie Mason, 41, and her son, Keagon Bruce, 8, were pulled from their burning home on N.W. 80th near Western in the early morning hours of December 17. Julie was already dead, and Bruce was pronounced dead at the hospital. […]

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    Friends rally for change after DUI accident kills Yukon mom

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Countless lives were forever changed after the fatal New Year’s Eve crash on the Kilpatrick turnpike near Wilshire. Two little girls survived. Their mother did not. A close family friend, an exchange student from Vietnam back visiting, is now fighting for her life. “I’m still in shock, you know. It just takes the breath away from you,” said Tiffany Jacques-Brown. Mandy Starkey-Carson, 37, was killed in the crash. Her friends and family are fighting through the pain, […]

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    15-year-old arrested for murder in Garvin County

    HENNEPIN, Okla. – A 15-year-old was arrested for first-degree murder in Garvin County for allegedly shooting and killing a 23-year-old relative. The 911 call came in around 8:15 Wednesday night from the small town of Hennepin in far southwest Garvin County. The victim was found in an outbuilding next to a house with a gunshot wound to the head. The sheriff said it was the mother of the alleged shooter who made the 911 call, and he said her story […]

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    Metro mom using disturbing picture to warn of icy pond dangers

    EDMOND, Okla. – Dylan Brumley was walking home from Summit Middle School Monday afternoon when he saw a girl out in the middle of an icy pond in the Marble Leaf neighborhood, near N.W. 150th and Western. “I just saw someone walking on the ice and two other girls saying ‘You can do it,’” Dylan said. He snapped a picture of the girl and texted it to his mom who came running out of her nearby house to tell the […]

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    Oklahoma homeowners eager to stop mail thief

    OKLAHOMA – Alphonso Rodriguez went, on Monday, to his Oklahoma City house in the 8000 block of N.W. 100th for lunch. “I came home to eat. I always open my blinds, and I sit at the computer and answer email,” Rodriguez said. In the reflection of his computer, Rodriguez saw a car pull up to his neighbor’s mailbox. And, then, it pulled up to his. “And, as soon as I see that, I jump out,” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez ran outside, […]

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    13-year-old Woodward girl rescues siblings from burning home

    WOODWARD, Okla. – A 13-year-old Woodward girl is being hailed a hero after rescuing her four siblings from their burning home. It happened last Wednesday around 1 in the afternoon. Sarah Chase’s parents were in the back of the house wrapping Christmas presents, and she was up in a front bedroom playing with her brothers and sisters. By the time she smelled smoke, the flames were so intense the kids could not get out the bedroom door. “I was scared, […]

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    Charges filed in human trafficking case

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Charges have now been filed in a human trafficking case that’s been under investigation since July. That’s when a woman passing the intersection of N.W. 10th and Pennsylvania recognized a girl who was a former neighbor. She says she stopped to talk to the young woman and got a bad feeling. That woman ended up calling the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs human trafficking hotline. Investigators ended up tracking down the 16-year-old victim, and she […]